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  1. He took me on a ride. The boat ran better than I thought. We got up to @ 41mph with 5 people aboard. Not sure about gear, think it was about 3/4 full tank. I was surprised how quiet the engine was. Very smooth. No rattles.
  2. bump?
  3. So other than having one replaced, no one has had repairs like this made?
  4. I think he said the damage wasn't considered that much. I think it was the dealer who told him to hold off as this wasn't major and it will get more dinged up; I think the welders min charges are $500, and I think he said it was about $200 in damage if I remember right (I'm getting old). My guess is his deductible is higher than this. I think he just wants out of it. He says it was an impulse buy. I have a few questions: 1. Is this fixable? 2. Do you think these numbers are about right as far as repair? 3. Anyone have this done, after the repair (assuming it can be), how does it look? Before/after pictures??? I just want to do due diligence and not buy someone else's problems if they can't be resolved. He's taking us on a test drive soon. WDYT?
  5. I don't want to speak for him, but I think I remember him saying the scars wouldn't cost that much to fix, and the dealer said the welder had a $500 minimum for aluminum repairs and the dealer said to wait until there were more to get his money's worth. My guess is at the time, he listened to the dealer and didn't know he was going to sell. I also assume his deductible is higher than this and selling it, you question whether repairing it; you might not want to bother. You probably question whether fixing it is worth it. I'm questioning it. The seller said he bought it new from the dealer last August and he seems just wanting to get out from under it (he said it was an impulse buy). I would appreciate if someone confirming that this can definitely be repaired, because his problems will be my problems if I buy it and it cannot be repaired and how well (will it look repaired)? He's supposed to take us out on it tomorrow so we can test drive it. WDYT?
  6. So the scars wouldn't stop you from buying the boat?
  7. I'm kinda mixed on the looks of the fastback. I'm thinking maybe tie in the panel color in would look better. It costs about $4.5K more than the non fastback version for what 4 cupholders. The boat comes standard with 4 speakers, to get the rear speakers, you may have to upgrade to the Roswell speakers @ $3K, not including amp/sub. Donno?? I love the look of the switchback, and the ambient lighting from the bottom. It offers L seating and a lounger for those that don't want to yell across loungers, and be more intimate I completely expect this option to be adopted to a lot more floorplans and I would think it to be as popular as the rear loungers. I would get the stainless safety rail if I were to do this 'cause I'm sure my crew would like to lounge and see what water sports are happening aft while underway, and it would make feel safer.
  8. dang Lakeliving, I didn't think about that. What say you, Andrew? Sorry for the Lord of the Rings speak. The sun is brutal here in the summer, temps can often exceed 115F. To have to put the bimini out of the way to cook isn't practical.
  9. That's awesome news. Thanks Andrew
  10. That's a good idea to cover the posts, so I don't do this. I'll have to check it out. Maybe I'll paint the tips with glow in the dark paint.
  11. How do you get at this plug? Does it have a schrader valve? Pictures?
  12. Yeah, he mentioned that he saw a guy at a gas station with a red benny, I asked him if it was a R23 with a blackout and an Evinrude motor. Small world. Yeah, the boat is the one pictured, with Landscaper's. He says it has about 20 hrs on the motor. We are supposed to take in on the lake sometime this week.
  13. Hi Folks... The Mrs. and I are considering a used Benny. The boat has some damage to the toons. I was told by the current (only) owner (who was very nice and seemed honest) it was done while loading the boat on the trailer @ 10pm late last summer. Another view: And another: and the center tube: Is this something to be overly concerned about? The toons otherwise are in great shape. The dealer had Bennington apply sharkhide. The boat is a 2015. If its nothing that should break the deal? Is it fixable? He said the dealer said to wait for a few more dings, as they have a minimum. WDYT? The only other things are there are some minor dings in the port panels. And they had stored wet gear in the in-floor storage locker that was still in there. There was some mildew on some of the stuff stored in there. Wet since when, last summer ? I suppose nothing that a little bleach couldn't take care of. Should I worry about mold in there? I didn't climb in there. Something else I realized, this is a bar boat with that expensive grill that plops in the holes on top (which they never used). You can't use this with the bimini top up, huh? Thoughts? I appreciate all replies. Thank you!
  14. Did you get samples? If you did, put them in the sun on a hot day. We should be getting a few warm days before the weekend, I know its not 115. See if there's a temp difference. If the sample is large enough step on it in bare feet. See what feels better. I've seen a Benny on line with bamboo flooring. You probably have as well. If you haven't here's one There are others. Did you think about aqua teak with snap in bamboo? I don't know if Bennington would do that and I also don't know if you'd like. You could also do bamboo up front and aqua teak in the rear. Did you also think that it is possible the aqua teak might do that again. If I were in your situation, I think I would do the full boat in aged teak. I think the lighter color of the aged teak would be slightly cooler than the aqua teak... but, hey, it is your boat. I love the teak look, it looks clean and rich. Just my opinion. Hope this helps, probably confused you more than helped.
  15. Sounds beautiful! Make sure to post pics. Black and white is awesome. With the Q you do lose seaingt room compared to the R from the slanted front, plus some optional features on the R are standard on the Q, such as stainless rub rail and pillowtop seating. With the Q, trading the extra seating room, you get the storage up front with the bow doors. Love the looks of this Q: