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  1. The good, the bad, and the ugly...

    This is really good to hear. It's nice to know that everyone is working to correct your problem.Yaaaaaaaa!
  2. Stern Loungers

    We also have the same configuration and we love it for the same reasons. Many times there are six people in the back talking away. Not to mention,it's really a crowded spot on a cool evening running back to the house. It's amazing how many can squeeze into those lounges under the blankets!
  3. The good, the bad, and the ugly...

    Damn Link, you never shared that you have two wenche's. Not sure whether I'm jealous or happy.
  4. The good, the bad, and the ugly...

    Why not ask your dealer if he has a demoor a used boat that you could use for two months? Another idea would be to drain the center toon by drilling a hole and welding it closed again. The last option could keep you on your boat and running for the next two months.Never know until you ask ! Good luck Tooner
  5. Pontoon boats are just fun!

    The pontoon is my HAPPY PLACE ! And my wifes too!
  6. Popular Contributors

    Hey Jeff," popular" really means nothing on this forum. It's all about the passion for their Bennington and the sharing of knowledge. Believe me, this group needs everyone to contribute in order to be as good a forum as it is! I personally love reading it as an escape from the real world. Sounds crazy !
  7. Sharkshide

    Are you on the north or south end of LBI? We spent many times when I was young with my cousins from Jersey.Good times!Your new boat will be a great time on the water around there. Do you plan on running it out to the ocean? Because it will! I love running ours up the beach on the ocean.
  8. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy Birthday Todd & Amanda.
  9. Touch-up paint

    And not to long after, the FIRST dent! OMG
  10. What model do you own (or want to)

    OOPS,should have put the Evinrude on the back.First service was at 300 hrs.. All kidding aside, the person that started that saying was not a boater.Let us know what you think at the end of the season.I'll bet the moneywas well worth it.
  11. The Windshield Fiasco of 2016

    Of coarse we'll forgive the bad decision. We all make bad decisions! And most of the time,bad decisions usually cost you.Any way,welcome back to the Bennington Pontoon side. If you really liked the ride of the old Benny,then you probably want to stay withe the heavier R or Q series boats. And of coarse, once a ESP owner,always a ESP owner. I know I couldn't go back! What ever your decision on a new boat this time, try to sea trial a like boat first before moving ahead. PADS is really a bad problem around this forum. Your case was a little more complicated. As always,ask the questions.I'm sure someonewill give some type of feed back.
  12. F300 vs. 250 SHO

    Come on guys,didn't the girls ever tell you that size doesn't matter!
  13. Oh ya,consider the fire starting to flare! Wimps.
  14. Having cable systems on previous pontoons and now having power assist on a large boat with ESP. I would not ever have a boat with a cable system again.And it does take more time and energy to keep the cable system working smoothly. I would suggest that you should have a hydraulic system as a bare minimum. Much cheaper if done from the beginning.
  15. New member with new benny on order

    Congrats on finally pulling the trigger. When is the ETA?