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  1. As a moderator, I have been very impressed that less than 1% of the topics and replies have required moderator intervention. Keep up the good work, folks!
  2. Looking forward to you joining the club. It's worth the wait. Trust us.
  3. Holy hijack, Batman. Let's get back to the topic, guys! ;-)
  4. Yes, folks.... let's be careful about throwing Bennington under the bus. Remember that suppliers plan their production based on their customer's (in this case, Bennington) forecast. Any replacement work is above and beyond their planned scope. Since no one in this thread seems to be sitting at the dock as a result of delays, let's go easy..... and happy boating.
  5. Let me offer up a slightly better solution. Since the factory is running like scalded dogs these days, I suggest you visit the dealership and ask that he/she phone the zone rep (the dealer knows EXACTLY how to reach them). Ask that the call be made on speaker phone so that everyone involved is operating off the same information.
  6. Photo?
  7. Not to worry, soon you'll be an old guy and you can buy a pontoon boat. Oh, wait........
  8. Search "power assist steering" here on this site. It's been discussed a lot. Much to be learned from previous discussions.
  9. Yup. Always a dilemma. It all works out in end. <see what I did there! ;-)
  10. We have a big spruce in our yard that's know as the "pee tree." It gets used a lot. One day, my grandson said, after leaving the pee tree, "I have poop on my shoe." Some things you just don't want to question. It was a matter for his grandma to deal with. You wait, Andy. Your day is coming......
  11. Says the man with a toddler. You just wait, he'll be pooping in the strangest places! LOLOL
  12. Hey Jeff: My dealer insisted they had tried several props on my boat and picked the best performer. I didn't believe that to be true and told him so. They offered to sell me a 15 pitch prop to experiment with and I could return either prop (undamaged) for a full refund. I gained 5 mph with the 15, so the 13 was returned and my credit card refunded, inc. tax. Keep that option in mind in case your dealer is less than cooperative (which I doubt will happen).
  13. 6200 seems high. What's the recommended rpm range on that bad boy? I would for sure try a 13 pitch. Props are a funny thing. I went from a 13 to a 15, my rpms actually went down and my speed went up 5 mph. Don't despair, your sweet spot is out there, you just haven't found it yet. PS: I'm gonna move this over to the props and power section.
  14. BayStar installation manual: SeaStar installation manuals: Power assist manual: