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  1. Wrap BEFORE pics.......

    That is an impressive transformation! Your vinyl guys did an awesome job of applying that wrap. Enjoy your new boat!
  2. 2017 SSRX 21' Yamaha 90 VS 115

    If the budget allows now don't settle for the 90 or even the 115.....go straight for the 150 and sps hull. You can thank me later and your wallet won't hurt as much as buying the second new boat before the start of the next boating season. Wecall that PAD's around here and it tends to get expensive rather quickly. The wife wouldn't drive our old boat (had a 50 and cable steering) but doesn't mind the new boat even with the 150 and hydraulic steering (the power assist can be added later if need be). Docking with the hydraulic steering is a but different than cable but it can be done easily with practice. Cruising at 40 with the 150 and the sps hull:
  3. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    Our dealer also delivers the boat with a full tank of fuel. Thereis that $500 charge for misc fees on the purchase agreement. Whopaid for the first tank of fuel you ask......we probably did and then some!
  4. Boat name voting

    Our boat is known as "endless summer" as we are normally the last ones to put the boat up in the fall and try to be out early in the spring. Thought about taking the boat out last month but a large log across our channel from the boat docks to open water said otherwise.
  5. Cancelled Order Happy Ending

    Could have made a road trip to Ohio and checked to see what SAD has in stock. They normally have quite a few boats in stock in all trimlevels. SAD website
  6. Boat name voting

    How about "nowhere fast" or "passes nothing but the fuel dock"
  7. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    Prices at the fuel docks last year ran pretty solid $3.69 all summer (except for on holiday weekends then it was $4.29+). Granted pump gas uptown was just over $2.00 - 2.29 range for e-10 and 87 octane
  8. Stereo Replacement

    There could have been a radio rain cover (sleeve besides the radio case). Maybe that's why it was larger in size since it wraps around the actual radio that plugs into the helm. Radio Rain Cover <--- at overtons and looks like the unit below
  9. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    The first year we used 5 gallon cans on busy holiday weekends when we didn't want to spend an hour in line for fuel. A flo-n-go handle (looks like a gas pump) that thread in the gas can worked like a charm but as a downfall it is gravity feed not pumped so it has to be higher than the fill. Thought about getting a 14 gallon dolly but by the time I drive my truck to the lake so that I can haul that fuel dolly it was a wash on price. Roughly 150 for the fuel dolly and the truck fuel mileage at 15 instead of 30 for my focus or 25 for the wife's rdx that we normally take to the lake it was cheaper to just buy the fuel at the docks and be done with it. 14 Gallon fuel caddy for $91.00 Flo-n-Go handle for a 5 gallon can.....$38.00 Both of those require gravity feed to flow the fuel from the can into your boat. So if your dock isn't higher than your filler neck on the boat you'll be hand pumping or getting real creative on how to get that portable tank higher than your boats fill. I tried to hand pump with the flo-n-go from the 5 gallon can once (notice I say once)into my lawnmower at home. Took forever and I finally gave up and put the gas can on the back of the seat and let it gravity flow. Even with a good gravity flow it still takes a good 3-4 minutes to empty a 5 gallon can.....seems like forever when you have to hold the handle down to let the fuel flow.
  10. bennington gear

    Sure you can copy that decal. If you have a vinyl cutter I probably still have the vector file here somewhere.
  11. bennington gear

    Actually over the first year I ended up with 2 letters and stickers somehow.......maybe we got yours We also bought off the dealers lot at the boat show and still got the stickersso you should too.
  12. bennington gear

    I got a SAD hat but nothing bennington related. Did get the window decal a few months after we picked up the boat. Did create my own window decal for the back of my focus wagon
  13. Bow filler seat....other options

    Original poster on facebook said it was a standard double height air mattress (rectangle shape) and when inflated it took the correct shape in the bow area (where the filler seat normally goes). The mattress size was a double stack twin (height was between 18 -20" tall) with the built in pump. Cheapest I've found one on amazon was between 45-60 bucks. Coleman double height 18" tall Intex 19" double twin intex 20" double twin I like the fact I can blow the thing up at the sandbar (like we do with our lounges) and when finished just give them a quick wipe down - deflate and store them away.
  14. Refrigerated Cup Holders

    We bought a pair of those yeti knock off tumblers from wally world. Those things will hold ice all day (I use mine at work and on the boat) if they aren't out in the ultra hot sun. Ozark Trail 30oz Tumbler &nbsp; $9.74 instead of $40
  15. Bow filler seat....other options

    Came across this posting on the pontoon owners group I'm in on facebook. They took an inflatable air mattress and used it to create a full bed between the seats instead of just the filler seat. I kind of like the idea for ease of use and storage. Get to the sandbar and pump it up (with built in pump a 2 minute job) to create a place to sun lounge or just relax. Once done deflate and store away in a seat bottom or under the helm. For our boat layout it could be used in the bow or the stern with the same results. The mattress they used was a double intex mattress with built in pump from cabellas (roughly 100 bux) but I'm sure you could find them elsewhere cheaper. Similar air mattress at Cabella's I'm thinking of getting one of these air beds to try out this summer. We have a few events that are put on during the summer (party at the beach - harborfest - parade of lights - now boat races) that you can attend via boat and it would make a nice addition. We already have a bow filler seat that spends more time in the spare bedroom at the lakehouse than on the boat. Sure it's nice to have when there are a group of people sitting around the table gabbing but for us it seems to be in the way more than it gets used.