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  1. Meet Members

    Southern IL, near Carlyle Lake.
  2. Porta potty

    We bought the porta potty option on our 2015 2575RCW and it fits nicely under the starboard rear longer between the changing room bracket and the rear of the seat base. We did not use the mounting brackets though as it then allows us to shift it into a better position once the changing room is up. The one they shipped with our boat is a Dometic Sanipottie 960.
  3. Things I would change (formerly Regrets)

    Most new trailers with disc brakes (which grab much more in reverse) have (or should have) a 5 wire harness that disables the brakes in reverse. So then the light harness needs to stay connected. As stated by others, with sealed LED lights, shouldn't be a problem.
  4. advise on new pontoon

    We squeak ours into a 9' tall door but it is pretty tight with 14" tires. We also shortened the trailering struts on the bimini so we wouldn't make the expensive mistake of forgetting to lower it down to the rails. The downside to that is that the rear mooring cover pole doesn't clear then and the light has to be in just the right position for it to clear the rear center gate but still clear the door. All the seats clear without reclining. This is with an rcwcp esp. With ~10' interior ceiling height, we do have low clearance OH door tracks but the opener is very tight too. Can use a jackshaft opener but more ceiling height would be much better for sure. Also have a 12' wide door which we do really like. No worries about width. When it comes to sheds and doors for these boats, bigger is better IMO.
  5. Pictures - 2017 23' Swingback

    For those considering a swingback, I don't think it would be safe, not to mention thatI don't know of any state that would be legal to use that seat while under power in the rear-facing position (without the optional railing anyway). Then again, I'm not aware ofevery state's laws so if would be legal without the railing in your state, maybe worth a post here for others. I don't mean to stir anything up as I love the look but I'd hate for folks to buy one and then find out there are limitations they weren't aware of. We have an open stern RCW and whilecompletely legal, we're very cautious as to who sits in those rear facing seats (no unattended children) as the railing is somewhat open. I still would consider a swingback though, even if we couldn't use it under power as I really like the arrangement. That being said - absolutely beautiful boat Tippernsc. Very nice!
  6. Sharkhide - Patch Application

    I have. Just be careful not to polish too much to remove the the oxidation. Just enough to get the job done as the finish will be brighter than the factory finish and you don't want to make it more noticeable than it necessary. Ensure it is clean, reapply the Sharkhide with a clean white rag, and you should be good to go. Will you notice it? Yes, but I'm pretty picky and it isn't that bad (not on a smaller area anyway) and all in all, much less noticeable than the oxidation and much less time and work than doing the entire toon. Of course, this all depends on the size of the area...
  7. Phone not charging in the 12volt port

    As with TomS, we had one wired backwards too. Hopefully that's all it is. A simple fix but it can destroy chargers too.
  8. Cladded Arch

    If I remember correctly, the first cladded arch models didn't fold (at least not easily), so that may be the reason for some confusion. Personally, I think they look awesome and if we had one, wouldn't consider it without power fold for trailering and such. It's surprising how many tree branches you would encounter around some lake access areas... That being said, it's a good thing the power fold wasn't an option when we bought ours last year or we'd have been that much more over budget
  9. Bunk Replacement

    We have a 2575rcw and our longest bunk boards are ~19', one piece, no joints. They do not extend the entire length of the toons. Pics are in my gallery of the boat on the trailer. Yours should be similar but obviously, may be a different length depending on the trailer manufacturer. Also, my understanding is you do not want to use treated lumber due to the chemical reaction it may have on the toons. If you use plastic bunk covers I would think you would be okay but something to consider.
  10. Horn issues

    Ours did the same thing, lasting less than a year on a 2015 R series. I recently pulled it off and in looking at the new mounting location on my dealer's new boats (similar models), they now are mounted above the center of the starboard toon rather than on the outside of the toon near the edge of the deck rail. My dealer gave me a new horn and I moved the bracket to mount it above the toon in a similar location as the new boats I saw. I used the same bracket and just bolted it to the inside instead of the outside of the frame rail, using the same mounting hole. Just needed to drill a small hole through the exterior frame rail for the wire (it was long enough with rerouting), and added some split loom for wire protection through the frame. I think this should protect it much better from spray. Hoping so anyway.
  11. Does this cover make my rear look big?

    I think the protection trumps any concern about looks. If have to choose, visuals matter more when in use than towing to me. Looks like you have Sharkhide. If so, I think those ropes or any straps will rub lines into it during trailering so I'd find a way around that if you could.
  12. Those who trailer

    To protect the rub rail when up against the stops, get a pair of the rub rail protectors (crazy name, huh) from your dealer. They are a Bennington accessory. The way our trailer is set up, the bow did bounce a little too so we installed a pair of Boat Buckles on the front of the trailer. Love them! Have a pair on the rear too so it's locked down pretty tight and super easy both front and rear.
  13. Designer Vinyl Flooring

    We have the designer vinyl and it can get that hot in certain conditions so we're glad we have snap in carpeting too (even that can get pretty warm though). However, without being able to compare directly side by side, it seemed like the platinum seagrass and some of the teaks were even hotter than the designer vinyl so glad we have what we do. The new bamboo or cream colored seagrass could be cooler but wouldn't have worked with our color combination. And as indicated, I think they all get hot to an extent, and definitely if you are in a place like AZ. If you really concerned about it, you may want to consider carpet which, as indicated, still can get quite warm but is still quite cooler than our vinyl. Since many wouldn't think about carpet on a boat anymore, I think the vinyl with snap out carpet is the best of both worlds if you can afford it.
  14. Blackout Package - how well does it hold up?

    Had ours for a year now. If hotter, it hasn't bothered anyone on our boat. As far as scratches, Bennington's rails are all anodized, not painted or powder coated - even the blackout. Just black anodized instead of their standard clear anodize. For anodized aluminum, you would have to scratch into the metal to get beyond the black coating. So surface scratches and scuffs shouldn''t be an issue. Pics in my gallery. We love ours and highly recommend if that's the look you're looking for.
  15. 22SSXP Hands on.

    And interior too!