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  1. Worth a look.
  2. I find that the fidelity of the Sony MEX XB-100BT head unit is quite impressive, much more than just adequate, speaker selection and source material play a key role here. The Mega Bass feature is a large plus too. I detect no distortion in either high or low frequencies. Following the correct setup parameters per the user manual is also important to getting the best performance out of this unit. For a boat setup this is really hard to beat.
  3. Current Amazon price for this superb head unit has dropped to $149.99 I'm considering buying a second one for back up:
  4. The Sony MEX XB-100BT comes with a hand held remote too.
  5. +1 on the Sony MEX-100 BT head unit. My 2015 GCW had a fused 15 amp circuit for the radio already installed so it was not necessary to run new primary circuit wiring. This head unit made an amazing difference. The Mega Bass feature eliminated the "need" for a sub woofer add on. Third season for this head unit and it's still going strong. At $199 it's a steal! Posted 17 Jul 2015 · The install of a Sony MEX-XB100BT with four stock 6.5" Kicker speakers was completed today. My factory supplied Sony head unit sounded pitiful so I decided to try the Sony MEX stereo radio with Mega Bass instead, hoping for some decent bass improvement without having to install a sub woofer. To say it knocks my socks off would be a gross understatement. We listen mostly to CD's on our pontoon stereo. With the Sony Mega Bass CD's sound crisp, clear and brilliant with amazing deep powerful bass, no distortion at very high volume levels, I'm amazed. It's hard for me to believe the bass coming out of this setup. I have no intention of pursuing a sub woofer or adding additional speakers, at least for now. Among it's very nice features it has a 4X40W= 160 RMS output & 100WX4= 400W peak power output, some very nice Bluetooth and USB features and a hand held remote. IMPORTANT: You need to do a Master Reset before using the unit and pay attention to the various SOUND/EQ settings to maximize this unit's performance, this is explained in the owner's manual. This is not a marine radio but it should be fine in a fresh water installation. I have had numerous boats over the years in non salt water environments with non marine car radios with nary a problem related to corrosion. Review here: Also check it our here: The owners manual states that for best performance it needs a dedicated 15 amp/14AWG circuit. And a always connected direct 12VDC connection if you want to retain memory settings. 7/21/15 EDIT: The more I use this Sony Mega Bass stereo radio the more I like it. Exception though for the display being washed out in the sunlight. Acceptable trade off for an otherwise stellar performer .
  6. Nice MrG. What Controller(s) do you like best?
  7. Happy Holidays! What are some of the best skirt mounted owner installed color Led options? Please don't bother posting potential on water law enforcement issues, I am well aware of them and they don't apply for what I intend. Thank you...
  8. What are the best skirt mounted owner installed color Led options?

    Please don't comment on potential law enforcement issues, I am well aware of them.

    Thank you.

  9. Carpenter ants got into our cover and chewed a number of holes in it about the size of a pencil. Would greatly appreciate any ideas for repairing these holes. Does anyone here know of a source for round stick on patches? Thank you.
  10. Our boat is a 2015 2275 GCW with an anodized aluminum bimini frame. What do you use to clean and protect your aluminum frame? Thanks.
  11. I'm the original owner of the boat and used the under bow seat cooler for the first time today. When we opened the drain today it drained all the water under all seats and raised helm on the starboard side, not good.....Has anyone else here had this problem, if so what's the fix? Thank you
  12. What UV protection seems to work best in preserving the painted playpen panels on our Bennies? I know that 303 Protectorant works great on a lot of surfaces, is painted aluminum one of them? Thank you.
  13. In our case the boat is kept in a covered boat house and the tent poles create enough pitch that may stop any water that makes it on to the cover top. The only pooling we get now is a small amount over the stern loungers.