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  1. I do the same as above. Works great!
  2. I grew up in California in the 60's not far from San Francisco. I had a friend who had a bad acid trip once.
  3. Welcome to the club, I suspect you are going to have a great summer. This forum is a great source of information. Ask any questions and I guarantee you someone will have an answer.
  4. I was born and raised in San Jose, leaving there in 1969 for a career in the US Army then the Post Office. We retired here around 5 years ago and love it. Depending on where you live on the lake you will have deep water and can boat year round if that is your desire. Check out connectLakeGreenwood.org. If you send me an email I can try and email some other info about Lake.
  5. Minnesota is known as the land of 10000 lakes. I lived in St. Cloud in the late 70's, it was a very pretty area. Been to long to make any specific Lake recommendations. I seem to remember that the closer ones were small. We used to go north to "Leech Lake." Big lake, beautiful tourist type area, no leechs that I remember.
  6. I am 66 and had a shoulder replacement 9 months ago. My boat is on a covered slip. I can put the cover (with clips) on in around 8 minutes and take if off in about same time. I don't use the poles, never had a problem even in windy/ rainy conditions.
  7. What are "bungs.? I have never heard this term.
  8. I like my ez fenders are they are easily adjustable for different situations. They pose no problems with my cover.
  9. Blinded by the light!
  10. Normal, mine does the same. When you start it it resumes accurate reading.
  11. Terrible! But glad the dealor is "stepping up" to remedy this. I've said it before, things would be so much easier if you could just get what you paid for the first time around.
  12. I was surprised it did as well as it did. We all had a great time. Next time you are coming to our area let me know and we will introduce you to our lake.
  13. Had all my kids and grandkids stay with us for a week over the 4th. Had 15 on our tritoon and pulled a tube. Kids all had a blast and not once did I hear "go faster papa.! Definitely minimum 150 with SPS.
  14. My dealor said using the ski tow bar for tubing was fine.
  15. Welcome to the forum. You have made a good decision in researching Bennington.