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  1. Did they give you an estimated date?
  2. Let us know what your RPM's are at for WOT (wide open throttle) trimmed to where it should be, give us your speed for that. Also let us know what size and type of prop you are using, give us what hole your motor is located in.
  3. Try the 16P Eco, it is bigger diameter and blades I think. Look on the Merc page it describes it. That may be a good in between for you, not sure? It will turn at lower RPM's of the regular enertia because of the larger diameter.
  4. Not sure how to set your trim gauge as mine was already set. Here is something to remember, it seems everyone's trim gauges are different, when one person says they are running half, it may be 1/3 or 3/4 to someone else, don't go by that. What you need to go by is your rpm and your speed. Get to WOT on your boat with trim all the way down. Start to trim up, watch your speed go up and your rpms. You will know you are at max when either you start to cavitate, rpm's go over max or you start to drop speed. Once you get use to it you will just know where to stop by feel and sound of your boat, it will become habit for you. After you do the testing and get use to it, you will automatically start trimming up as you are pushing your throttle forward, you won't have to wait to get to WOT, it just becomes habit. Don't forget, you may have to trim down some before you go into a tight turn.
  5. Yes, when I needed to remove some the lacquer thinner did the job. There must be a big difference depending on the lakes. Our lake is really clean, only time there is anything in the water is early in season when pollen is abundant. besides that we only get a slight ring on the tubes, nothing major. I keep mine up on a lift though. Most toons I see on my lake are not dirty with crud, but just really dull looking. I guess in my area shark hide is worth it to keep the shine.
  6. If you have it where you feel comfortable then I wouldn't mess with it. Different boats sit differently so the height of your motor is not really determined completely where it is in relation to bottom of your boat. When at cruising speed and trimmed where it needs to be you should see the anti-ventilation plate right on top of the water, if not it is causing drag under the water. Some people are ok with that though. As you know, if you want more HP just send your ECM to simonmotorsports and they will program it to 300-325HP for you for about $900
  7. Yup, understand. But, if you have shark hide there should be no need to acid wash. You will find most people don't acid wash the toons.
  8. If the motor is all the way down, in the water, it is most likely too low for best performance.
  9. Your rates won't raise if you tell them you want them to go after their insurance.
  10. I'm sure, insurance will do whatever they can not to insure. I would still call and see what they say, especially if the aluminum could be compromised in the future in anyway.
  11. I would trailer this boat to the entrance of their establishment and place a sign on it detailing this is the type of work done here. I still cannot believe they didn't agree this was shoddy work. This place has to have insurance, also, contact your insurance company and make a claim, they will then go after the business.
  12. If you already have it ordered, just throw it on and try it. Changing props is quick and easy.
  13. Beautiful boat. I love the look of new shiny toons. I really hope you have shark hide on them to keep them that way. I can't say enough about the product, my toons still look so much better than the rest of the pontoon boats that don't have it, I'm only on my 3rd year but what a difference it makes.
  14. I hate when I do something stupid or just bad luck and I screw something up. I beat myself up quite good usually. I have learned though that anything can be fixed or replaced, sometimes it just comes down to the $$
  15. Changing a prop is quick and easy, you can do it on a beach if you want. I think you should go up one more pitch. I was where you were at for rpm and went up one more pitch. Gave me about 4mph more.