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  1. I just use the ski bar for tubing too. The hooks you are referring to are for strapping back of toon to trailer.
  2. I'm on Nolin and have seen a couple of toons on lifts. Most just leave in the water as you probably have noticed. Where on Nolin are you located?
  3. So Todd and Amanda, you guys boating on Nolin? I have a place there and typically spend every weekend and then some there starting Memorial weekend.
  4. Our boat has the standard vinyl floor throughout, and I does get hot. We have a 2x15 carpet that we roll out when its hot, and it easily rolls up and stores within the boat when its not needed. I personally would never again have a boat with carpet installed.
  5. I also add the #1 Mercury Fuel Treatment anytime I add gas throughout the boating season.
  6. That is one sharp looking toon!
  7. Mine has the slide in stainless ladder and it did not have a strap when we bought the boat new. It does sort of snap down when stored and has never come out when under way.
  8. I bought one from Amazon. Was very surprised with the water pressure it puts out, but it quickly drops off if its in the jet spray position. IMHO, its not worth the 90 bucks they charge for it.
  9. Watch out using those if you have pets that are not house broken. I have heard some horror stories about the mess they make when they come in contact with a pile of poo.
  10. Hey there Freddie! How has your summer at Nolin been this year? Can't believe the season is almost over. Looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend. 

  11. So, been looking into the box anchor everyone seems to like on this forum, and stumbled on a video demonstrating the mantis anchor. Has anyone on here used this anchor, and if so, what are your thoughts about it?
  12. Same setup with same results here!
  13. I do the same with my Mercury Enertia prop. The only time I run at idle speed is when I am pulling in and out of my slip, so I can live with a little vibration.
  14. I too have the idle speed prop vibration and was told this is normal with a SS prop.