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  1. Thanks Vikingstaff! And one of the side-benefits is that if we put enough time and effort into customizing our boat, we counter the pull of PADS - especially with all the new eye candy out there these days. So in that way, I guess we can consider it an 'investment'. LOL
  2. Hi, Derrick! Funny, just like you said, we considered the cap up there too but in the end, we are somewhat preserving that space above for a possible EQ/sound processor - just in case.. We did take advantage of the plywood on the lounger back to fasten our fabricated mounting brackets that hold the amp board (didn't like it just being held by the fiberglass shell of the helm). You can see one of them in the picture. And you're right - water under the helm was a consideration so there is a slight gap between the amp board and the floor and more water than that, you got it - bigger problems! A pair of Rev 10s looking for a new home? Probably a good thing we kept our custom external speaker setup from our last system. How tempting!
  3. A few weeks ago, my buddies and I finally got around to starting on the stereo upgrade we had planned since the time we placed our order but had yet to get around to. We only did the front of the boat now (time to use it again, not work on it) but we're pretty happy so far. We ordered the boat in 2015 with the Wet Sounds speaker upgrade but no amps or subs. While this definitely isn't for everyone, it may give some new ideas to those who want to do a custom system on their Bennington too. After all, future phase 2 (the rear of the boat) will likely be what Derrick did - mounting a subwoofer into the side of the rear lounger. We have been the beneficiaries of very good advice and info from the forum so just trying to pay it forward... For this initial phase, we modified the port side table (a small table between the 2 captain's chairs on the RCWCP model or those that have the 'port table group' upgrade) to turn it into a subwoofer enclosure. Technically, we didn't turn the table into an enclosure (due to numerous application, sound, and reliability issues that would have come from that) so we had to get a little creative in the install and just made it look like that's what we did. In reality, we fabricated a sealed enclosure mounted inside but not fastened to the side of the table. Additional details are with the pics in my gallery. The subwoofer is a Wet Sounds SS-65 (since it has great specs and requires only a very, very small enclosure). Considering the location, we also wanted a grill. But since Wet Sounds doesn't make one specifically for this sub, Wet Sounds (thanks Joe!) hooked us up with a Rev 8 speaker grill that, after we made some minor modifications, finished it off. We used a JL RD400/4 amp for this sub (and the 2 front Wet Sounds speakers that came with the boat). For the rear, we plan to use a JL RD900/5 so we installed the infrastructure now and left spacing for that as well (it will go just left of the RD400). Since we always trailer and keep a ton of stuff on our boat, space is a premium. Our goal is to capitalize on 'otherwise wasted and unused space' while still getting the quality sound we are looking for (and satisfying my OCD tendencies too). Best laid plans of course but so far, so good. It's not the system we had in our last boat and we still have the entire rear to do, but considering we only have one amp and a single 6.5" subwoofer, we're pretty impressed with the sound and where this whole project is headed. If nothing else, it will definitely get us through until phase 2 next winter. It's not all Wet Sounds (sorry Derrick), nor all JL (sorry Spinzone) but hopefully you both would approve. Most of all, thanks guys sharing your experiences and wisdom! And yes, it drives me crazy that the capacitor writing is up-side down (because of how we wanted to mount it) - even inside the helm where nobody will see it. I'm thinking a black vinyl wrap and a Bennington logo will take care of that pretty soon...
  4. LOL. Being it took us 3 seasons to get started on this one, I hope you're not in a hurry Good to see you finally got your new Bennington in and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we do ours - putting projects like this at a much lower priority.
  5. Thanks! Ambitious to start on the rear 'big' part of the system but that may have to wait until next winter. After all, it's boating season now!
  6. Thanks! As you can probably tell, my buddies and I have a tendency to 'over-engineer' things...
  7. From the album Port Table Subwoofer and Amp Addition

    New amplifier (JL RD400/4) installed for the front speakers and front subwoofer with distribution blocks, 2 farad capacitor, and space for future second amp. This amp powers the new Wet Sounds SS-65 subwoofer (located in the port side table) and the 2 existing front Wet Sounds speakers. A future JL RD900/5 is planned for the right side of this amp to power the existing rear speakers and a future new subwoofer. In the end, this should give us plenty of nice clean sound plus will allow 'zone' control through the stereo's fader function.
  8. From the album Port Table Subwoofer and Amp Addition

    Close-up of port table subwoofer.
  9. From the album Port Table Subwoofer and Amp Addition

    Finished product with Wet Sounds SS-65 subwoofer (using Rev 8 speaker grill). While we were re-wiring, we also added 3 USB charging ports. One shown here upper left of the subwoofer and a couple others behind the fold-down armrests on the starboard front lounger and port-side mid-deck lounger.
  10. From the album Port Table Subwoofer and Amp Addition

    A sealed enclosure was fabricated and installed inside the port side table. To prevent issues with excessive table vibration, stress, etc., the Wet Sounds SS-65 sub was mounted to the new internal box and not the side of the table. The box was then fastened to the boat floor through the table wood floor. A template was made to cut the holes with a router. A Wet Sounds Rev 8 speaker grill was then modified and mounted to the table to protect the sub and finish it off. Black rubber weather-stripping was used to fill the minor gap between the grill and the subwoofer. This mounting method also allows for the proper excursion of the subwoofer behind the speaker grill.
  11. I addressed this on ours and uploaded a schematic into my gallery a while back. I believe this may only affect R and Q series (since they are the ones with master helm switches).
  12. If you have a transponder hanging off the rear and you move the bunk-stop/ladder (and boat) any further forward, make sure you wont knock the transponder off with the trailer bunk boards. Bummer that the axle assembly on your trailer isn't made to slide. We had to move our bunk stop forward and also our axles back just to get ours to a 10% tongue weight. With so many variations in these boats, rigging, loading, trailers, etc., for those still shopping and if you trailer a lot, having both adjustments available is highly recommended.
  13. Southern IL, near Carlyle Lake.
  14. We bought the porta potty option on our 2015 2575RCW and it fits nicely under the starboard rear longer between the changing room bracket and the rear of the seat base. We did not use the mounting brackets though as it then allows us to shift it into a better position once the changing room is up. The one they shipped with our boat is a Dometic Sanipottie 960.
  15. Most new trailers with disc brakes (which grab much more in reverse) have (or should have) a 5 wire harness that disables the brakes in reverse. So then the light harness needs to stay connected. As stated by others, with sealed LED lights, shouldn't be a problem.