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  1. Welcome to the forum Tom! But I can't answer your question.I don't use a mirror,never look back since I don't believe in regrets. And my kids always said I have eyes in the back of my head! LOL
  2. Welcome to the group! Nice looking boat you have there,love that black!
  3. If some of the members wanted to clean up their pontoons. Wouldn't it be better to have them polished, instead of treating them with acid MrG? Personally, the dulling of the pontoons never bothered me. However,I know it really bothers the hell out of many on this forum.
  4. Call a Bennington dealer and have your hull ID ready. Good luck!
  5. Sorry about your situation.But the damage really sounds like the prop struck something large. What type of damage was left behind on the prop?
  6. I was thinking the same thing. How in the heck could any responsible dealership deliver a customers boat looking the way it does? Makes you wonder if the service manager ever leaves their office and look at what the shop is turning out.
  7. I love my individual seat covers. But still use my full mooring cover if it's going to rain!
  8. First thing,Welcome to the forum Dave. Second, you have a short in the lights that your plugging into the boat most likely. The other possibility could be the amount of amperage draw required to light up the lights. You probably need to have the boat looked at by a good mechanic. Keep us updated. Good luck.
  9. Are you tempting me with that post? LOL
  10. 2nd that. The power is very good and you will hear it with no problem! Only down fall is the face gets washed out by bright sun. Plus it's Bluetooth.
  11. As far as the salt hurting anything on the boat."DON'T WORRY,BE HAPPY" and enjoy the Gulf waters. I'd be more worried about the weather. As far as extra stuff on board,sounds like you will be in site of land at all times.Therefore you will be in cell phone range,so a radio is not necessary. But would be an extra precaution. And as far as cleaning goes, Flush the motor at the end of the day and spray the boat down with fresh water. Salt water is not ACID! So go for it. You'll love it.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about the front of the boat. Like tc said,everyone is responsible for their wake. So if you can't get a registration number,try to look for the boats name.Call DNR and let them know about the way the boat is being operated.
  13. Welcome to the forum Stan. Sounds like you've been stalking and have finally joined us. As far as your question about the paint, I wouldn't if I were you.The little bit of salt water use will not harm the boat. I've been running pontoons in the salt water at Ocean City Md. for 14 yrs.and have never painted the toons because it can actually slow the boat down. But I do keep the boat on a lift if it's not running around some where. And I will tell you,there's no negative issues that have appeared.
  14. Come on,you own a boat. What's a little more gas ? It's all about fun times with the family!
  15. OH BOY,that's not good!