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  1. First trip out for 2017

    Not nice to tease....
  2. What do you do?

    Going on 30 years providing enterprise level software to newspapers large and small. Started out implementing systems, moved on to managing animplementation and support staff. Lured to the dark side in salesas a sales engineer/consultant and finally regional sales. Visited all 50 states and 14 countries along the way. 4 or 5 more years till we can retire. If we could figure outhealth insurance, we might try it earlier. Brian
  3. Extended platform needed on 22 SSLX?

    Count us in as believers. We love ours. Wouldn't want to be without it.
  4. Purchasing a new boat cover

    Here is a link to my post when I got my cover last year. New cover I am very happy with it. Brian
  5. Omaha boat show

    We did enjoy the show. The little guy has a thing for buttons. Put him down in a boat and he went straight for the helm. Fortunately no batteries in the boats.... It will be fun with him on the boat this year. Our second is 5 months old so having both of them on the boat this year will be fun.
  6. Omaha boat show

    Ya, I know. Had my hands full with a 15 month old grandson....
  7. Omaha boat show

    Pontoons everywhere. I think it is safe to say there were more pontoons than any other type of boat. Our local Benny dealer had probably 15-20. Couple of nice Rs including a swingback. I have to say that wouldn't be my choice, but others obviously like them. The new vinyl is interesting. Haven't made up my mind if I like it or not. Good thing is, it doesn't matter.We aren't in the market for a new boat. I did get a chance to talk to the Benny rep about touch-up paint. He was certain they had it available. He took my contact info and promised to get back to my via the local dealer. I figured I would give them the week to get their store put back together and touch base. It felt good to be walking around the show. Boating season is just around the corner. Brian
  8. Tow bar

    I too have an S with extended aft and tow bar.
  9. Touch-up paint

    We talked about a Go Big Red sticker. I was just hoping to go another year before I scratched her.
  10. Touch-up paint

    So I pulled a cushion out of the boat a week ago for replacement under warranty. Nice job Bennington. In the process I scratched the panel on the door. Bonehead. Not sure how I pulled that off. Called the dealer. Bennington doesn't havetouch-up paint. I understand the panels are powder coated, but touch-up paint would be nice. Will have to check auto stores to see if I can find something close. Better than a scratch. Oh well.
  11. Bennington Owners Age

  12. Dual Battery

    Look at the Yandina combiner, or similar. Inexpensive. Eliminates the need to worry about switching. The Benny is the 3rd boat I have used oneon. Works great.
  13. Dual Battery

    We have 2 batteries. We do float and listen to the stereo frequently. I use oneof these to manage the battery charging.Yandina Battery combiner I have a Perko switch like this.Perko switch When running, it charges both batteries. The motor is wired to position 1/batt 1, the rest to position 2/batt 2. When not charging, the relay opens and neither battery can draw down the other. I leave the switch to position 1 when not switched off. If something happens to batt 1 and it won't start due to dead battery, just switch to position 2 and crank away. Never had to do this though. Here is what the wiring looks like. Wiring diagram Hope this helps. Brian
  14. combiner.jpg

    From the album 2015 21 SLX