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  1. Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Two cadillacs in one pic! Those touring sleds are sweet!
  2. I'm all about the full power steering, never owned a boat without. I would think it would just make life easier to be able to one hand the wheel during docking and not worry about it. Wouldn't hurt if someone else needed to drive who couldn't handle the manual steeeing.Just my 2 cents!
  3. What model do you own (or want to)

    It's all good! My wife calls it addiction, I just call it passion! she's not sure what's worse...... me building a new a new boat or a new fire truck, only advantage with the truck is it doesn't come out of our checking account! But I will admit I do have a Bennington addiction. Hopefully we don't need to start a help group!!
  4. New member with new benny on order

    Congradulations! Can't wait to see the pics with the white w/blue graphic!
  5. What model do you own (or want to)

    The only thing you'll find on this forum is a crazy bunch of great men... and ladies that love Benningtons!!
  6. Who says you have to give up the dream, between the guys on here I'm sure anything is a possibility!!
  7. Great to hear you came to a resolution that everybody is happy with. As was expected Bennington took care of the issue for another happy customer! Just reinforces the statements made on this forum as Bennington being the premium manufacturer we all love!
  8. GPS Help

    I'd hitthe dealer up pretty hard on this and make him earn his keep. If he's a Yamaha dealer and going to sell you a Bennington he should be able make this combination work. Plus make sure whatever wiring you need to be in place or see if you can pay for an emptyconduit to be installed from point Ato B for a CYA.
  9. Sounds as though you're making some head way. Glad to hear Bennington has interest coming to the plate and dealing with this matter. Told my wife about your quandary and she just smiled said good thing that wasn't you, you'd burn the whole place down and they'd have to build you another one! Hopefully in the end you'll get what you're happy with and not settle for anything less. Why doeseveryone assume because you're a fireman you're an arsonist too!
  10. Best Bennington Dealer in Wisconsin

    What an awesome opportunity! Happy to say I feel the same way about mine!
  11. Thank you Team Bennington for chiming in on this topic. Your response to this matter is an important piece to this issue.However it seems that the flooring chosen as an obsolete choice was not communicated to the end user whether through the Dealer or Bennington directly. Hence the frustration amongst all of us! I understand you cannot control every dealer and how they speak for you, but how do you address thissituation so it doesn't happen in the future?If I was in this customers shoes you'd definitely be doing a rebuild. No matter the outcome I hope this is a stepping stone for improvement.
  12. GPS Help

    We have the Garmin 50C (?) or D. It has all the functions except side scan. Again no pro with these units, but I can tell you I've followed it home in the dark more than once!
  13. GPS Help

    We don't fish but wanted the GPS so we upgraded when we ordered. Although I paid more it was factory installed with everything in place plus has the Bennington warranty! I feel it's worth the little extra to make sure everything is good to go for the long term. If the new GPS option has the connections you need I'd go for it!
  14. 2017 R Series

    Only thing I can say is there's a ton of threads hear that address the new seat material. I was on a Harris last year and in my opinion it wouldn't hold water to an R series, can't speak about the Premier. As for flooring all the manufacturers offersimilar flooring, you just tend to see the nicer flooring on the lower series Benningtons more often.I have an S series with full sea grass and have seen my flooring on an 80k Manitou.I'm a little bias but do your homework and you'll see there is a quality difference in the brands which I think Bennington excels in. Just my 2 cents!
  15. I can only imagine the let down! Hopefully the dealer works somethingout for you to make it worth you while. Especially since you ordered exactly what you wanted and no communication you couldn't have it otherwise. Keep us posted!