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  1. We have the stainless rub rail and lights and wouldn't be without either. Completes the nice clean look nand the rub rail has stood up to some unfriendly meetings with docking posts and have come out without a scratch. A few suggestive pics to help you spend a few more $$$$$$ We love our full seagrass flooring as it's easy to keep clean......does get pretty warm in the summer sun though. Wife loves the wider 4 rung stainless ladder too
  2. Sharp boat! Your going to love the sps package coupled with the 150 yamaha. Plenty of power to do all sorts of watersports yet easy enough on fuel when you just want to cruise. Don't show that color of green to the wife or we'll be getting another new boat. Not that we don't love our regatta blue/champagne color combo.
  3. We bought fuel last weekend at the fuel docks and was still $3.69 for what is stickered as 89 non-ethanol. Was $2.39 uptown for 87 e-10 and $2.79 for 89......still not to bad at the fuel docks and I don't have to carry cans to the boat. Our marina frowns on fueling from gas cans but will allow if you are using a pump to transfer the fuel.
  4. That's not to bad....really it could have been a LOT worse. I've bumped a few docks and lefts some marks on the toons over the years. I like to call them beauty shows that you actually USE your boat and don't just let it collect dust docked in the marina. Should get some new pics of our toons and I do have a few marks where the sharkhide has been scuffed off and the toons look dark colored. Not really damaged other than a little cosmetic blemish. Like mentioned before the first mark/scratch will sooner or later happen and now that it has there are no more worries of putting that fist beauty mark on the shiny new boat. Get it out and enjoy the rest of the boating season and don't worry about it. You CAN'T see the scratch from the helm but you can see things like this from the helm! It's all about making memories with family and friends out on the water.
  5. Our normal cruising speed is somewhere between 17-20 mph at roughly 3000-3100 rpm. Is best combo for us as far as speed and fuel consumption. Other times you don't care about fuel economy and put the hammer down and skip across the lake at right at 40mph......smiling all the way to the fuel docks.
  6. That the logo you are looking for? Does your vinyl cutter software have a trace image option that you can create a vector file that can be cut from this pic?
  7. Over by Waterbury (between turtle shell and the shore) is also marked at a possible stump zone on this map. We we have hit things (bottom stumps or other) in areas we have gone through many many times and never had a problem. Hit is more like a bump and not with a prop strike. You do have to remember that there are spots in the lake that are barely 2 foot deep and underwater objects are rather easy to hit. If you haven't been on indian lake in a while the water currently is up roughy 8-10 inches over normal pool but that still doesn't mean it's deep by any means. The deepest part is over by Dream bridge and you can get depth readings of 12-13 foot till you get about half way to the no wake buoys then it goes back to 4-6 as an average. Renting is a good way to see if you are going to like the area and all the activities that go on here over the summer. Seems like there is always something going on. Live bands (if that's your thing) are at almost every bar/resturant on Friday and Saturday nights. That is besides all the events that the chamber puts on throughout the year.
  8. The wife and I went out to eat at cranberry's (local waterfront bar/restaurant) and what I would guess to be a 28-30 foot baja with twin engines came in. Yep through transom exhaust and loud as could be. I will give the guy props on his docking skills though pulled in and tied up in less time that it took the pontoon at the end to tie up 2 dock lines.
  9. Yes there seems to be a lot more floating debris this year. We try to remove as much as we can when we are out and about on the lake. That's part of our job as USFBA members on the lake......tow disabled boats and remove trash when we can. As a perk with the organization you can write off your boat fuel and mileage driven to the lake on your taxes at the end of the year. Due to the above normal rain that this area has seen over the last month there seems to be quite a bit of trash that floats into the lake from the feeder channel over at mound wood. if you were boating here over the last few years with several of the other lakes close by having issues (algae at grand lake and the lake draw down at buckeye) you would have noticed a BUNCH more boat traffic. This year it seems to be better or maybe I just got used to all the extra traffic and thinks it's the norm now. At any rate boating on the weekends can be a challenge at times with extra boats and jet skis running around. Give a Monday or Tuesday a try and it becomes a whole new lake with hardly any traffic and smooth water. When you said you hit something were you over by the state park campgrounds by chance? That is a well known tree stump area and used to be shown on the maps that spend a day used to hand out to all down for all the bridges and such. Are you looking for a house to buy or a place to rent for the week or weekend? We bought our place on orchard island 5 years ago and have noticed that prices seem to swing up and now down every few years. Lots of places for sale if want on the water but don't forget your checkbook as most are a bit on the spendy side. if you are back in the IL area sometime get ahold of me here and the wife and I can show you around out on the lake a bit. has a lot of info on things going on and around the lake. Christmas in July glow party and lighted boat parade is on for tomorrow night (July 29th) at old field beach. Harbor fest is the following weekend at Russell's point harbor. Second week of August is the party on the beach at old field. Always the Sunday night over Labor Day weekend is the ring of fire to celebrate another great year on the lake.
  10. Very sad to hear. Prayers form your friends on Orchard Island at Indian Lake! We met Marlon and Joy when they were looking to buy a benny and wanted to see our layout before ordering theirs. Very down to earth people and although we had just met them that morning at our boat docks we talked for over an hour. Was like we had known them for years.
  11. Throttle linkage in a bind someplace not letting it go that last 500 rpms. When we got our boat back from the factory the throttle would only allow rpm's to 4K when it used to do 5400. Ended up being the cable was in a slight bind under the helm and would allow it travel all the way....easy fix and was taken care of in about 20 minutes at the dealers dock. Maybe it's trimmed out different...trimmed down or up can cause more or less load on the motor which would loose some rpm's.
  12. Like has been mentioned before several times.....practice practice practice. Pick a low wind day and just try docking a few times to get the feel of what works and what doesn't at your dock. Our marina is pretty tight between buildings (roughly 32 foot) and you add in the fact that not all boats fit inside the 26' slip (that's to the center of the walkway so maybe 24' in the slip). Yes our boat hangs out the back a few feet but we do our best to make sure that we are pulled in as far as possible to allow our neighbors behind us in the other building some room (they also have a gsr2250). A quick video from last year (early april) as I was wearing a little of the wintertime rust off my docking skills at our docks. Biggest thing is to take your time and go slow. If it doesn't feel right simply pull back out and try the approach again (if you haven't ever done this before you've never docked a boat) till you find something that works.
  13. You are about as upset about your warranty only being 5 years and not 7 as I am with my warranty only being 7 years and not 10. Either way I've still purchased a boat that comes with the industry's best warranty and customer support. If it doesn't fail in 7 years the chances are it won't for a good long time and even if it does after the warranty expires oh well. I'm looking at it as my boat will last about 3+ lifetimes of any car/truck I've ever owned and I drive 'em till the wheels fall off
  14. Flipped over for viewing the quality construction......please flip back over before use. It runs and rides better that way
  15. The difference could be a sealed and non sealed strake.....not sure. Ours has 2 different styles (but it's a tritoon) there are lifting strakes down both sides of the center tube and more of a foil on the inside of both outer tubes. With a 2 tube boat you'll probably have them down both sides of each tube like this one. Either way lifting strakes are key to turning a displacement hull (2 tube standard boat) that plows through the water into more of a planing hull that skips across the water (like in the pic above). This one is a bit different than ours as we don't have any strakes on the outside of the outer toons but you can get the idea.