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  1. Looks great! Welcome to the club!
  2. I don't have front Bimini but I will tell when we do our next boat, yes we didn't build our first boat last! We'll definitely have a front Bimini. I'm a big factory part matching guy but if the power unit works go for it!
  3. Sounds like a load of BS to me, that's a bummer that they don't want any additional business!
  4. I just replaced one, ordered it right from the dealer, an exact match to the original. Wasn't real expensive either. Welcome to the club! congrats on that QCW... sweet boat!
  5. Looks like a gorgeous color to me! That tan interior gives it that rich classy look. But what I know....... my wife wanted black and grey!
  6. Post a picture of what you have and might be able to match it to something. Been in the plumbing business for quite some time. Won't guarantee it but can always try!
  7. All I can say is my patience wouldn't last that long, I'd of got rid of the boat by now!!
  8. Just checked the boat builder and the ellipticals call for a 20" shaft, need to double check the trim adjustments and make sure that it's dropping all the way down, and check the bushing in the prop, maybe it's just spinning around the bushing and it's not actually cavitating?
  9. Going to throw a stupid thought in here.... does it have the wrong length shaft on the motor?? Maybe a 20" shaft instead of a 25"? Kind of make sense since this is been going on since new.
  10. I haven't been able to catch a breath here lately to do any looking but my 24' boat with 200hp and 15 pitch prop runs 5350rpm which is at the peak horsepower on that engine. I wouldn't be surprised if the 15 pitch wouldn't work on the 22' boat. Were just 10 minutes north of Lansdale, love the area, grew up here but no lake in site unless I do like Semp and stick to 20hp. Maybe I could just scratch a zero off and nobody would notice!
  11. Congratulations on the new order! We do use the privacy curtain, how about a raised helm or adjustable seat, our next boat will have the elevated helm. Sounds like a great build, I'm sure you'll love the SPS W/150 combo! Pics will be a must!
  12. I started with a 16 pitch Viper series prop and was satisfied with the top end performance but once we started to tube and actually run the boat at less than full throttle( I eventually learned that the lever has adjustment not just to the stop! ) I found it blowing out easily with a few people on the tube. I have tried many props and have come back to my 15 pitch Rebel prop every time. It's great all around, maybe a couple mph slower on top but I'll give that up anytime for being awesome everywhere else. You have the same motor I do in just tuned in at 150hp. I wouldn't have any issue pushing towards a Rebel but I think they only make it down to 15 pitch. If I can find a few minutes tomorrow I'll do some digging and see if I can come up with some part numbers. Do you have a dealer that will let you try a few props?? It's get to be pretty expensive with trial and error!
  13. What model evinrude prop do you have, different models will get you different result based on their design. I run the rebel series and love it, the viper might get you a few mph on top but stinks for tubing, etc. plus my fuel consumption improved with the Rebel. Is an G2 or G1? Is it an HO motor as that would they another few curves in there.!
  14. Motor height or shaft length is definitely your issue, probably exacerbated by having multiple people in front of the centerline of the boat thus making it worse. Possiblely big cooler placement, live wells being filled etc. too. I'd start with the obvious and easiest and go from there.
  15. My last merc outdrive ended up having a tear in the hose right where the outdrive meets the boat, found a coupling and made the repair, good as new. Hopefully your fix will be similar.