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  1. Scuba diving family here.
  2. Wow! That is nice!
  3. Guys, this bottle opener has a tough plastic coating that won't damage the finish on your boat should you drop it. Last time I dropped a bottle opener on my boat it crashed through the floor, punctured the fuel tank and hit a metal fitting as is did. This caused a massive explosion that sank my boat. I'm picking up a dozen or so...don't want that happening again.
  4. I get the same thing on my computer. Tells me I do not have access.
  5. The transducer may be mounted to high on the back of the pontoon. That was the issue with my old Hummingbird depth finder. I lowered it about 2 inches and it worked at all speeds. I know have a Striker 4 and don't have any issues. Upon delivery and before the dealer launched the boat I checked the mounting location of the transducer.
  6. I really like the Simtex on our boat. That alone is almost worth the price of upgrading.
  7. Looks legit to me.
  8. Pics or didn't happen!
  9. Sure, you could take everyone's advice and put it up the sensible way...or you could try it while underway at 20mph. If you do try it while underway please have someone take pictures.
  10. Awesome boat!
  11. Delivery was delayed until Sunday due to storms. Took it out briefly yesterday but couldn't stay long because of other obligations. Everything checked out fine and we accepted the boat. Still have some break-in time on the motor but I can already feel the power difference. Sorry, not many pics yet but more to follow.
  12. So it looks like I don't have to wait for a boat. Went by dealer yesterday to sit down and spec out our boat and he showed us a 22SCWXP he had in showroom. It's actually a little more boat that I wanted but he made the price right and we take delivery tomorrow. The only thing we would change if we could is the's Regatta Blue and White, same as our old boat. I can live with that. $45,500 out the door. I think that's a good deal. 2017 22' SSWXP with Mercury 150, SPS and Sea Star steering Vinyl Teak Slate flooring Kicker KMC10 Stereo Kicker RGB lighted speakers Striker 4 fish finder Tilt steering and steering wheel upgrade Lighted bimini top RGB lighted cupholders and toe kick lighting RGB exterior side lighting "R" recliners In-floor storage Heavy duty rub rail Large water separator Stainless steel dock lights Ski tow bar Stainless steel prop 2 portable cup holders Of course pics to follow once we take delivery.
  13. BigKahuna, with two kids still in college I have a set amount of "play money" right now. The sell of my SSRX along with a little extra is what allows me to upgrade slightly, but the G and R series are a little out of my range right now. Sounds like the SSL is well liked among several of you. tcpip95, what do you mean when you say you "cut out the center vertical back brace"? You can request that when you order?
  14. So I poked around on the Bennington boat builder site a few weeks ago. That got me to thinking about an upgrade from my 2015 22SSRX. I had heard folks were getting close to what they originally paid for their Benningtons...and some even said they were getting more. I decided "what the heck". I'll put it out there for what I want for it (which was more than I paid) and if I get it great...if I don't that's OK to. Well, the new owner picked it up today. In fact, after he bought it and before I could remove the add from Craigslist, I had two more folks contact me about it. I can't believe I used the boat for 2.5 years and sold it for just a bit more than I paid for it. These things really do hold their value. I guess the only downside is due to the backup at Bennington I'll be without a boat for the summer. We're meeting with our dealer next week to spec out a new one. Not upgrading to much, just want to get something in the SXP line with a little nicer furniture, and get a different layout that suits what we want to do a little better. We're looking at either a 22SCWX Premium, SSLX or SSLX Dinette Premium. We want something that is better suited to anchoring and just reclining back and enjoying the tranquility. We looked at a 22SX Swingback and I really love the open feel of it, but the it just didn't feel all that comfortable when we laid back on it. It's also possible I'll move up to a 24. Based on how we used our previous boat we know we're staying with a 115...we just never get above a nice peaceful cruising speed. Would love to hear any feedback on the models I listed above and get peoples likes/dislikes. Oh, and does anyone know where I can get some help or advice on spec'ing out my new boat?
  15. Mine stopped registering depth at a certain speed...around 10-12mph. The transducer was mounted to high up the bracket on the end of the pontoon. I moved it to the very bottom to where the actual transducer (the part that flips down) is lower than the pontoon. It now continuously updates the depth no matter how fast I'm going.