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  1. Landscaper: how much time would you estimate that one has to dedicate to maintaining the polished toons? Example each time you pull out do you have to wipe them down? And if so how long do you spend?
  2. As far as Acid. Technically it's etching the Aluminum. Weather it's good or bad? When is used properly it's a useful chemical. When it's used in a reckless manner the results above show. 1. Overspray is the #1 problem. 2. Over use is the #2 problem. I have noticed when you use the etching chemical to many times it causes the aluminum to take on a chalky un even look. And I have also noticed that the residue reacts to the minerals in the lake water. It causes the treated surfaces to oxidize at a much faster rate then the un treated areas. Result you have a water line mark on the toons much faster with a etched surface rather then a sanded finish.
  3. What part are you talking about when you say above the wave shield. Can you post a photo of it? Becides the "Side Trim" below the rub rail thats Anodized and can be removed and re installed everything below can be refinished back to factory finish. Everything you posted photos of above can either be refinished or removed and replaced.
  4. Education is Key, If the dealer dosen't know what time it is that's fine you NOW do. I can say with the ut most certainly your damaged parts are ANODIZED. As far as repair?? Humm??? they can be removed, stripped and re anodized ( I have done it) . Im not sure if the fence aluminum can be broken down and re anodized. I'm pretty sure the panels are crimped into the fence pieces so removing the panels may be next to impossible for a dealer, But if your Dealer rep doesn't even know they are anodized then I don't know what to say. I would say Have your dealer order you every Anodized part that has had Acid touch it. Then I would have your dealer remove the Side panels and refinish the pontoons with the side panels off. This is why. When you use an acid wash the acid some times get's sprayed up and behind the side trim. it sit's their and slowly leaks out and causes drip mark's or streaks down the toons. That's why you see some peoples toons that look great but they have white run marks. This is especially true up by the wave guard, the toons need to be rinsed and rinsed over and over to get the left over acid gone (takes lots of water) and you need to force the left over stuff out of the nooks and crannies
  5. All Bennington's have Anodized. Bimini Frames, Fence Frames Rub Rails, Side skirting, Ect you can tell by the look of it what's Anodized and what's not. Your toons and your under wave shield Ect is all raw aluminum. Perhaps what the dealer ment to say is Your rub rail and Your side skirts are not Anodized ANYMORE! Because they Acid washed them. i see more of my posts were deleted
  6. I'm sure a few turns on the Bungs or some teflon tape on the threads would fix this but that would require me to remove the side trim and that's not gonna happen anytime soon
  7. Spoiled: I hear you but no dealer is going to have any of these parts in stock. They all need to be ordered from Bennington and that's weeks/months down the road.
  8. When you saw the thread of me Refinishing my aluminum 99% of that is because of dealer acid damage. They still have not replaced the acid damage rub rail. Nor do I think I wanna take my boat in to a dealer unless it's absolutely 100% avoidable. if bennington could send me a non damaged rub rail I would install it my self and we could end this nightmare. But back to your issue I think people here have given you some great advice. Note all the surfaces that are acid damaged. NOW. Take photos of them. Have the dealer acknowledge that he accepted responsibility for fixing all the acid damaged surfaces and you should be good to go. My advice is have the dealer Order all the parts you need NOW. Don't wait. Have the dealer stockpile all your parts. It's gonna take a while for them all to come in. And here is some more advice when your parts land at the dealer have the dealer open them up and make sure they are the "right part" and that the part is NOT damaged. this way if their is a problem it dosent further delay your repair. When all your parts are in stock you can simply drop your boat off for repair. Fyi your rub rail is gonna need to be replaced. That means all the furniture has to come up all the fences on that side need to come off, and then the rub rail can be replaced. It's gonna be quite a job. While your rub rail is off and your side trim is off perhaps they can then correctly refinish the log with out risk of further acid damage.
