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  1. Adding Electric Anchor

    I would think you could have someFabracation shop make you a mount that's removable that you could mount a rear electric anchor. I have not checked but I'm sure your not the first person that wanted a rear electric anchor. Have you checked to see if a add on exists
  2. Anodized Rub Rails

    Semper: that's good to know, thanks for the info. Depending on where the OPis located shipping might cost more then the part if your pricing is correct.For the record I think bennington has been pretty fair with prices when it comes to Aluminum. I have had to buy a few pieces of plastic trim and some other do' dad's and they were both with in reason as far as cost go's. And someone else else brought up a good point. If your replacing all the Aluminum it might be a good time if your boat Dosent have a rub rail to upgrade to the stainless rub rail.
  3. Anodized Rub Rails

    He is calling the Aluminum that the rub rail attaches to "the rub rail" option #1 you could order all new aluminum and have your dealer install it. My guess to put all new Aluminum around your entire boat is gonna be in the $3000-$5000 range. Option #2 remove all the Aluminum yourself and have it refinished like I Did and it's gonna cost you $ 500for all your Aluminum. Option # 3 order all the parts from your dealer and install the new Aluminum yourself. I would guess all the Aluminum would be in the $1500 + shipping range? I would say you could remove all your Aluminum in 8hrs. And another 8hrs to re install. The trick would be finding someone in your Aera that could anodize that large.
  4. Of corse the registration numbers need to be 3 inches tall so the stock bennington font is short and wide I wonder how it's gonna look after they make them 3 tall.
  5. TCP that's great that you got the font. Hopfully Domed Numbers can update as well. I originally had the domed numbers but I switched them out for these. They are raised chrome letters. The font in not right but I thought they matched the stock raised chrome bennington logo better. here is a Tip. When installing your new numbers. If you raise them to the same height as the stock bennington logo I think it sits 2 inches above the lower rail. If you mount the letters on the same imaginary line it seems to flow better
  6. Can't you have your wrap guy print out the Reg numbers onto or into the wrap. The wrap is cool. Can I give you some free advise if it's not to late. And innoticed your using the older "B" logo innthe center of your boat.The new updated B" logo is shorter and longer so it would fit on your wrap and boat better. Last but not least. The bennington font is very unique. Domed numbers is using a font that's close but pretty far off In my opinion. If bennington would share that font with Domed Numbers that would be awesome. My other boat is a Nautique. They used a font that Domed Numbers was able to get ahold of. The Reg Numbers are a Dead on match.
  7. Newbie To Dos

    In baseball if you want to hit someone you aim for the Armpit, because it's very hard for the batter to move that section of the body out of the way. The dead center of your pontoons (mid ship) is the "Arm pit" of your boat. This section of the boat is very slow to get out of the way and in my experience is the section that's at risk most of the time in a cross wind. My best advice is don't become complacent no matter how good of a Captin you areand when you get near items like a Dock or other boatsgive it your full attention and you will be good to go.
  8. Newbie To Dos

    Funny how most people above have these do's and donts for guest's, &I agree with you all but I have neverhad a Guest cause anything but minor clean up stuff. I would say most of the Dammage your gonna get on your boat Over the Years is "Owner Caused" to me your pontoons are a indicatorof how you operate your boat. Example you can see a knuckle head from 1/2 mile away. Just look at how hammerd his toons are. With that in mind. #1 learn how to anchor. So you don't need to side tie to anyone. I like to throw 2 anchors 1 at the front and 1 at the back and then Transome into a party or tie up. In my opinion mostdammage comes from side tieing to another boat from the boats rocking back and forth when some dumb ass decides to wake surf threw the now wake zone!!!!! #2 be super careful when docking and or pulling away from a dock. This is where I would say 90% of pontoon boat dings andDammage comes from.( I'm a awesome boat driver) but even I have had minor dock rash. And the more your on the water the greater the risk. At times the wind can put you in some tricky spots in and around docks. So if your new or even if your not. It's a good Idea to have a stick of sorts to help fend yourself away from damage if you find your self drifting into somthing it's almost impossible to fend your self away in a pontoon boat unless it's at the front and or rear of the boat. Having that stick or pole to fend or push you away from mid ship Dammage is a great back up plan.
  9. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    All good points above. I think keeping your boat on a dock and hauling everything to a from is a PINTA. We haul our boat out of the water every night and park it in the drive way. I agree way more convenient cleaning and loading your boat when it's in your drive way then hauling all your stuff to and from the docks. Plus I sleep better knowing my boat is right outside. No slip or storage fees and you can work on it easy peezy. and I To would love to see the mobile gas pump that thing sounds cool.
  10. I got my new remote and IT Dosent Work. I see that Sony has some software upgrades for my Headunit. I was wondering if the software could possibly fix my remote issues???? O well I'm just gonna return it.
  11. Carrying Extra Fluids.

    For my $26 purchase I was able to take the 6 space holder and chop it into 2 different ones My boat has the 3 spot holder and I even had left over to make this one for my buddy's bennington
  12. Carrying Extra Fluids.

    I was wonderingwhat the motor box temp was. After a. 20 minnblast at full throttle,It was 69 that seems super low?? Lake temp was 63 air was 70 I'm. Sure come summer time the motor box temp will be 100+
  13. Carrying Extra Fluids.

    I cut the holder down to 3 containers and then used 3M Trim Tape to adhere it to the motor box then I cleaned the motor box and just stuck it down