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  1. Beautiful boat! Now when you want to make that 200 a 300 send your ECM to Simonmotorsports
  2. Damn, that is one heavy boat! That might turn me off from it, all that extra HP just to get her going, need a bigger motor on it.
  3. Is the dry weight really 5500? That seems very heavy, my 2375 rcw with 250 on it weighs about 3000lbs dry.
  4. Nice looking setup you have there. You will love pulling in your boat and not having to put the cover on it
  5. I have dual batteries installed by dealer. The only switch I ever turn off is my main power switch on the dash, I have a switch on the battery set up that I never touch.
  6. Depending on where and how you use the boat, I think you would like the upgrade from fish finder to a real GPS. The GPS comes in real handy if you do any night riding, especially when it is pitch dark out. I would also ask for the extra battery hookup and transfer switch. Nothing worse than a little battery having you stranded some place. Make sure you purchase an extra prop and the prop tool, if you are in any type of lake where you might strike something. A badly damaged prop can leave you stranded also. Just an aluminum prop is good for a back up.
  7. Here is some discussion on this I also researched a little more just now. It looks like when Tritoons were first coming out they were ok with supporting from just the two toons. It seems like now, a few years later they are suggesting the support on all toons, mostly because of the heavier motors and the fuel tanks being in the middle toons on most of them.
  8. Mostly because of the motor hanging off your middle tube. I was told this is too much weight to leave hanging, and definitely do not trailer without the middle tube and motor being supported.
  9. Curious, I was told on a Tritoon if your motor is hanging off it Bennington does not suggest supporting under the frame, but on the toons? That is a lot of weight to be hanging in the air?
  10. Good video. Still a pain in the butt though, get a covered lift, problem solved
  11. I don't know why anyone would have to wait for a boat. Just search the web, find a great discount on what you want and buy it. If no dealers around you have one you like, tough. $1500 to have it delivered to you, or drive and get it. I would not go a whole season without one unless I was going to be busy with something else.
  12. I hate losing money, but I am the type that wouldn't care if I lost 2k by trading it as long as I was happy. Eventually you forget about the money, but your boat will always be right there in sight as a reminder, and if you are happy then that is all that matters
  13. Yeah, but if you are a responsible gun owner no one ever knows you are carrying anyway, until you need them to know Most concealed carry owners don't get all in a panic either if an establishment says no carrying allowed, because they will never know you are carrying. If something went down, I would rather be alive and just pay the damn fine
  14. Or other than criminals
  15. Water won't hurt your gun, just clean her when you get home Edit: I see you are probably in salt water, so yeah, wouldn't want that on my gun too long