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  1. Touch-up paint

    So I pulled a cushion out of the boat a week ago for replacement under warranty. Nice job Bennington. In the process I scratched the panel on the door. Bonehead. Not sure how I pulled that off. Called the dealer. Bennington doesn't havetouch-up paint. I understand the panels are powder coated, but touch-up paint would be nice. Will have to check auto stores to see if I can find something close. Better than a scratch. Oh well.
  2. Bennington Owners Age

  3. Dual Battery

    Look at the Yandina combiner, or similar. Inexpensive. Eliminates the need to worry about switching. The Benny is the 3rd boat I have used oneon. Works great.
  4. Dual Battery

    We have 2 batteries. We do float and listen to the stereo frequently. I use oneof these to manage the battery charging.Yandina Battery combiner I have a Perko switch like this.Perko switch When running, it charges both batteries. The motor is wired to position 1/batt 1, the rest to position 2/batt 2. When not charging, the relay opens and neither battery can draw down the other. I leave the switch to position 1 when not switched off. If something happens to batt 1 and it won't start due to dead battery, just switch to position 2 and crank away. Never had to do this though. Here is what the wiring looks like. Wiring diagram Hope this helps. Brian
  5. combiner.jpg

    From the album 2015 21 SLX

  6. new player - Ranger

    Mods. Please delete this. I didn't think about the competitive nature of the post. Just thought it was interesting.
  7. new player - Ranger

    I have never seen powder coated tubes. Moderator edit: Linkremoved. One will have to do their own research on the competition. ;-)
  8. After Market Rub Rail

    I have been wanting to do something like this. Looks like they have several options. Can you provide a link to the specific rail you used? Thanks. Brian
  9. electric schematic

    I assume you have looked through here? Otherwise I can't help you, sorry.
  10. Any ideas on the cause of this scratch?

    I would bring it to their attention right away if you haven't already. Don't wait a couple weeks until you take it to them.
  11. Potential new boat questions

    Sounds like a great boat.
  12. New to boating and this forum

    Congrats and welcome. Pretty boat.
  13. 21 SLX or SLX SPS

    Our first pontoon, not a Benny, was a 2 log with a 90hp. Was fine for pulling the kids on a tube. Could pull a skier if they weren't too big or knew what they were doing. We had it on Lake of the Ozarks one time. Big rollers off the cruisers. Not matter what I did, I could not keep the waves from coming over the bow. We now have a 21SLX, with a 150 and SPS. Pulls anyone on anything. Had it on LOTO also. Did great. Never had an issue with the big waves. If traffic on his lake is as you say, busy and lots of waves, no question, get the SPS. If he can swing the 150, do that also. No one ever said they bought too big a motor. Brian
  14. Estimated cost to add wave shield

    I did my first pontoon myself. 2 logs. It was easy. I'll see if I can find my notes and pictures. Brian
  15. Moisture in gauges

    On of mine does this as well. I don't recall which one. It clears up in an hour or 2 in the sun. Kind of a pain. Not a huge deal. I do wonder if it has any long-term issues on the gauge. Briab