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  1. I'm having the same problem. Dealer told me to disconnect the plastic coupling and if it went to empty it is the sending unit which it did so waiting on new sender unit now. Now the trim gauge has a mind of it's own and pegs at top . I do remember that at the end of season I could tap on fuel gauge and it would work for awhile . Just makes you wonder how many trips I'll have to make to the dealer chasing ghost.
  2. I have this on a 2012SL one of the problems is that a CD will not play.It says that it is reading the CD then it says error and spits the CD out.I did try 3 different CD's with the same results.Operator error is possible. It does have an AUX hole that I would like to use on stored music would an IPOD work or is there a better suggestion? Thanks for your input PSW Music City
  3. Since we are going out tomorrow I decided to give the Benny a clean up. Checked the anchor light it is a Perko unscrewed the Lens cover and on the back was the bulb number. What will they think of next? Course it took me 1 1/2 trip to marina. Thanks PSW Music City
  4. Thanks cwag The lens does unscrew To be more clear I do need to replace the bulb. I was just unsure of the base size of the bulb (I'm guessing there are different sizes) Thanks PSW
  5. Does anyone know what base size this takes? I don't know the make of this light and if you go to Led what would you recommend. Thanks PSW