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  1. Yes it is a power bimini.
  2. I have done it a couple times but the amount of flex made me stop and lower it. I think 48 mph is too much have run low 30's with it up wasn't too bad but any faster and it moves around a lot.
  3. No R or Q helm on the G. Did notice on 2 of the 3 twin engine boats had the Q curved front fiberglass panel on them.
  4. There was a Swingback G there i was on it said it was new for 17, they told me that boat builder was still being updated
  5. It handled great with 3 elliptical's barely slowed down in tight turns like my 2375 GCW with 250 VMax. I was amazed how well it handled for being such a big boat. The other cool thing is the Joy stick for docking you can almost go sideways with it.
  6. I was there on Sunday they had it open to the public lots of nice boats! They let you demo any of them that were in the water first one I jumped on was the 30ft twin with the Evinrude 300 E tec nothing like 600hp to set you back in the drivers seat!!
  7. I run Amsoil in my Vmax 250 but only 10-30 as that is what the owners manual calls for. I would check it out before you put 10-40 in for warranty purposes. I have used Amsoil for the last 10 years in everything I have that takes oil.
  8. Wife will be retiring in 1 yr been looking at Lake Hartwell SC/GA home prices seem reasonable can anybody tell me anything about this lake?
  9. This is the dash panel for the 50 series Garmin I ordered from the dealer for my 2014 GCW.
  10. From the album Untitled Album

    Factory dash panel for 50 series Garmin 2014 G series.
  11. Tag on back says 66712 but looking at the pics on boat builder they show the GCW with a different plate with the 50s installed from the factory on the 2015. I dont know what a elevated helm would have to do with it because it appears that the dash is the same. Best bet is contact your dealer they should be able to order the piece to fit your boat. No I dont have elevated helm.
  12. Ordered this from my dealer for my 2014 2375 GCW will fit a 547 so it should fit yours i will have to drill 3 holes for the rocker switches. This is what they use on the g series that order the 50s from factory.
  13. Or the special permits to tow it down the road!!
  14. The trailer is a mid america got it at they were great to work with really like the bull nose option that extends center bunks. Oh the old Dodge has 410k and still going strong cant beat a Cummins.
  15. it has a 250 best so far in a short burst was 49 at 5900 with full fuel and the wife on board think it has a little more in it. thanks on the steering don,t really notice it except at idle. Is the Gps speedo from factory accurate compared to a garmin?