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  1. Starbright waterproofer vs. 303 Fabric Guard

    I used Starbright productson all the interior of my old runabout and 14 years later it looked fantastic. Never ran into any issues using their products.
  2. What Size Trash Containers Fit?

    Nothing came with my S series but it has a spot??
  3. Trailering tritoon

    Quite thinking and get that tube supported!
  4. Trailering tritoon

    It's worth the price of the center bunk kit!! You have the motor hanging off the center, plus any fuelor storage in that toon. If it was mine I wouldn't think twice about it.
  5. 2017 SSRX 21' Yamaha 90 VS 115

    I came from a 19' bowrider, yesI'm a horsepower nut but also have a budget (or wife) that I needed to align with. If anybody told you that the 115hp boat with 2 toons will be anything close to your bowrider..... that's not correct. If water sports will be theoverall use of the boat your best investment would be the SPS/150 package. Our boat would out do our bowrider in anything but 180 turn and let me tell you it's not far off! If you plan on cruising and just some family time with some water sports I'm sure the this boat will be fantastic,plus if this is what fits the wallet for now it's a great place to get started in the Bennington family. The members on here including myself may sometimes seem pushy.... but we're just trying help others not make same decisions we did, myself included! Either way I'm sure you'll enjoy any Bennington you acquire!! Best of luck!
  6. What do you do?

    I second that!! Finding employees like yourself are few and far between nowadays!
  7. Cross Country Lake Havasu Trip

    Sounds like a fantastic journey!! It'll be a great time to get out of Pa, the weather has been horrible and I'm only 1-1/2hrs south of you!! As long as you think ahead and go prepared I'm sure you'll be fine! Shiny side up and keep her under 100!!
  8. Key West

    That's just a the sign of having a great time!! Besides.... just givesthe wife a little more to love!
  9. Cancelled Order Happy Ending

    What great ending to what looked to be a huge disappointment! Glad you found something that fit your liking! Welcome aboard! Pics of that beauty are a must!!
  10. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    I have race cans for all of others toy that don't make it past a pump or need to stay away from E-10. I usually end up paying the piper while on the lake.... but my boats is usually on a trailer to and from. The super siphon the guys have listed here works fantastic as we keep them in our sleds for the CYA situations. I would assume they will be the best and least expensive option to can fill the boat. At my age (42-1/2) carrying 5 gallon cans isn't too much of an issue beside leaving nothing to carry the cooler!
  11. IMG_1259.JPG

    Looking great!!
  12. Swim Dock overhaul..

    What a fantastic job! I'm sure it's well worth the memories!!!
  13. Porta potty

    Using the same!! Fits under my rear seat without any issue!
  14. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    For that motor I'd stick with the Rebel series, running a 15pitch on my 200 and it's fantastic all the way around. I can get a mph or two with the viper 16pitch but the bottom and mid is not as good and it burns a lot less gas!