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  1. On the Adjustable helm chair I have from Bennington, at it's lowest setting it is like a standard helm, but will rise about 4 - 5 inches
  2. Bought my second elliptical pontoon a year ago, went from a 22 SLX extended platform boat to a 21SLX without the extended platform. When ordering the boat, I was concerned about the weight difference, for I wanted the most speed I could get with 150hp. I to looked in the literature and found the little weight difference, which lead me to call Bennington and talk to an engineer, who in turn told me that the literature had not been updated, and I should see about 400 lbs less. I guess what I am trying to say is, that the literature is not always right. The 22SLX with a standard 150 would only do about 39mph with the standard prop, the 21 SLX with a 150 SHO will only do 42mph with a SDS prop. My experience with elliptical tubes is the boat has extremely good hole shot and runs on top of the water (or planes) with very little power, and takes the waves great. The ride maybe a little rougher than a tri toon, and the turn radius wider. In my opinion, for me this would not be the boat for any kind of water sports, power steering would help, but the boat turns extremely flat and a real shape turn may put a few passengers on the floor. The boat serves our needs needs well, all we do is cruise, but if I want to get somewhere quick, there is not a problem. With a true GPS the boat is doing a strong 30 mph at about 4200 rpm.
  3. Thanks the wife and I like it. 2016 21SLX pretty simple, the 150 SHO does a really good job pushing her thru the water.
  4. I have 150 Yamaha SHO on a 2016 21 SLX with two Elliptical Tubes with strakes and a SDS prop, rated for 150HP on the name plate. Had to go with the these tubes to be able to get the higher HP rating. Very pleased with the results, with the top down, both front and rear entrance gates open, 1/2 tank of fuel, one person and a small chop on the water, the boat will run right at 44, but everything has to be right, what I mean is the trim has to be slowly bump out at different intervals of acceleration and you have to have a long straight away. But to run 42 is no problem, in a very short distance, top up or down, 2 people, and full fuel. This is based on the GPS on the I phone as well as the Bennington GPS speedometer in the dash.
  5. Have not done a measurement on mine with a rule, but I would say no more then 4 to 5 inches than the standard model. I like it, so does the wife. This is the second one I have had, had one on the old boat a 22 SLX
  6. Thanks
  7. I have a 150 Yamaha SHO on a 21 SLX with elliptical tubes, what pitch prop would be the best for top end speed. I was thinking about getting a SDS prop
  8. This is the one I was talking about on my 2016 SLX 21
  9. Here is a pic of the new boat. 150 VHO Yamaha, Elliptical Tubes, dropped about 400lbs going from the 22 SLX Elliptical. Looking forward to see, what the overall top end is. The old one would do about 42mpg gps 1/2 fuel and 1 person.
  10. Going down tomorrow will post pics
  11. Just took delivery of a 2016 21 SLX and purchased the GPS option and yes the tach was moved to the left and the speedometer is in the center and the other gauges were combined on the right side into one. I had contacted customer service at Bennington before the build and asked them. Makes a good looking dash.
  12. After talking with the factory today they confirmed that the top is 7 inches shorter on the curved frame.
  13. Thanks for the response it is the regular bimini with the curved frame. The dealer tells me it is the same as the standard one, I guess to be sure I need to call the factory and ask
  14. Getting a new boat soon was wondering if anyone, has any thoughts about the curved frame work option for the top over the old standard straight frame looks to be about a $325.00 option. Like the look, but was wondering, if there has been any problems with the canvas fitting right.