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  1. Just my 2 cent but I can uncover my light weight mooring cover twice as fast as my father in law who has individual covers. I tie my boat to his when we visit. Plus my floor is always clean.
  2. I bought what was supposed to be the adjustable post from our dealer as it was offered the year after we purchased our boat. At the max height it was no higher than my standard seat, just that it would go lower. Maybe he got me the wrong one but he supposedly verified it was correct. Will be adding the elevated helm to the next boat.
  3. Nothing wrong with a free upgrade!! Just shows they're are trying their best to keep the boats coming!
  4. The floor plan is personal preference, just remember on the swing back you can't ride behind the seat back without the fence in a lot of states. We have a SSLX and that rear seat is a hot commodity. As for white to the sandstone they'll both stain the same!! Our current boat has sandstone interior and we love it but our last boat was white and when I hit the boat builder the wife has had me hitting the white with carbon accent! Welcome to the forum and it sounds like soon to be a club member. Good luck in your decision, either way you're buying and awesome boat!!
  5. Just keep it up on plane with that 200hp and you won't have any issues with water in the nose cone!! bummer to have the leak but I'd just run it thru the holiday and then get it over to the dealer. You know what you're dealing with and to pay attention to so anything obvious you'll just need to run back to the lift.
  6. I'm sure you'll see some performance improvements with the 115 but probably not what you'd expect. If your kids are bugging you for performance, speed, turning etc. (75 may be pushing it!) you should spend the money a little wiser on a tri-toon. If the price is right and you don't have to put a ton of money in the re-rig then it may satisfy your needs for now. As the comment section have said, lifting strakes will make the biggest difference for that up grade, my assumption is you don't have them starting off with a 75hp. Best of luck in your decision!! Keep us posted!
  7. Going on 3 years with our factory applied shark hide. Still looks great with a few areas where the bumpers have a few marks in it, going to remove it and polish them next year and re-apply a few coats. I only ever wash it with soap and water and it looks great. Then I'm scared of salt water!
  8. Have a Garmin 50c that I ordered with the boat, don't have much to compare it too but the GPS works awesome with the inland lakes in it. As for the fish finder.... looks really good but I wouldn't even know what I'm looking at! I just know my fishing buddies are always drooling over it.
  9. I have a different set up by my trim gauge at full throttle is a needle width above 1/2. Seems to be just right for speed and ride, any higher it'll porpoise the boat. Maybe try it there??
  10. The obvious first thought is build up or growth, if the toons are clean double check the prop for damage as that could be it too. As Tc has suggested any water in the toons would also do the same.
  11. Elliptical are usually pretty fast, raising up a hole in theory should give 200rpm which would put you right at 5800, I think you're supposed to be at 6000 which even I wouldn't mess with! if the prop feels good all around sounds like you nailed it, I'd only mess with it if it stinks in the middle or bottom end as that's where you'll be most of the time. Good luck!
  12. Power assist is a must for a 200hp. I didn't even question it as my last boat and full power assist. Search on the forum I'm sure there's something on here with specifics for your upgrade. I'm not that old but I'm definitely lazy enough for power steering!
  13. That's fantastic that you were able to make it all work and save a ton in the process!! Sounds like you might have your boat now before the first dealer would have!! Happy Boating!!
  14. Yes I'm completely jealous! I have only been able to touch 42mph on a few occasions. Some day when I grow I'm going to have me a 350!! So happy to hear the tuning paid off for you! Either way still an awesome boat!
  15. The only way to know would be to try it. Each combination is going to be a little different. If you can do it yourself it's a cheap experiment. I trailer so adjusting mine is about 15 minutes on the trailer.