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  1. SPS and biggest motor you can afford. Love our 150 and sps. Headed to Lewis and Clark Lake in SD. Can't wait. 16th year in a row.
  2. We have been very happy with this Kenwood. We use bluetooth almost exclusively now. Sometimes the old Ipod. Kenwood KMRD765BT
  3. Any trip of an hour or more we use this cover. Cover made by local upholstery shop
  4. I know, it's not a Benny flag. We had a Chaparral before our Benny. Unfortunately Gus is no longer with us. Max is now in charge.
  5. From the album Dog on a boat

  6. We went up last Thursday. Stayed at The Outpost Lodge. Fished on Friday. With the weather on Saturday we did a road trip and went as far as Mobridge.

    We made it to the bakery. A little too late, but they still had great stuff.

    We had dinner Saturday night at Bob's. HUGE steaks.

    Came home on Sunday.

    We are in the Omaha area so wasn't too bad a drive. Took our time both up and back.

  7. From the album Lake Oahe

  8. From the album Lake Oahe

  9. From the album Lake Oahe

  10. From the album Lake Oahe

  11. From the album Lake Oahe

  12. Went there for the first time last week. WOW. That thing is huge Benny did great. Do I get a prize for topic #7000?
  13. Do you have one? Which one? Have you used it?
  14. For me it depends on the ramp. One we frequent is pretty steep and requires us to drive it on the last little bit to get it all the way on. Another is not near as steep and and requires very little driving to get her all the way on the trailer.
  15. What are your plans for the cover? Mooring or trailering. If you plan to tow with it, have one made. Upholstery shop. Has to fit tight.