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  1. I videoed myself docking our boat this weekend so you can see how to properly do it. You're welcome!
  2. I have the same motor and mine makes that same sound. It starts around 2400 rpm "howls" up until roughly 3400. I had my dealer come out on the boat with me to listen and they verified that is normal.
  3. Yeh, but now is the time to apply sharkhide if you're going to do that.
  4. I'm no boat builder but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...and I think the toons on that boat in the lower pic are installed incorrectly. I'm fairly certain the toons go on the bottom of the boat.
  5. I used to take my PWCs out in Panama City. Loved cruising around Shell Island and beaching in a remote spot all to ourselves. There are plenty of places to explore back in the bay without going through the pass out into the gulf. If it's not too choppy or wavy you can usually cruise across the channel and beach your boat on Shell Island behind the jetties. If the gulf is calm you should have no problems taking it out through the channel and then down the gulf side of the island. As for cleaning, I would recommend flushing your motor with Salt-Away and then washing the entire outside of the boat and trailer with it as well. Then rinse it all off and you should be fine.
  6. I could do that but I believe all their gates only have one cross member. I think that would look awkward. I might could do that and find a local fab shop that could weld another cross member in though. Thanks for the idea!
  7. Has anyone ever had a custom rear gate made for their Bennington? We would like one that has 2 horizontal rails (plus top and bottom rail)...but without the panels. I don't want to modify my original because when PADs hits me again I'll want to everything to be original on this boat for resell purposes. I was thinking of finding a shop that can fabricate and weld aluminum and see if they can match the railing exactly to make a custom gate for us. We think it would give us more of an open feel in the back. Just wondering if anyone has ever done this...or if you know where I might be able to purchase an after market gate for a Bennington. I can't find any such item in the Bennington catalog.
  8. I love this color scheme!
  9. Don't "look into...". That's all I was doing, just looking into...and the next thing you know I have a new boat. PADs is a very serious problem and the only known cure requires a trip to your local Bennington dealer. The treatment can be very costly...and I don't think you're ever fully cured.
  10. We used individual seat covers on the other boat even though we had the snap-on full cover. Our new boat (2017) has the cover with the new clip on style instead of the snaps. With the new style clips can now cover/uncover quicker than we could do the individual seat covers on the old boat.
  11. Scuba diving family here.
  12. Wow! That is nice!
  13. Guys, this bottle opener has a tough plastic coating that won't damage the finish on your boat should you drop it. Last time I dropped a bottle opener on my boat it crashed through the floor, punctured the fuel tank and hit a metal fitting as is did. This caused a massive explosion that sank my boat. I'm picking up a dozen or so...don't want that happening again.
  14. I get the same thing on my computer. Tells me I do not have access.
  15. The transducer may be mounted to high on the back of the pontoon. That was the issue with my old Hummingbird depth finder. I lowered it about 2 inches and it worked at all speeds. I know have a Striker 4 and don't have any issues. Upon delivery and before the dealer launched the boat I checked the mounting location of the transducer.