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    It will be May for Me But Hoping Temps Stay Mild
  2. Guess the part?

    A Slide
  3. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    Problem with pics continue not sure why
  4. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    lol I know hard to believe but we use the golf cart every day all day weather permitting during the spring, summer and fall doing without the golf cart would be the same as giving up the car lol So Glad winter isn't looking like this in 2017
  5. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    When we first bought the Golf Cart I was shocked by the price, never had one before This is a Golf Cart Community, people use them and ATV's to get around Have to say if I had to choose between The Benny or The Golf Cart I would have to take The Golf Cart We use daily as the weather permits
  6. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    Thank you Jack, We had to beat the weather (lol) Two days and the job was complete Wish all the projects were like that
  7. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    Thank you guys, in May we will decide if we should add Brick, Pavers or just Concrete Over Top, neighbors say leave it as is ! Here the "Barn Stone " is very common and used for outside landscaping extremely heavy and durable We love the look of Natural Stone and use it whenever we can (lol) Had 3 inches of snow today , temps this weekend to benear 60 F strange year. Looking forward to a mild spring to finish more projects before "Boating Season" begins.
  8. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    Have To Say I Am Happy With The Driveway No More Mud, Tilting or Tracks In The Grass One Down and Many More To Follow The Race To Summer Is On !
  9. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    This is The End Product Till Summer Comments Finished Before The Snow Hit This Weekend Back To 60 F Strange Winter
  10. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    Please let me know if pics are visible
  11. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    I am so sorry there are problems with pictures Hoping to remedy The Heavy Equipment Has Come
  12. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    Heavy Equipment Is On It's Way Chilly But The Rain Machine Is Giving Us A Break More pics later today
  13. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    That is true and with the larger size it may take less time Will look for some with a rougher surface due to morning dew and or rain Dont want to slide out of control Lowes and Home Depot Tomorrow The Rain Machine Is Pouring At Present
  14. First Outdoor Project of 2017

    The golf cart on Asphalt gets HOTT in the summer sun If I did Asphalt I know I would be putting up a shed roof to have a car port The driveway leading to Garage is Asphalt Great In Winter for Melting Snow (lol) I am thinking Bricks ?? It would take some time but I may be able to do the Job Myself The ride onto the drive may be rough but the look may be awesome Thought I could lay some gravel as a solid base then Brick it ? Existing Drive Way for Golf Cartis 6" Thick with Ribar a bit OverKill (lol)