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  1. That's awesome, nothing wrong with a little unexpected surprise! Sounds like you have a use for it!
  2. The boat is looking fantastic!! I'm sure you'll turn some heads with that this summer, but more importantly, make a ton of memories!
  3. I have birds trying to build nest everywhere this time of year, they managed to get one built above the boat in the garage while I was trying to clean the interior. My trailer tongue sticks out of the door so I can't get it closed all the way. Found a bunch of poo on the floor, eradicated the situation! Evolution of life, on the smart will survive!
  4. Good to hear you have some great neighbors!! Now bring on that new Benny!
  5. With numbers like that I'm thinking that 17p might get you to 50! Just saying! Great looking motor! congratulations on your new baby!
  6. We use spray nine on our seagrass flooring and have had some good success! With a 4yo and a 1yo you never know what you're cleaning up!
  7. I would have assumed the front Bimini would have a similar trailering leg as the rear? But you know what happens when you assume!
  8. It would of had to clean my poo off the boat rather than the mice droppings if I found that. Probably just bought a new boat! We live where there's snakes but that would freak me out!
  9. I got the boat today to clean it up. The tag says Fresh Cab, botanical rodent repellent. The website on the tag is hopefully that'll get you an idea of what it is.
  10. We have the stainless without any rubber straps, just spring loaded into the retainer. Cleaner look on the boat deck and matches the tow bar. No issues with pinching or anything. I'm thinking our next boat, yes I said it, will have the double Bimini.
  11. I had a mouse issue the first year we had our boat, put poison at all the corners and all the way around the pole barn( concrete floor). I think it attracted the mice, let them eat the poison and die in my boat! Cost me a new Bimini top! I tried the dryer sheets with a few other things never any luck, been using some smelly stuff in a little bag... like the ones for the corn hole game. Have had no trouble with the snowmobiles or the boat whatsoever since using them. Bought them at the local Ace Hardware. Hope you don't find any damage!!
  12. We have a super slice tube and it takes about a minute or two to blow up, swap around the ends and it sucks it flat, fold it up and chuck it in the center storage.
  13. I don't have a pic but we use a Coleman w/ 12v cigarette lighter plug. It came with my Bayliner package and it's fantastic! I'll try get a model number off it this weekend. Edit: Here's the one I have, plenty of pressure
  14. Sounds like a winner!!!
  15. I've been in 1-1/2' rollers and some heavier water and I could not believe how my boat handled it, my glass boat would of been a mess out there. I'm sure the ocean has 1000x more abuse to offer than what I've been thru but I'm not surprised by the salesmen recommendations.