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  1. lake is over 100' in spots. Several things to dive on. Old school house foundation, old post office and several bridge spans. Have spear fished cat fish for several years. Mid May to mid June best time.
  2. Me and my grandson dive on Dale Hollow Lake. It is one of the cleaner lakes. Real good visibility in the fall. Not the ocean but great for a lake.
  3. I would be careful pulling that way. The transom is bolted on and could easily be pull out of alignment. This could cause the boat to pull to one side all the time. I have the 22 sslx and the manual says not to use the hooks to pull. I am pretty sure Bennington does not recommend this on any models. I have the ski tow which is definitely the best way to go. They can be added after the fact.
  4. I have a 22sslx with the Yamaha 90 and a 15 pitch prop. 3 adults on board pulling two 120 pound teenagers I run about 22-24 mph according to GPS. A friend has the 115 and there is not that much difference in speed but a little more corning power with the tube. There is however a big difference in the gas economy. I use far less than he does. The weight is quite a bit different. His boat sets a lot lower in the back. Mine stays almost level. The 15 pitch gives more consistent speed than the 13 that I also have. I don't loose much speed from 2 people to 5 or 6. If you are considering an upgrade do it on the new boat. The upgrade price will much higher later on. We are very satisfied with the 90.
  5. Make sure your marina allows it. Ours does not. There are signs on the dock and in the contract. If it is not permitted you can void your contract and loose your slip fee.
  6. Started in Engineering as Product Development Supervisor for Flowserve a major petro, chemical and pharmaceutical valve and automation manufacture. Moved to Quality 10 years ago as Quality Engineer/Product Specialist. First job was at Bills Pier boat dock on Watts Bar Lake in Spring City Tennessee. Ran my own business for several years designing houses and commercial buildings. If I can make it to 59 1/2 I will be boating full time and retired. I am turning 51 in May.
  7. This is where you have to be careful. Do not spray on the wind shield. You spray lightly on the soft rag. Do not touch the wind shield with you bare hands while chemical is on it. 3 years and going on my cleaning. You just have to be very careful. Do not over apply or leave for too long. Check the make up on a lot of the (high quality restorers) before you buy. You may be surprised at the chemicals. This was not about cost. It was a method I had seen used many times with success. I have not had much success with the restore kits. Try on a piece of plexi-glass or similar material and let set a while before you try on a windshield as a test.
  8. I don't remember where I bought it. There is no brand on it. I originally got it for working around telescopes at night.
  9. I use insect repellant such as Off. Spray it on a soft rag like a t-shirt and rub the wind shield or head light cover like you were waxing. You will be surprised at how well it cleans the oxidation.
  10. A red light is best to use at night. it will not affect night vision. I use a red hand held spot light. It helps you as well as other boaters.
  11. By the way the real speed trick is to keep the pontoons clean. You can loose 5 to 10 mph with just a film of algae on them.
  12. Have the Yamaha 4 stroke 90hp on the 22SSLX and get around 27 fully loaded. 3 adults and 1 185# teenager in the tube with full tank of gas and load I still get about 24. I have 15 pitch prop. Worth the upgrade. The boat I traded for the new one had a 70hp Yamaha 4 stroke and there was quite a bit of difference in just that much more horsepower.
  13. Have the double lounger with the changing room underneath the lower section. It is almost always occupied by someone. It was actually what drew us to the boat. If I ever replace or upgrade I will have the lounge or loungers.
  14. Minnkota Deckhand 40. I love mine. You can add remote switch to work from console or use switch on the anchor. You can use several different types of anchors. Front section will flip up. I tie my boat off so the front of boat is always away from the dock or other boat. Know a lot of others who use and like very much. I have had a couple other brands on other boats but nothing with as good a quality.
  15. Make sure you have a good tow rope. The ropes with the bungee section are my favorite also. A nylon rope snapping under tow can cause quite the welt on the side of the face if it snaps back and hits you.