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  1. My previous Benny (a 2010 22' RLi) had a pop up ski pylon and I once used it to tow home a broken down boat (smaller than my boat). I later learned that Bennington specifically states the ski towing accessories are NOT to be used for towing other vessels.
  2. And the only bad ice fishing week of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Just did the quick math (and I suggest you don't even try it). Cost me about $225/day! Or about $75/running hour. And worth every penny. ;-)
  4. I just checked my log for last summer. 20 days of boating (could be more than one trip per day, depending) for a total of 59.9 running hours. Many times that just chilling with motor off.
  5. If not this video, maybe one of those listed on the right sidebar.
  6. An I.O. should have an engine mounted automotive type pump. Have the lines been bled after replacement?
  7. I know I veered this topic off course, but anyone who is reading this topic needs to take heed. Like Mr. Smith, we did a review and learned that we indeed had accumulated enough assets that one lawsuit would have wiped us out, even after our insurance company paid to their maximum. Look at the liability caps on your home, auto, boat policies. If they are less than your assets (include retirement accounts and anticipated pension benefits) you need to seriously consider an umbrella policy. OK, back to dock talk.
  8. Hope you plan to provide them with lots of boat rides this summer. I have insurance matters troubling me tonite from a bump and run in a parking lot that I suffered this week. I hope they are not incurring any additional liability due to your lift being on their property. You may want to consider an umbrella liability policy (they are cheap) for the year to cover you in the event there is an issue that cause them to come back on you. Jus' sayin'. Maybe Andy can elaborate.
  9. See your pm. Thanks.

  10. I would think that would make entering the lift very difficult when the waves/wind are coming toward the shore. Could you work something out with the neighbor, for just this year, to encroach "just a bit?" Maybe in exchange for boat rides?
  11. OK. This topic has served its purpose. No additional comments will be accepted. Good day and happy boating.
  12. Hey Howzit?!? 

  13. Randy,

    Just seeing how you are doing. Hope all is well. You are missed.


  14. You must be talking about this beauty.
  15. Beautiful. Enjoy that new boat feeling. PADS will eventually return.