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  1. For fathers day weekend we went out on the boat saturday.....even though the weather was supposed to be less than stellar. A bit overcast most of the day but never rained till late in the evening. So as we are out cruising around I has my camera with me (as usual) and decided to try my hand at action shots. They turned out so-so but not to terrible. We did get chased off the lake sunday evening and again monday afternoon as some pretty good storms rolled through the area. Storms rolling in: Action shots: Sunset pics:
  2. We use the taylor made clips (shown above) along with the taylor made fenders like THESE Bought them on sale ($25 each) at the boat show the year we bought the boat. Using the clips and a good 3/8" twisted line we haven't had any problems with that setup and it's relatively a cheap fix. We tied the rope into a loop on the one end above the clip so if by chance we drop them in the lake there is a loop to help fish them out with the dock hook.
  3. We bought a Uniden Atlantis 270 a few years back (a requirement for the boaters association we are in) and it works good. Granted we are only on a 5800 acre lake but the coverage was more an adequate for what we are using it for. If you needed assistance out on the water you can call into our radio network (if patrol boats are out) and some help will be on the way. This year there are only 2 boats left in the group so our radio network is kind of limited. Normally on our lake if you need help you are just a hand/arm wave away from someone that will stop and lend assistance for a tow. Two years ago we towed in a virtually new boat (less than 2 months old) over the july 4th weekend. They didn't think they could thank us enough and wanted to pay for the tow. Both the wife and my response was simply "pay it forward" and if you see someone out on the lake that needs a hand take a minute out of your day and help them out. Funny thing was the guy said 2 weeks prior he was on the other end of a tow rope and was pulling in a stalled boat like them. Good karma goes a long way on the lake
  4. From our experience in dealing with a boat purchase......we were looking at 3 different brands - floor plans - HP - colors. You have it a bit easier as you are looking at only one brand (a fine pick if you ask me) but 2 different models. As mentioned earlier take the wife and just go and sit on the boat and really look around at what you like and things you don't care for. Once you get past the ooohs and aaaaahs of the new boat smell the decision gets a little easier. We actually had a deposit put down on a sylvan before we decided we liked the bennington better (had a better floor plan that worked for us and extended decks). Glad we took the extra time to just sit back and look things over before the final sign on the bottom line happened. We have ivory interior and the only thing that has caused a problem on our boat is the crappy ingredient in sunscreen that turns everything orange. The wife's seat has a small spot by the headrest that has discolored just a bit if you really look for it but other than that the interior looks as good as new after 3 seasons and over 350 engine hours of use. Granted the wife calls me a freak when it comes to cleaning the boat after a weekend out with family and friends. Seats get wiped down (even after the use of towels on the seats) because of the potential sunscreen issues. Can't use enough 303 protectant on the seat least once a month. For the flooring in the 2 boats you are considering I can say the seagrass is an easy cleanup after a weekend out. Grab a soft brush and the garden hose and you are all set. Good luck on your decision......either way you will have a great boat.
  5. How do you plan on using the towbar if you get one? Towing tubes or skiers - young kids or older teens - adults (see older teens). How much HP do you have and what model boat (standard 2 tube or a tritoon). Sorry for all the questions but without knowing what you are expecting to do it's hard to recommend an alternative to a ski/tow bar. Our boat come with it and we have only used it a handful of times. It does work very nice on the rare occasion that we have guests that want to crack out the tubes for the afternoon. How about a tow harness that you connect to the rear of the boat and tow from there. Less than $20 and it would be worth a shot to try (we still have one in the package that we bought for our old bayliner). Listed below are a couple of links to amazon for the tow harness we have. If you live at the lake we could let you try our harness to see if it would work out for you......we're only weekenders till retirement. Airhead tow harness without pulley Airhead tow harness with swing pulley
  6. Although I can't say much about all the "new" radio gear as we have the old school din style sony radio in our boat. But with that being said even with the stock 4 kickers and the so-so sony head unit (not top of the line by any means) you can achieve decent sound (and bass) out of the stock 6.5" speakers. You just need to go through all the levels (high - mid - low & subwoofer if installed) and enable the loudness feature which makes the biggest difference in the stock unit. If we get to the lake this coming weekend (2 grad parties on sat limits lake time) I'll try to shoot some video of our system setup.
  7. In 3 summers of use I can count on 1 hand the amount of times we have used the portable cup holders on our boat. Normally they are stored under a seat bottom or in the helm. With about 80% of the time out on the boat it's just me and the wife so cup holders aren't really an issue. She has 2 in the speaker pod by her seat and I have one in the helm. When relaxing at the sand bar the rear table has 4 cup holders in it and we have been known to sit the 30oz insulated tumblers on the floor and just remove the table all together. Our local dealer has the portable ones in factory benny colors normally in right around 60-70 if I remember right. Yes we were going to get a second set for the stern seating but decided on just using the stock 2 and the table instead......saved me $150. We spent that money on gas instead
  8. Our boat is a gsr2250 (a 22 foot model) but it actually measures a tad over 24 foot bow to stern then add the motor to the length and we are now roughly 25+. Granted we have both decks extended and after having them we wouldn't trade for the world. Our parents/grand parents are older and like the longer deck out front for boarding from our docks and we love the extended stern at the sandbar. It's a great place to keep the cooler and sunscreen as well as tubes and rafts.
  9. That is an impressive transformation! Your vinyl guys did an awesome job of applying that wrap. Enjoy your new boat!
  10. If the budget allows now don't settle for the 90 or even the 115.....go straight for the 150 and sps hull. You can thank me later and your wallet won't hurt as much as buying the second new boat before the start of the next boating season. We call that PAD's around here and it tends to get expensive rather quickly. The wife wouldn't drive our old boat (had a 50 and cable steering) but doesn't mind the new boat even with the 150 and hydraulic steering (the power assist can be added later if need be). Docking with the hydraulic steering is a but different than cable but it can be done easily with practice. Cruising at 40 with the 150 and the sps hull:
  11. Our dealer also delivers the boat with a full tank of fuel. There is that $500 charge for misc fees on the purchase agreement. Who paid for the first tank of fuel you ask......we probably did and then some!
  12. Our boat is known as "endless summer" as we are normally the last ones to put the boat up in the fall and try to be out early in the spring. Thought about taking the boat out last month but a large log across our channel from the boat docks to open water said otherwise.
  13. Could have made a road trip to Ohio and checked to see what SAD has in stock. They normally have quite a few boats in stock in all trim levels. SAD website
  14. How about "nowhere fast" or "passes nothing but the fuel dock"
  15. Prices at the fuel docks last year ran pretty solid $3.69 all summer (except for on holiday weekends then it was $4.29+). Granted pump gas uptown was just over $2.00 - 2.29 range for e-10 and 87 octane