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  1. It's OK,she never reads the forum!
  2. I guess Bk going to be buying a man house with a dock!
  3. I'm not for that plan. You should NEVER leave a fellow boater stranded. If I'm not mistaken,that's a maritime rule. As for the towing of another boat,I'm in total agreement with tcpip.
  4. Speaking from experience.Our kids never chose the Mom sled(what they called the 3 person towable). They would go for either 1,2,or 3 single or double towable combinations. They were very good at playing leap frog between them. And it definitely more fun towing the kids than pulling the Mon sled with the older girls. And I'll leave it at that!
  5. OK, Team Bennington. We're calling on you for the correct answer to this question. Since we're going into the boating season and odds are that we'll come across broken down boaters. Also, what should we tie off to if our boat needs a pull? Thanks
  6. +1 one the rear cleat. Would be afraid of bending a ski bar.
  7. Tell her the family will find their way to the lake. I'm already in the battle and I'm not even retired! I like your idea, hang in there!
  8. Guilty, I do the same! Some times I grab a rod and it never gets used,my eye lids end up winning. Just so relaaaaaxing.
  9. Looks awsome guys! Just curious,what does your RGB controller look like? And does it have any mfg. identification on it?
  10. Sounds to me that the kids had a field trip on how to be a responsible boater. Everyone in the family should be taught the operation of the boat. So there,they were in class that day! And if you guys need a note,I'll write one for all of you. Now enjoy the boat!
  11. Looks like the gauge on your boat is obsolete in your case! Just going to have to depend on the GPS for those higher speeds. Send me a mailing address,so that i can mail you some tooth picks to get the bugs out of the teeth . LOL Looks like 55 is achievable though. Enjoy going after it.
  12. It's been a long time coming,but it really looks good on the water! All you need is mother nature to cooperate.Happy boating friend.
  13. This forum amazes me some times. I'm glad I'm not the only McGiver out there.Mouse log rolling!
  14. I just put my lift up higher from the dock. Little bastards will have to learn to jump higher or find their way into one of our homes for the winter.
  15. No wonder non boaters think true boating lovers are NUTS! Is cool though.