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  1. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    How about a loooong hose from that gas station 2 minutes away?? added : trailer?? take it out every 2-3 weeks and drive to that close gas station
  2. Max Wind Speed

    As long as it doesn't cause me to spill my beer I'm good.
  3. Tent/Online Store?

    I went to the Bennington site today and was looking for it too... you confirmed why I couldn't find it, it's no longer there.
  4. Tent/Online Store?

    What's the one for the front? The standard camping enclosure that you can order from Bennington?
  5. Boat Flashlights
  6. Weber Q series grill mount?

    Yeah,,,after installing it I had to go out immediately and grill something!!! That was a treat to myselffor a job well done .... and it wasn't even a sunny day.
  7. Weber Q series grill mount?

    yes, the white board is a 1/2"15"x20" plastic cutting board. I had to add 2 strips of aluminum angle iron (front and back) as the cutting board wasn't quite supportive enough. I have 4 small ss bolts that go through the angle iron/cutting board/grill leg to secure it. If anyone is interested I could also take a pic of the bottom so you can see the results.
  8. Weber Q series grill mount?

    re: grease -- nope... I cut down the post so the top of the grill (when closed) is barely above the seat top. With the extended deck it's pretty far from the seats. I do get a little splatter on the ski bar and/or engine cover but it's no big deal to just wipe themdown from time to time. I leave it mounted most of the season. The 2 sides shelfsfold inand I secure the top from opening with a bungy while underway.
  9. Weber Q series grill mount?

    Posted pics of what I came up with... couldn't figure out how to insert comment with pictures.. had a hard time just figuring out how to include pictures... learning....
  10. IMG_20160706_115250470_TOP.jpg

    From the album grill

  11. IMG_20160706_114317078.jpg

    From the album grill

  12. IMG_20160706_114329896.jpg

    From the album grill

  13. IMG_20160706_114849012.jpg

    From the album grill

  14. IMG-20160706-114307226.jpg

    From the album grill