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  1. Hustler trailer problem

    What length of boat is the trailerdesigned to hold? And how much are you overhanging the bunks of the trailer?
  2. new owner question

    Last time I went on the builder site. My retirement boat was pushing $150K. By the way TC, The retirement plan I'm speaking of is your fault. I'm working on my wife about finding a home around Ft. Meyers so that I could run the boat to the Keys .
  3. Hustler trailer problem

    As stated before,sounds like the trailer is set up wrong for your boat. Did the trailer seem to pull up on the hitch while going over rough roads. If so,you definitely need to move the boat forward on the trailer to get more tongue weight. As far as the towing power, a 5.3 motor should do fine.
  4. How old are you, and still ski?

  5. How old are you, and still ski?

    So, is that what Canadians do for water sports? And the good thing is that you can move it to the indoor pool during the other 9 months. Just kidding Derrick!
  6. Muskrat Love

    Sounds like they should just include a second knob with every mirror. Cheaper than having to mail out a knob.Or, a bakers dozen in your case cwag.LOL
  7. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Remediation. If your like my wife,your birthday celebration lasts several days!
  8. Got a really UGLY curve ball thrown at me today

    TC this really sucks! But I really do not like seeing people paint the bottom of the tubes. The paints are designed to stay attached to the substrate,whether it would be aluminum or fiberglass. And I wonder if the paint itself could have been the culprit. Hopefully a good dealer with experience with aluminum boats will help guide you with the correct decision. Good luck friend. And keep all of us saltwater boaters informed.
  9. Trolling Motor Battery recommendation

    I can't help you with your question on the batteries. But welcome to the forum. And I like your saying on experience.It's so true!
  10. I like the look MrG!
  11. Did I buy enough?

    Sound like the classic "DO I KEEP UP WITH THE JONES' OR BUY WHAT I REALLY NEED!" I vote for what you need.I personally run a Evinrude 200HO on a 2550 RCW and love the motor. Never really leave the dock looking for a race to get into.LOL I say get the 150 and move on, you'll love the boat, and may even burn less fuel to boot.
  12. Wrap BEFORE pics.......

    LOOKING GOOD BIG BOY! This wrapping stuff may really make it easy to personalize your boat at a reasonal cost! Keep us pasted with how it wears.
  13. Keeping the Toons Looking Great

    There's many boats that see there whole service life in salt water. Ours stays on the lift 24/7/365 at Ocean City. Theres been no sharkhide or pittng of the pontoons. Anodes are the key! But I do feel for you tc, I never did like bottom paints, it sounds like it may actually work against the boat if not kept up all the time. But it is true that salt water is harsh on everything.
  14. This dog is expensive

    Just watched the show on demand. It was the typical stereo typing of pontoons. And the deck boat looked like alot of bling. But with all the bling, the seats looked uncomfortable as hell. The family absolutely picked the right boat for their needs and desires. Only mistake they made as far as I could see, they didn't get on the forum to find out that they should have gotten a motor to match the max rating for the boat. We're here for the asking! They will probably be good for PADS in the future! OH WELL
  15. Delivery Delay?

    Good to hear! Bennington does want you and all there customers happy!