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  1. That would be particularly nice if you were planning on doing some on-boat camping. Was that a one size fits all kind of thing or were there many models to choose from? Interesting idea.
  2. Many welcome letters and many window stickers arrived over the first summer... Almost as if there were a little bug in their system. But still, made me feel special for giving them all that money.
  3. As I continue to shop and study I'm wondering if any of you have substituted a Power Tech prop instead of a genuine Yamaha Reliance? Their props are highly recommended by Ken over at PropGods and they seem willing to work with you if you need to return your purchase to try something different (style, pitch and diameter). Any thoughts?
  4. If you avoid the optional upholstery/speaker addition you should have no problem at all. I'm 5' 11" and have the trouble you describe with my rear loungers if I try to scrunch down for a nice snooze. Without the enclosing option there would be plenty of room. Btw, this is the rear of my 2275GCW. And just to add... I wouldn't change the configuration I have selected here because I enjoy the added flexibility in seating that this option affords. Many people enjoy sitting back there facing forward. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Did you take deliver of your F200 with the typical black prop and then upgrade or did the dealer swap it out for you? My F150 came from the dealer with an aluminum black prop on it and it works very nicely until you really load the boat up. After that it just doesn't allow the motor to get it's muscle to the water effectively.
  6. Going to order a new Yamaha Reliance stainless prop for my 2275GCW and I'm wondering if SDS is worth the extra money for the prop and the thrust washer that needs to be purchased with it. I have noticed just a touch of gear noise at idle with the black aluminum prop the boat is currently wearing. Any thoughts?
  7. 55 and retired!
  8. From the album 2014 Benny 2275 GCW

  9. From the album 2014 Benny 2275 GCW

  10. From the album 2014 Benny 2275 GCW

  11. From the album 2014 Benny 2275 GCW

  12. From the album 2014 Benny 2275 GCW

  13. From the album 2014 Benny 2275 GCW