  9. This is not a problem, just a public service announcement. Im guessing the bungs at the top sides of my pontoons are letting air escape or at least that's what I suspect. I will describe what is happening and perhaps you can confirm my suspicion. in the last few outings as soon as we launch our pontoon boat I can hear air escapeing from the passenger side pontoon. No bubbles or anything to be worried about just a quiet hissing of air. What I suspect is the boat is sitting in our drive way and the sun is warming up the pontoon. We launch our boat in the lake and the difference between the lake temp and the pontoon temp is causeing air to either be sucked in or pushed out. As soon as the boat has been in the lake for a few (30-45 mins) things equalize and the sound is gone. Just wanted to let people know if they hear somthing like this, do some investigation see if you come up with the same conclusion as me?
  10. "The cure to ignorance is knowledge" perhaps bennington could send a Dealer note to all its dealers about "Acid Damage" a service advisory with photos of Acid wash damage and how costly they can be if people do not follow simple rules. Their is better safer and more environmentally friendly ways of Refinishing the toons Acid free. No risk of acid damage to Anodized surfaces. You can only Acid wash your toons a few times before they become bleached (white blotchy) so the 3m Red scuff pad method brings the toon back to "like new" with out harsh chemicals or risk of damage. Perhaps I should make a video of how it's done?
  11. Omg PURE dumb-A$$-a-ray this needs to be a sticky. Bennington owners need to be aware and insist that the Anodized aluminum on their boats is protected (masked off) b4 some dumb dumb keep messing up all of our boats. 1. Your rub rail and your fencing all needs to be replaced. Tell the dealer to break out his checkbook. Thats gonna cost him 5k to get your boat back to orignal
  12. This is just my Opinion. These things are stupid. Why! Because when I bought them I thought they were a bumper you could leave out. I thought you could mount them and not have to bring them back into the boat. Wrong I mean to be fair yes you can leave them out. But you will be splashing so much water in the boat you will wish you had brought them in. This is what happens. When they are installed and your underway they create a giant wave catching Device that funnels water directly into your boat when you hit wakes on the lake. Now if your lake is a 5mph lake and your not gonna experience other people's wakes these bumpers are awesome. Solid and sturdy. Yes they are big yes they are bulky but if you mount them and never have to remove them because ur in a 5mph lake the what does it matter. But in fortunately in real world conditions they suck. They should make them so they can be mounted and then they swing up so they are not catching waves.
  13. Example I lent my Ski boat to a friend. He hit a rock and totally messed up the bottom of the boat. He said he would take care of it and he brought my boat to a crappy gel coat guy. Every time I wash down the boat and see the repair it brings me back to the day he messed it up. If the repair was done right and you didn't see it it would not re open the bad memories and make me think of how I should have Never lent him the boat. Bottom line It's how you repair or fix your mistakes that determines weather your over it or not. Same go's for relationships.
  14. You are all not Alone. In my opinion ALL DEALERS employ the biggest "Dong Tards" and then the supervisors are just as big Idiots and they can't or don't manage the monkeys in the shop and that's how we all end up with shotty dealer service and damaged boats. Im 100% Serious. I would bring my boat in for service and would need to Always bring it back because the dealer always damaged it or never fixed what it was originally brought in for. Funny how the warranty stuff never was able to get finished but all the stuff that was a extra charge or cost was always able to get finished. Each time I brought it to the dealership it was like playing "Russian rulet" example the dealer ripped the vinyl on my boat. And he was like ooo I have a person that can fix that. They brought a person in to repair the rip in the vinyl it looked great when I picked it up but i knew in 6 months the repair would show its face and shure enough bam now the repair that was once invisible is now clear as day just as I knew it would be. Are you guys picking up that I'm a little bitter??? This type of blatant dumb assarey "dealer damage" is what upsets me. I get it "stuff happens" I understand accidents happen and people make mistakes. The ONLY REASON we are talking about it is because they Don't correct their mistakes and we are left holding the bag.
  15. Thoes prices seem more in line with a monthly subscription cost.