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  1. Mid Ship Cleat?

    Sorry if this has been covered but I have a Question. What is the Mid Ship Hoop on my boat. Its not a Cleat and Its not a Lifting hoop. How is one supposed to use it or Not use it? And why have I not seen Bennington offer a mid ship cleat. Its nice to tie off a bumper in the center of the boat especially at some docks that are short and the rear bumper on my 25 foot boat is not touching the dock because the dock is a few feet short. You need a bumper mid ship. The midship hoop Im taking about is very inconvenient to tie off to/ Just wondering if anyone had any insite to this Thanks G
  2. Guess the part?

    In a couple of weeks I should have the parts back
  3. Guess the part?

    I have More sanders they just didn't need to come out to play on this project.
  4. Guess the part?

    Then I layed out the glue and brought it right up to the pencil line
  5. Guess the part?

    So as soon I was happy with the placement and it sat where it needed to sit I tapend down 1/2 of the mat and then folded it in 1/2
  6. Guess the part?

    The Bosch multi tool is awesome. Here is a example of the kind of sanding detail you can do with it. the black pencil line is where the edge of the Matt sits. My main goal was to remove the raised texture/non slip surface. I will do a less aggressive grit up to the pencil line
  7. Guess the part?

    No less then 4 different sander's had to be employed:)
  8. Aluminum restoration

    Well I showed up to pick up my Finished pieces. The sides were wrapped up so I couldn't see how they turned out. ( I better open them up and take a look) because when I loaded up the front piece I noticed a few scratches that looked like after it was Anodized it got scratched, They seemd kinda put off that wanted them to re-do the pieces, after all they were not that big. But I figured all the work to take these off and pack them up and haul them down and back and install why not get it as good as I can. I figured I have time if summer was here I would be in a hurry, but I want them to look as nice as they can for all the effort I'm putting in I don't want "just OK" so 1 more week for them to re do the piece and we can try again
  9. Amp power supply

    Sorry if I was not clear I have a Merc 350 I/O with Bravo 3
  10. Amp power supply

    I have have a Q with a Merc 350. It has a tunnel. Once you remove the side skirt you can get to the under side of the helm and access to the tunnel. The tunnel guides wires and what not the motor bay. From there you will be able to tap into the battery.
  11. Seat Base inner edges

    Well the stuff I ordered at the beginning of this thread was way 2 small. This stuff looks like it will be a better fit.
  12. Guess the part?

    And I'm doing the Center Toon storage door as well.
  13. Guess the part?

    Here is the template for the sides.
  14. Guess the part?

    I decided I wanted to add some additional pieces. I'm adding the sides
  15. Guess the part?

    Hell to theNo! I "Try" and do as much of my own work as I can. To avoid 2 steps Forward and 4 steps backwards. DIY!