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  1. Time for Another Forum Contest

    ? Haven't A Clue (lol) I Just Hope It's A Good Year
  2. Finally on the assembly line!!!

  3. What is an Adequate Dock

    Here is my very basic dock It works , it is not the easiest to place cover off or on. But it is adequate Posts with Augers With saying that , before I do a proper dock a U Shaped dock,,, I personally will install a USED Boat Lift with a motorized lift. To me if I am going to spend money for a larger dock I would rather buy the Lift Things take time Enjoy your Benny The Lift or Larger Dock Can Come Later Add The Augers , Be Sure The Dock is Heavy enough to withstand the Pontoon and Wind load when tied down My Boat SL21 w/ Yamaha F90
  4. Meet Members

    All we ever ask is bring a smile and be ready to relax and enjoy Lake Living Sounds great we will have family and friends here closing out the summer season as they get their kids ready for school. Definitely get a hold of me we will send our address your way to GPS. It's not the food its the lifestyle we tell friends, Benny on The Water , cruising the community in a Golf Cart, Bocci, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis and Horse Shoes and a night sky bright with stars as a campfire burns at the waters edge with smores and ice cold refreshments. Watching the kids catch fireflies and playing spotlight and enjoying life to the max ... I Am So Fortunate To Live My Dream
  5. Swim Dock overhaul..

  6. Meet Members

    The advantage is ... We are just a few hours apart (lol) Only 281 miles to The Queen City
  7. Meet Members

    Private Lake here so no need to trailer your Benny The Policy here at our Lake House ... "The Door Is Always Open and All Are Welcomed" Always Plenty ToEat
  8. Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Enjoy Every Aspect of The Hobby It Is Amazing I used this Beam in many places while on vacation Working AO-27 In The Day Was Incredible There is a world of Radio available for Technicians, Generals, and Extras And now that The Code has been Eliminated it isa Hobby For The Masses
  9. Bennington Boat Sales

    Cost Is One Thing But To Me The Best Warrantyand Guarantee In The Industry Carries A Ton of Weight Same Warranty and Guarantee For The Entire Line A W E S O M E
  10. Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    LOL Well Antennas and that is only one tower I live close to a True World Class Antenna Farm So I consider my site a mini farm (lol) Have been playing radio since I was 11 Was told by my Elmer after he gave me a Brand New Code Oscillator Learn this Language and you will be able to enjoy The Greatest Hobby In The World He is a SK but to this day his words ring in my ear
  11. Bennington Boat Sales

    The Gold Standard of Pontoons
  12. Facebook

    I belonged to a Great Forum about Lake Homes, Cabins and Cottages They started a FB Page Unfortunately their Forum died almost immediately after For that reason I will stay here, hoping the forum stays active
  13. Post up your other toys or hobbies ..... AGAIN

    Amazing Hobby