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  1. Hey Howzit?!? 

  2. Randy,

    Just seeing how you are doing. Hope all is well. You are missed.


  3. You must be talking about this beauty.
  4. Bennington #2, what an upgrade!

    Beautiful. Enjoy that new boat feeling. PADS will eventually return.
  5. Check out this custom interior!

    Found this on a pontoon Facebook page. The owner left the impression that this is a custom job. Comments?
  6. 2014 2575RCWB Bimini problem. request photos?

    We moderators appreciate the positive, non-Bennington bashing conversation occurring here. Thank you. You Bennington owners are the BEST!
  7. Opinions please

    Mmmm, that white with black accents is beeeeutiful, but the black top will make heat in the sunshine.
  8. Boat Order "Dilemma"

    Dealer humor! Imagine this atthe annual dealer show asthey sit around and drink and swap stories. "That's nothing, this one guy I told his boat would be a month delayed at the same time it was being prepped!" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! "Good one, Jerry!" ;-)
  9. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    It's been more than a month since anyone posted to this topic. It's 1/23/17 and 99% of our snow has melted here in NW lower Michigan. It smells like mud outside and sounds like birds chirping.
  10. Please note: The Express tube and the SPS are NOT the same. The Express package uses the delta-shaped engine pod from the 2 tube hull and the middle tube runs forward from the pod to the bow of the boat. The SPS package uses a full length center tube that also serves as the transom and fuel tank carrier. The tube mounted tank is advantageous because the center of gravity is lower on the boat. I've had both and the SPS is far superior. Also, as an FYI, the twin elliptical hull sits a lot higher in (on) the water due to the increased buoyancy. Thosewho need to clear bridges will want to make note.
  11. PADS - Ordered New 23 RCW

    Yeah. I'm getting the bathroom renovation. Lucky you, Ray!
  12. PADS - Ordered New 23 RCW

    I'm betting your dealer is mighty happy he worked to keep you as customer last summer. Congrats Ray and Alice!
  13. NuCraft/Craftlander Lifts

    I'm 2 weeks in and loving' it!
  14. Kicker KMC 1 versus KMC 10 stereo

    Yes, the interface is more user-friendly. But the sound is stronger, too.
  15. Kicker KMC 1 versus KMC 10 stereo

    Worth it.