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  1. New member with new benny on order

    Yes, the wife and I inspected it before we closed. The port side aft rub rail had a scratch onit, but as I was looking at it the dealor said the replacement part was on the way. It is everything we wanted and then some. Now once the water levels return and I get our nephews Bennie off our lift and change the bunks from 2 toons to three we will be good to go.
  2. IMG_1680.JPG

    It even comes with its own fitted cover!!
  3. She's here!

    You are going to love your new Bennie. Our new build is also at the dealor, we are anxiously awaiting lake levels to return to normal. Probably mid April.
  4. New boat on order

    You are going to enjoy your new Bennie. Looks like a good build!
  5. New member with new benny on order

    You are going to love your new Bennie. We closed on our new 2250 GSR last Saturday but can't take delivery until sometime in April when lake levels typically return. Can't wait!
  6. IMG_1683.JPG

  7. IMG-1679.JPG

  8. Pontoon Hoist & Canopy

    Cwag911, do you have clips or snaps. Will the cover still stay in place when the wind comes up?
  9. 2017 2250 GSR playpen cover

    I was hoping to do as TomS does. But was thinking that as we have the newer clips there might not be sufficient pressure on them to keep them attached. Yes it is the crawlingunder the cover that I would be unable to do.
  10. Two battery option

    Yes, price included both batteries and switch.
  11. 2017 2250 GSR playpen cover

    We closed today on our new Bennie, unfortunately we won't be able to take delivery until late April. That is providing we get some rain and Lake Greenwood, South Carolina returns to its normal levels by then. I have a question for the group;due to multiple shoulder surgeries, arecent shoulder replacement and a bad back I'm fairly sure I will not be able to put up the poles under the playpen cover several times a week. The boat will be kept on ourcovered lift. Hasanyone rigged a pulley system directlyabove the boatwith one end of the line tied to the top of the cover and the other led through the pulley to a cleat off to the side? Any input/suggestions will be appreciated.
  12. Two battery option

    As always I value your opinions. Thanks!
  13. Two battery option

    Although we close on our 2017 22GSR this Saturday I am thinking about adding the two battery with switchoption. We currently have the one batterywith switch. Is it worth the $300.00 they are asking for it? Thanks again for all of your input.
  14. Ethanol VS Non-Ethanol Fuels and Sta-bil Marine 360

    I also spent a lot of time researching non vs ethanol fuels. It wasmy understanding that both Yamahaand Mercury manuals say it's ok to use 10% ethanol. At least they did two years or so ago when I did my research. My conclusion was the same as myv10, it's the fuel lines and other similar components that deteriorate and eventually get into the outboard causing problems. That my two cents worth.