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  1. Thanks for the heads up!! ... ordered a gallon
  2. You're going to get water in there from time to time. Before I go out I look to see if any water and if yes run the bilge. When I put the boat away with the cover on the last thing I do is open that door. It gets hot under the cover when the suns out so most times any water in there will just evaporate. I've only had a lot of water a couple of times when we had several days in a row with significant rain.
  3. I had to order the sds spacer separately (didn't come with the prop) I found several sds spacers on Ebay at great prices compared to the normal online vendor price. ######## HOLD ON A SEC!!!! I just went to the Sim Yamaha site and found this when I looked up the Reliance Prop ---- "THIS PROP NO LONGER NEEDS THE SEPARATE SDS SPACER. YAMAHA CHANGED THE HUB ON THESE PROPS SO THEY NO LONGER REQUIRE THE SPACER." So.... do your research.... I'm not sure anymore.... i.e. you need to figure out if you have the newer sds prop (no spacer needed ) or older sds prop (needs spacer)
  4. I just had this problem --- bulb was just loose/a little corroded. On mine (2015) I had to remove both main screws for the entire unit and one of the screws for the nav light that went into the deck. Unplug the unit underneath, (2 plugs, one for nav the other for dock light -- mark one with a magic marker so you know which ones to plug back together) flip the entire unit over and removed the other nav light screw that had a nut on it. I removed the light, cleaned it and the contacts, applied some dilectric grease and put the bulb back in making sure it made good contact. Plugged everything together and made sure they worked. Then remount the entire unit. I totally removed both of mine so I had to replace the silicone in the holes the plugs go through. I was going to replace both with leds but don't use it enough at night... maybe when one of the bulbs finally burn out. mine: switch up == nav & anchor, switch middle == both off, switch down== anchor only
  5. $162/yr Progressive + 1mil umbrella for $160 (I had it when my teens drove and got it again when I got the boat) add: went up from $142 last yr (14+%) what inflation???
  6. I never ran the motor with the flush connection. Why would they say don't do it if it's perfectly safe.... just for the fun of it? I don't know enough about the engine water pathways to know if it's safe,,, it may be, but until Yamaha says go for it I'll pass. Mine wouldn't even stream with a single sided water input muff but it does work with a double sided water input muff.
  7. Be careful being buddy used ethanol gas for years.... saved a few bucks...... but is now spending it all and more trying to get his engine running correctly. Still not ok and he always tells me if I knew then what I know now I would never put ethanol gas in my boat. Fuel line deterioration etc... Bottom line he thought he was saving money but it's costing him more in the long run. He used Startron to treat it but not every tank. For that reason I only use ethanol free.
  8. At the marina it was $3.19 most of spring... it jumped to it's current $3.29 mid/late May I'm guessing??? Ethanol free 87.
  9. Lots of wind last Friday out of the southwest...choppy choppy whitecaps.... I went to the west side of the lake and found a cove protected from wind a bit by trees and parked it for a while. == swim, eat, etc.... Around sunset I went back into the middle as the winds died down and it turned into a totally calm smooth as glass lake.... one of the nicest nights out this year,,,,, sooooo ,,,, crappy can turn into perfect in just a few hours. Got in about 10:30pm and there was another boat in my parking spot!!!...grrrr,,,,, but that's another story....
  10. Be careful.... I bought this because of all the great things I've read. It works but use sparingly or on test section first. I think it removed some paint of a plastic base section I tried it on. ps: it smells a lot like bleach to me.
  11. Lots of sun. I had to leave mine up for 2+ weeks when cover was being repaired and it seemed to clean it up quite a bit.
  12. I don't... mine are supposed to have overcharging protection built in but that is something (overcharging) that has to be taken into account.
  13. +1 Yup.... mine wasn't exactly coiled but wasn't stretched out.... I untangled it and taped it to the inside of the helm stretched out as far as I could manage. It did make a difference.
  14. Some things never change unfortunately.... my buddy has a 2000 Johnson 150 and has the same problem. It's runs great when first started for a long as we cruise. When we stop for an hour or 3 and then try and get going again he has to play around with the throttle a lot and if he goes into gear and gives it gas after it does start it will stall out. If he plays around with it long enough (fast idle for 5-10 minutes) it'll start running ok again. Sometimes trimming up the engine seems to help a little. He's had his boat guy try this and that but he's getting tired of throwing 6-8 hundred bucks at a time at it. Last year we had several guys on the boat one time and it seemed even worse with a big load on-board. Strange problem.