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  1. I am considering purchasing a new trailer, any suggestions as far as brand or must have options. Would like aluminum wheels and anything else that would dress it up Thanks
  2. Your trailer also looks nice. What brand is it?
  3. Thats great. Ready to order as soon as I can Thanks
  4. Will it be avaiable in black?
  5. Just wondering if anyone has mounted a PTM Edge UCX-17 PRO mirror to there console. Have a rail mount PTM but it will not fit over rail on our new 2017 R. I hate to drill holes in console.
  6. Go to the Walmart toy isle and buy rubber snakes. Hang them near problem areas. It works. Have about a dozen hanging around our two boats.
  7. Thanks a lot for your efforts, did you see my other post on canvas covered lift guides scratching sharkhide any thoughts on that.
  8. Just got first boat with sharkhide. In past have always wiped boat down with Hot Sauce. I assume I should not use any on pontoons. Have just used wet microfiber towel so far.
  9. Only have had boat a week and noticing small scratches in sharkhide from lift guides. The guides have canvas covers over syromfoam tubes. Any solutions? Thinking maybe I need to remove covers and try that.
  10. Has anyone figured out how to get accurate trim gauge readings on the Bennington analog gauge with a 2017 Suzuki DF 200 ATX. The trim gauge does function however it does not move off of all the way down until you have raised it past the useable trim and motor is coming out of water. Dealer says it is an issue with this particular engine communicating with the Bennington gauge and they have not found a solution. Boat model is a 23 RSFB.
  11. Tried to mount old mirror tonight, won't work as bracket won't fit over new rails
  12. Just took delivery of Blackout yesterday. I have one from previous boat but would also be interested in a black one.
  13. I also am waiting for an R to be built anyone know how long the delay is now?