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  1. Drilling vinyl floor to install trolling motor

    When I mounted my trolling motor, I just drilled right through the seagrass. I had no problems with snagging. I used a newish bit and watched it closely while drilling.
  2. F300 vs. 250 SHO

    I've got the 2350RSR with F300. Great combo. There is probably only a 3-4mph difference between the two as far as MPH is concerned. The digital controls and gauges are nice, but spendy. Best of all, I don't have any regrets or "second guessing" motor choice because I got the biggest one I could for the boat.
  3. Shorestation vs Shoremaster canopy

    I bought a ShoreSTATION 5000lb hydraulic lift and canopy. I have a custom Sunbrella canopy cover. The Shorestation is considered a premium lift You'll spend $12-15k installed for the Hydraulic (~$3k less for electric winch style), but IMO, worth every penny. Very Very well built. All stainless and brass hardware. I looked at Shoremaster and they are considerably less expensive. Look at them both. There are obvious difference, but they may not matter to you if price is more important. They were to me in a 5K pound lift and I have no regrets. Good Luck
  4. Pillowtop w/ Diamond upgrade

    We've got the black diamond stitching and really like it. I could see if you went with a lighter color, you may have problems with the thread staining, but with black we have no problems. It will be no worse than the light matching thread on the rest of the furniture though.
  5. Today's the day!

    Congratulations!...I remember the feeling well and it was over a year ago :wow:
  6. Power Assist added

    I've got a pretty good whine as well - always have. It is barely noticeable at idle when turning slow, but when turning quickly, it is quite loud. When underway, I can't hear it. I believe it is normal.
  7. AM/FM Antenna

    Yeah, I've look into the grounding issue. It is pretty simple wiring for sub. Just pwr, rem and RCA cables. Pwr/gnd run directly to battery with 4ga wire through 3 terminal distribution blocks under helm (I've got another amp installed as well - reception was problem before 2nd amp). I've stretched out antenna wire and it helped a little. I'm curious why others haven't had the problem with a factory installed HT AS-10. It might be because I have my sub located differently since I have trolling motor batteries installed under helm as well. It is closer to head unit. I'm going to move batteries so I can get the sub closer to the outside fence and away from head unit.
  8. Boat Lift recommendations please

    You should get the 30' canopy. The motor sticks back there quite a bit. 30' fits my boat perfectly.
  9. AM/FM Antenna

    I need to look for solutions as well. Ever sense I installed the Wet Sounds HT AS-10 powered sub, my radio reception went to sugar honey iced tea. I've moved the factory antenna around as much as I could and only goes from crummy to worse. Turn off amp and reception is perfect. May trying something like this and mount more remotely.
  10. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy Birthday Tom. April is a great month for birthdays!
  11. Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    My regret is not having the factory installed Wet Sounds speaker/sub/amp setup. I ended up buying the speakers, sub and amp and installing myself. I know have the kickers sitting on the shelf. It probably would have been cheaper to have it factory installed and then would come with 7 year warranty.
  12. Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Thanks for the bday wishes!! Got the dock in today. 76deg in north centralMN. Very nice. Hope to get the toon in tomorrow at a lake near home and do some crappie fishing.
  13. Wetsounds Amp on sale - HT-4 Yes, I believe that can be done, but should you? The reason is, that the amp is only going to output 300watts in bridged mode (The HT AS-10 is 500 Watts). If you went down this path, think you would only use 2 inputs then + sub. Probably left and right. You would then have two left speakers and two right speakers. You wouldn't be able to fade front to back because you only have two channels. The other two are bridged for the 4ohm sub (no support for 2ohm sub). If you got an enclosed sub with built in amp, this wouldn't be a problem (run all 4 speakers with the 4 chan amp. HT AS-10 is what Bennington was installing, but Wetsounds seems to have obsoleted it. Not sure of the alternatives.
  14. Wetsounds Amp on sale - HT-4

    Probably a 17watt RMS/chan deck. The Amp is 110 @ 4ohms / channel. There is a lot left on the table. I believe the stock kickers are 65 watt. You will never get that out of any single DIN deck.
  15. Wetsounds Amp on sale - HT-4

    I don't know the details of your existing deck, but I've got to believe it is decents with preamp outputs (RCA). Regardless, this Amp would be a significant upgrade...over the high powered sony as well. Install is more involved though. Amps are pwr hungry and you need to run power and ground from batteries to your amp. Add this amp and the as-10 sub and you'll be rocking! Not sure what speakers you have, but make sure you tune the amp power for them.