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  1. Clueless noob has Sea Star Hydraulic Steering Question

    Our old boat had cable steering with a 50 and the wife wouldn't drive it. The new boat has hydraulic steering and a 150 and the wife will drive that. Makes a difference for us and wouldn't go back to cable......although would like to have power assist. Maybe on the next one I can get the power assist.
  2. New member with new benny on order

    You're going to love the way that sps package with that 200 handles and rides. We couldn't be happier with our setup. Enjoy yournew boat and have a great time making a lifetime of memories out on the water.
  3. Storing Cover and Poles, etc.

    We have the same method of uncovering as SEMPERFI. The dock walkway is on the port side of the boat so we start there and fold the port side over the starboard side (almost in half). Then the starboard side gets folded over the port side (as in 3rds) so the cover is roughly a 1/3of the normal width. We roll from bow to stern and when finished the cover is about the size of a large rolled up sleeping bag. That normally gets put behind the captains chair and the rear lounger (could put it under the helm also if you wanted) but our helm if full of lake floaties and our trash can. Once removed like this a few times the covering and uncovering is much less of a job (especially if you are doing it on your own). The poles get colapsed and stored in the rear port lounger base. We havethe polesmarked with a sharpie for height and location.....number 1 starts in the bow at it's set height and you go from there. That way you don't have to crawl through on your hands and knees to set the poles.
  4. Phone storage solution

    I solved the cupholder issue by going old school. For full throttle simply hold the large cup in the other hand or between your legs like the good old days. Back when seat belts were an option and you didn't have 12 cup holders all over the place inyour car. Yes I'm an antique.....but I prefer vintage since that sounds cooler.
  5. Standard Gauge Cluster

    The basic gauges do indeed only have trim - fuel - rpm with digital hour meter in the bottom.....a pic of our when we hit 300 hours last summer. For depth - water temp - fish finder - gps speedometer we added a lowrance mark 4 to our boat. It's not color or very fancy but it does get the job done and it fit our budget (less than 200 installed). Not a very good pic from last summer but you get the idea Little better pic from our 2015 dec 5th boat ride.....after it came back from the factory for warranty work.
  6. Phone storage solution

    The only difference in that helm over ours from '14 (other than raised helm) is the radio is on the left (port side) and the lowrance fish finder is on the right (starboard side) of the wheel. Gauges - switches - speaker location - wheel all look the same. It even has the crappy location cup holder just in front of the throttle handle (the only thing we really didn't care for on our boat) as with a large drink (think micky d's cup) in there you get about half throttle max.

    We are looking at temps in the 60's and sunny here this weekend......very rare for mid Feb in Ohio. Should I or shouldn't I take the boat battery to the lake with us this weekend just for a quick trip out and around the lake
  8. Interior lights

    By chance do you have the kicker speakers in your boat? If so some of them light up with a blueish/purple light when you flip the "mood light" switch on the helm. Not sure what all switches you have on the helm ofyour ssx but ours is on the right side of the to anchor and nav light switch if I remember correctly.
  9. That is wrong. The dealer should at least work out a deal if you decide to keep the boat as is even though you didn't get the flooring you paid for. Maybe a re-build is in order? Try it with new colors and interior combo that works out as a second choice to go with the new flooring colors that bennington currently has available. I don't have any other idea's as we bought what the dealer had in stock just before the boat show.
  10. I'd suggest if your dealer doesn't want to work with you on this do as Havasu Bennington direct. When we had an issue with our carpet coming apart and the dealer kept wanting to just glue it orcover it with a plastic step plate.......something not acceptable on a virtually new 40k boat. After contacting Bennington direct they pretty much took the dealer out of the picture regarding the warranty work. Yes Bennington took very very good care of us and did a few upgrades in the process of fixing the carpet issue. We now have full platinum seagrass instead of half carpet and half seagrass.......basically we have a 2014 boat with all the 2016 goodies. Hang in there! If all fails at the dealer Bennington WILL make sure you are happy with your purchase.
  11. Shout Out

    When you find a brand (like Bennington) that really knows what their warranty stands for and means to people that are buying their product it's a real plus. Used to be only 7 years (not like that isn't an amazing warranty) and now onto a full 10 year warranty bow to stern....the leader in the pontoon world. You find a dealer that will work with and for you when you have a problem you should consider yourself very lucky. Not saying that most of the bennington dealers aren't good it just seem kind of out of the norm in today's market to find a GREAT dealer like you have. Kudo's to them for standing behind you on a warranty issue and making sure it was taken care of in a timely manner.
  12. 2017 Yamaha 150

    Our 150 has over 350 hours on it and hasn't missed a beat. That is 3 years of off and on use in Ohio's summers (short season) and 1/2 of '15 was shot due to our wedding/planning and LOTS of rainy weekends. We've done the 20 hours service and at the end of every season we have the boat winterized (all fluids/filterschanged and stabil added to fuel) which has been roughly 100 hours a year. We are weekenders at the lake so it's hit or miss on total hours for the year (depending on schedules and weather). With proper maint. you will see a LOT of hours out of your 150 and many smiles and great memories on your new boat.
  13. Paddle

    We get our boat safety inspected every year in the spring (requirement to be a member of the USFBA). A member of the power squadron does the inspection and goes over everything that is required and makes sure that you DO have it on board. It's free and I feel it's worth the time to have it done just to make sure you have everything required on board. Besides you get a sticker that shows that you have been safety inspected and passed......normally they see that and just give you a wave. The dnr on our lake is pretty laid back until it comes to safety violations and kids on board. Seen several boats last year get stopped for a safety check mainly because they had small children on board. Here is a list of things they asked for and equipment he made sure was fully operational: throwable cushion - distress flag - first aid kit - fire extinguisher (did show us how to test it to see if me needed a new one) - at least one anchor (we have 4) - current reg and stickers (OH and numbers) - horn is functional (other distress signaling device like air horn or whistle) - dock lights/nav lights/anchor lights all are functional - enough life jackets (our boat is plated for 13 and we have more jackets than that) - if we carried a marine band vhf radio (as well as cell phones) During the inspection I asked him if we needed an oar (said wasn't required but was a good idea to have). He then asked me if I had taken a boaters safety course and if my insurance came with spill clean up coverage (not that it's required but was something he suggested it to us) ....we have both. I think that was everything they asked for. It's been almost a year ago since we hadthe inspection done.......I have trouble remembering what I did last week Your state may be different and even lakes within the same state can have different requirements (a lot of it is based on size).
  14. Motor Cover

    Do you have them hosted someplace......suchas photobucket or imageshack? If you do you can simply link them here. If not I'm not sure if there is a size limitation if you upload them to the gallery here. Hosted at photobucket:
  15. 2017 22GSR new build

    If you do a lot of docking you might want to consider at least the heavy duty rub rail. We have the stainless and even though I've gotten a little better at docking the rub rail has saved us from some damage. The stainless docking lights look awesome but members here think the plastic housing models put out more light......never had the plastic ones so I can't say. The sharkhide has made cleanup of our toons a whole lot easier throughout the year. Granted we are on a lift under a roof but the toons do get a watermark on them from use. All it takes is a quick wipe down with a soft or microfiber towel at the sand bar and we are good as new.....3 years of use and we barely have any staining of the tubes.