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  1. Do you have a trailer for your Bennington ?

    I have a trailer but have only used it 3 times. Twice to pull out and do annual service and once to return to dealer for Mercury factory recall. We bought because we could thought we might want to trailer it to some other area lakes. That has never happened. We keep the boatin a slip on a local lake and that's the only place we have used it thus far. I put about 140miles on trailer hauling it home from where we purchased it, and about 30 miles since the. It still has the little rubber tips on the tires.
  2. 20' w/ 150hp?

    I have a 22' Bennington with a 115 and I am very satisfied with it. I can hit 30mph with two people if I want...but rarely do we go that fast. I can pull tubers with noproblems. I'm probably in the minority here but I just don't have a need for real speed. We prefer cruising along at a pace that is enjoyable and where we are able to hear each other. With the 115 I can get back to the dock quick enough should the need arise.
  3. Help on a 22SSRX Merc 150 HP question

    I have a 22SSRX with a Merc 115. With a full tank of gas and just me on board I can hit 31.
  4. LED lighting

    The bottom edge of my seats are cloth and the 3M tape did not seem to stick very well to that. I bought some 3' lengths of thin aluminum strips from lowes that were slightly wider than my LED strip lights. I pre-drilled holes near one edge of the aluminum strips, then stuck the LED light strips just to the side of the holes. I didn't completely trust the 3M so I added a little Gorilla Glue to them as well. Then I used stainless pan-head wood screws to attach them to the bottom of the seat. Actually was easier to install than my first attempt when I tried installing the LEDs directly to the seat bottoms.
  5. Love Utah. Wife and I visited southern Utah back in 2005 (Zion and surrounding areas). I have a conference in Vegas next summer and we are adding a few days to the trip so we can go back to Utah. Since that visit in 2005 I've always said we have unfinished business in much more we want to see and do there.
  6. I live in Northport AL (small town living) but do most of my boating on Lake Tuscaloosa. The marina is about 10 mins from my home. We also occasionally go out on river for a change in scenery.,+Alabama/@33.3512453,-87.5923724,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x88861e6cc9560327:0x24bf462702c65ba0
  7. Ladder down position indicator

    Would require some DIY but how about the mechanism used in cars (especially older cars) that work the dome light. You would need the little "push button" from the door and would have to wire it up yourself. Also, might want to waterproof the button. Probably would only work if you have the folding type ladder.
  8. What is the meaning behind your username?

    My wife and I are avid scuba divers. My middle daughter caught the bug at an early age and was certified as a PADI Seal at age 10 (Alabama's first PADI Seal). We are now all three Open Water/Advanced/Nitrox certified and regularly dive together.
  9. Full Boat Cover on the Road?

    bcpnick, Are the straps you added only across the front? Did you add them down the sides as well?
  10. To Cover or Not to Cover....

    And that works???
  11. Bennington Floating Key Ring

    I realize it's just a $3 keychain (haven't looked at price so not sure about that) but if Bennington is going to pride themselves on quality then I would think they want to extend that to any and everything with their name or logo on it. Even it they outsource it you would think they would have a say in quality control.
  12. Trailer Problem, Overweight

    I tend to agree with this. I think it is the dealer's full responsibility to ensure you leave with the correct setup. If they sold you a trailer that is not safe to pull your boat on, they must make it right. You may have to pay the difference but you should get full credit for the "wrong" trailer they sold you...regardless of how used it is. You should also get a trailer with support for the third toon. When I was searching for a trailer for mine I emailed Bennington directly explaining that I had the express tube and asked if I really needed the middle supports. The reply was direct from their engineers and they did indeed say that it should be supported. In the end the extra support does not cost that much. Hopefully you will not get any pushback from the dealer, but if you do, I would not hesitate to let Bennington know about this as well. This dealer is the Bennington representative for you and I'm sure they would like to know about this kind of thing. Again, I would only contact Bennington directly if your dealer gives you any flack about making this right.
  13. New boat checklist

    Make sure the dealer is not including some of that stuff before you go out and purchase things Ours came with life jackets, throwable flotation device, and docking lines. Of course I already had some life jackets and dock lines from our jet ski'ing days. Your lists sounds about right for getting your boat home and in the water initially. Definitely make sure you have ratchet straps to tie it down to trailer. Other than that I would not buy too much in advance as you'll figure your needs as you use the boat. I would add... -flotation devices for your keys. -spare tire for trailer (if it doesn't come with one)
  14. Imagine constructing that lighthouse in those seas.
  15. What a surprise at the boat dock last saturday

    This very thing happened to me a few weeks ago. We keep our boat in a covered slip at a local marina. I brought the boat in one day and decided not to put the cover on since the pollen wasn't too bad yet and I would be back out in a few days. When we boarded the boat a few days later something did not seem right. My wife noticed the door under the console was open and asked if I left it open. I thought I closed and locked it but maybe I forgot. Then we noticed something that looked like mud stains on the captains chair, steering wheel and the radio cover. Turns out that was blood. I guess the little turd(s) cut themselves prying the door open under the console. We didn't find anything missing (yet) as I don't leave anything on the boat. Once out in the lake we did discover our fire extinguisher was missing. After we returned to the dock and put the cover back on, as we were walking out my daughter noticed that several other boats had their console doors open or seats up, etc. We walked back down the entire dock and there probably 10 or 12 boats that had the front covers unsnapped, doors open, stuff strewn about, etc. We also noticed this strange white powder on the dock and on the cover of the pontoon cover across from me...I'm betting it's from my fire extinguisher. This was while the weather was still quite cool down here so no one else had been to the dock to really notice yet. Of course we reported it to the Marina manager and he then reported to the local marine police. No cameras at our marina so no hope in finding who did this. I now cover it everytime we leave even if we plan to come back the next day. Although we did see quite a few where the thieves just popped the front snaps and went in anyway.