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  1. I love it!

    Link you asked how the bow chair fit next to the port side gate. Here is a picture of mine.
  2. new owner question

    Welcome to the club Stormtiger. You are going to love your Bennington. There is always someone here "ready and able" to answer your questions. I see a great summer ahead of you. Tell us how your boat is equipped and pictures are always appreciated.
  3. Springtime Safety Reminder

    Good reminder, thanks for posting. As I look around our cove off the main lake all I can see is metal lifts and ladders, most with power. Guess I should have an electrician confirm mine is safe.
  4. 10-Year Bow-To-Stern Warranty!

    Great warranties. I gotsix on the Yamaha engine and ten on all else makes for some goodpiece of mind!
  5. BennTexx upholstery

    I can't open it on my iPad either so thanks for the extract.Now I'm confused about the use of 303 products. To use or not to use?
  6. bennington gear

    Nice! I would have settled for a window sticker.
  7. Fender clips

    I had them put on my soon to be delivered boat. I saw a lot of positive feedback on them.
  8. Waiting...Patiently?

    Welcome to the club. Hope you get good news soon.
  9. Hanging bag from 3M Command Hooks

    Great idea. Am hoping we will be commissioning our new boat in aweek or so. I just may use this. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Our new pontoon

    Looking good. You and the family are going to have a great summer. This forum is a great source of information. There are many experienced forum members here who are ready and willing to answer all of your questions. Welcome to the Bennington family!
  11. Welcome to Club Bennington

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing pictures. Allot of great information is passed along in this forum.
  12. Aftermarket 3rd log

    Looking forward to your pictures. Sounds like you have done your homework, good luck with your project.
  13. Engine Wrap/decal

    We live on an acre lot on the water. With the homestead allowance/discount we pay around $1900 yearly on property taxes here in South Carolina. No taxes on military retirement or social security either if over 65. Not sure if this thread is the appropriate place for this little tidbit, but it seemed to fit in.
  14. Just saw these on Amazon

    My dealor drilled to install my ez fenders. I figured the benefit outweighed any unintended harm to the railings.
  15. Engine Wrap/decal

    Yes boat and motor were both required to be registered in South Carolina. Instructions say to place it on the side of the cowling.