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    I'll take 70's any day!
  2. Mounting a trolling motor

    I have the Quick Release bracket installed on the beams I've bolted in, and I use a small masterlock in there to deter theft... It's 24 volt so I had to get a Yandina Combiner and ran 1ga from the combiner to the front. I took it off for storage so I had to cut my wires so I will probably install some type of waterproof plug.
  3. Mounting a trolling motor

    Also here is a video of it in action!
  4. Mounting a trolling motor

    does this work?
  5. trollingmotortopview.JPG

    From the album Trolling Motor

  6. ulterranoanchorneeded.JPG

    From the album Trolling Motor

  7. Trollingmotorside.JPG

    From the album Trolling Motor

  8. trollingmotorfront.JPG

    From the album Trolling Motor

  9. TrollingMotoroffBow.JPG

    From the album Trolling Motor

  10. Hazy/Foggy windshield

    Be careful here... OFF is exactly what "burned" or "etched" our Tristan glasses.... very strange, I suggest geting a powerball and some White Diamond or other buffing paste, it should buff it clean... That's what I had to do after the OFF burned handprints into our glasses one night.
  11. Mounting a trolling motor

    I mounted aluminum chanelss for about 4' under the boat bolting to the crossbeams, and it sticks out roughly 12" in front of my boat which is where I mounted my Ulterra Trolling motor... it's unobtrusive and does not take up any deck space... pic:
  12. LED side lights

    Same here. Harness and everything was worth paying a little extra. ALSO want to note that typical LED strips are MAX 16'. the EZACD ones run the ENTIRE length of my 25' boat. No breaks in lighting.. top quality product.
  13. I like these ideas... just make sure everything is STAINLESS steel. The Sea shows no mercy...
  14. Keeping the Toons Looking Great

    Wanted to follow back up with everyone curious about the Sharkhide and how it holds up after checking out the pics I took above (BEFORE) this summer of boating. I took the boat out 2 weeks ago, powerwashed it, and 90% of the pontoons look exactly as they did above. The only issues is where I had some "bumper burn" from my dock that dulled the finish kinda like a haze... and the worst part of of the haze in the center was just a little darker from oxidation of the aluminum. I also noticed a little streak where I missed with the sharkhide which is now dull grey due to oxidation, and essentially what the entire pontoon would have looked like if I had not applied the sharkhide. My boat guy was very impressed... he said he had a guy mirror his pontoons, then just dropped it in the water... the mirror was gone by the end of the week! I'll get some pics uploaded... now that i'm not as busy boating, I can post more

    Same here, pulled out the 52" snowthrower attachment for my tractor and put it to work! Lake finally froze this weekend also... Considering I pulled my boat out Mid November, I was a little bummed I could have rode it out until first week in December ... then back in the water in March? These winters are getting shorter