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  1. Be careful.... I bought this because of all the great things I've read. It works but use sparingly or on test section first. I think it removed some paint of a plastic base section I tried it on. ps: it smells a lot like bleach to me.
  2. Lots of sun. I had to leave mine up for 2+ weeks when cover was being repaired and it seemed to clean it up quite a bit.
  3. I don't... mine are supposed to have overcharging protection built in but that is something (overcharging) that has to be taken into account.
  4. +1 Yup.... mine wasn't exactly coiled but wasn't stretched out.... I untangled it and taped it to the inside of the helm stretched out as far as I could manage. It did make a difference.
  5. Some things never change unfortunately.... my buddy has a 2000 Johnson 150 and has the same problem. It's runs great when first started for a long as we cruise. When we stop for an hour or 3 and then try and get going again he has to play around with the throttle a lot and if he goes into gear and gives it gas after it does start it will stall out. If he plays around with it long enough (fast idle for 5-10 minutes) it'll start running ok again. Sometimes trimming up the engine seems to help a little. He's had his boat guy try this and that but he's getting tired of throwing 6-8 hundred bucks at a time at it. Last year we had several guys on the boat one time and it seemed even worse with a big load on-board. Strange problem.
  6. I carry a roll of toilet paper.... go for a walk in the woods and find a nice tree to lean against. :^) (come to think about it, maybe I'll add some bug spray...might be some skeeters in those woods)
  7. I use something similar to these , I have 2 of them, one for each battery. I only use them in the winter when the boat sits for a month at a time with non-use. I put a plug on each battery and solar panel so it's easy connect disconnect. They don't put out much but they do the job... my batteries have been fine going on 4 years now and I never pull them from the boat.
  8. I pull with a 6 cyl Highlander, I rarely pull any distance, maybe 20-30 miles once in a while but most of the time it's about 1000' from storage lot to ramp and back. Once in a while when the ramp is wet I get a little front wheel slip but most of the time it's fine. I made a mistake when ordering, I wish I would have gotten the AWD.
  9. We talk a lot about speed but there is nothing like cruising down the lake at sunset with the motor purring behind you at about 2000 rpm... Just sayin....
  10. I had a tear/rip in my mooring cover. I didn't do anything to damage it I can think of but I took it to a canvas shop for repair. I had them repair the rip and enforce all pole areas. I thought about a warranty claim but my local dealer closed and the closest dealer is an hour away. The repair shop said my cover is weak and if you grab two handfuls and pull it would probably tear. It's only 3 years old. The repair shop asked if I cleaned it with anything. I didn't and told them the only thing I used on it was 303 fabric guard each fall. Did I get a bad cover? The only thing I can think of is maybe when I'm putting the poles up I'm making the cover too tight? I tend to hardly ever use warranty when maybe I should more often. What say you?
  11. Yup... anytime I've stayed out overnight we wake up wet due to dew! Since I rarely sleep out I've been thinking of taking the cheap way out. Maybe buying a 4 person tent of a certain size and cutting the floor out and using it somehow. Or maybe just tarps to keep the dew away.
  12. After thinking about it a VERY little bit....... I will help as much as I can ... I will tow as far as I can...I will do what ever I can for a fellow boater as I wish they would do for me.....
  13. I've never come across the situation of someone needing a tow yet so not sure what I'll do. Our lake has a "Tow R US" boat -- I carry their number in my phone..... is it wrong just to hand someone their number as long as they aren't in any danger? Yes, it'll cost them some money... welcome to boating!!
  14. I never pull batteries. In summer I just turn off the main switch every time I put it away. While underway I leave it on both to charge both and then switch to 1 or 2 while beached, floating, listening to music etc... If I'm not going to be using it for several weeks at a time (over the winter) I put both on a solar charger between uses.