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  1. Not too bad.... I can't remember in detail.I think I pulled the cup holders and then had to reach down inside and unscrew the entire assembly from the floor and wall? I do remember taking the screws out of the speakers was a pain because the plastic wrapped around the threads. It was the hardestof the 4 but doable.
  2. Maintaining The Outboard

    oh wow.... Oh wow -- so did I ... I never put 2 and 2 together,,,, ethanol was probably the culprit!! Boat has and will always be ethanol free. I just recentlydecided all my garage tools will also be ethanol free.
  3. I can agree with that advice, I usually solder/heat shrinkmost things I work on. For some reason I didn't think to do it with these connections. I was probably in a hurry to try out my new toy. On the bright side, it'll probably be replaced/upgraded long before they corrode.
  4. It's not too hard,,,, I had to buy some butt splice connectors, cut and crimp some wires but the stereo install was pretty painless. As far as speakers, I had to drill a few small screw holes for the newspeakers mostly to align the "Polk" name on the speakers horizontally. If you get speakers without any "name" on the front of them that wouldn't be aproblem. I didn't think about that before I bought them. Yeah, understood,,,, not too much fun laying on your back under the console working when it's 90 out and it's 120 under there with no air flow!
  5. read the following thread: I put in Polk marine speakers and I'm happy .. if I decide to go more next step would be amp and subwoofer.
  6. Finding the right prop

    IMHO....don't count out a 4 blade until you've evaluated it...just sayin... I've had 4 blade for 2 summers so far....LOVE IT ....but this summer I'm going to run with the SDS reliance 14.5x15 3 blade to see what it has to offer..... I'll give my 4 blade vs 3 blade opinion come Sept some time.
  7. Fender clips

    3 when rafting up, 2 otherwise. Wisdom gained: when you have someone else help you deploy them (or do anything on your boat) make sure they are on like you want them on. i.e. don't take for granted they'll do it right!! I let my buddy put one out and he wrapped it around the rail and then hung it rather than just hung from the rail. I got a large dent in the fence from bouncing off another boat. I was able to straighten most of it out but there is still a visible crease I always notice. I chalk it up to newbie captain failure. I should have checked on proper positioning. No big deal,,, long time (~20 years) best friend. When he first got his boat about 17years ago I put a scratch in the starboard front side putting it on his trailer so this was unintentional payback.LOL If it was a casual acquaintance I might have felt differently but still would have chalked it up to captain failure.
  8. Newbie To Dos

    303 protectant -- I wipe down the seats a couple times a year after cleaning. Great stuff!! I also put it on my trailer tires to help with uv protection a couple times a year. I bought a gallon but didn'treally need that much. I should have bought maybe 2 quarts at a time to keep it fresh. You do need the gallon size (or more) of the 303 waterproof fabric guardif you're going to do the bimini boot, mooring cover etc...
  9. Fender clips

    You mentioned you leave the fenders on... I'd go with the EZ fender clips. I have the Taylor clips and love them but don't cruisewith them on. I only deploy them when docking orrafting up. I left them deployed once by mistake and came home with one less fender.
  10. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    How about a loooong hose from that gas station 2 minutes away?? added : trailer?? take it out every 2-3 weeks and drive to that close gas station
  11. Max Wind Speed

    As long as it doesn't cause me to spill my beer I'm good.
  12. Tent/Online Store?

    I went to the Bennington site today and was looking for it too... you confirmed why I couldn't find it, it's no longer there.
  13. Tent/Online Store?

    What's the one for the front? The standard camping enclosure that you can order from Bennington?
  14. Boat Flashlights
  15. Weber Q series grill mount?

    Yeah,,,after installing it I had to go out immediately and grill something!!! That was a treat to myselffor a job well done .... and it wasn't even a sunny day.