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  1. Key West

    Now that's cool! I'm thinking the next boat will be a 10' beam with twin Evinrude 200HO's. That would allow me to make a ramp to pull the little cat up on between the motors, This little retirement plan is really coming together!
  2. Cancelled Order Happy Ending

    Sometimes you just have to believe that things happen for a reason. Welcome to the group a second time around!
  3. Key West

    You need to look two or three islands up north of Key West. I've been trying to talk friends into buying homes on different Keys so we could visit each other by boat. I've been really thinking about this since tcpip said Key West was only 41 miles by boat from Fort Meyers. Just thinking ahead!
  4. Key West

    Are you two ever coming back north? Or should they send the boat south.
  5. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Semp/Panther Girl, that is one nice looking boat. Gonna be the talk of the lake. Enjoy it! When's the interior reveal?
  6. OOF, I'm starting to see a pattern here.
  7. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    The fuel caddys tell you not to fuel the caddy while it's in a motor vehicle do to static electricity. Sparks and vapors do not mix. But then again,I'm always amazed at the amount of idiots that will sit in the vehicle and light up or smoke while filling. And I thought that someone on this forum wrote that some states have a max on the size of canister that can be filled. So everyone should check your state law before ordering caddy's.
  8. Swim Dock overhaul..

    That ramp is absolutely a beautiful piece of work. You would not find a premade ramp like that one. Hears to the next 12 yrs. of service. Job well done Chuck.
  9. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    Non competition is not the only factor. Marinas insurance rates are out of site if they sell fuel. Not to mention all the regs that must be followed in order to be permitted for the gas sales on the water. And of coarse,there's those oil companies that make a fortune so they can pay there employees. Just so they can go out and buy a Bennington. Boy,life really is a big old circle! Just my opinion. Geesh
  10. Golf Carts Nev's

    Is the Nev a kit car? I was looking at the web site briefly. And they look very adaptable.
  11. Porta potty

    plus one on checking with Bennington dealer. Or any canvas shop.
  12. New To The Site

    Actually,just insert PADS in the search box on the home page. But beware, you'll have some reading ahead.
  13. Boat name voting

    I thought it should be" Panther Girl's". Just saying .
  14. Maiden Voyage

    Welcome,welcome,welcome. We love to help new boaters on this forum. Don't be shy about asking questions!