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  1. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    My Q has a big gas tank and when your going 40+it drinks the gas fast. So it would not take long for me to get back money I would think in a season or 2 I would have that $250 back soon. We pull our boat to the gas station so it's a non issue for me. But another stipulation how fast does your boat go threw gas. If you have a 20 Hp outboard on the back it's gonna take you forever to go threw enough gas
  2. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    I would think you would lay it flat in the bed of your truck (another must have) and fill it up while laying down. Then drag it out wheels down and roll it like a hand truck to your boat. Question: how long would it take for you to get back your $250 for the gas caddy in gas savings?
  3. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    I guess the Original posters question has some stipulations. #1 what kind of shape are you in? Example if your a Strong Lumber jack throw a 15 gallon jug over your shoulder and have at it. Butif your Steven Hawking then the marina pump is your only option. #2 What's the journey to your boat like. If it's a smooth path to your boat then one of these will work
  4. Golf Carts Nev's

    They are called NEVs Neighborhood Electric Vehicles they are street legal on all roads 35mph and below. Yes I build and customize them. I also buy and sell them. I just finished these 2 and they are gone now my plate for projects is wide open.
  5. Golf Carts Nev's

    We use a golf cart to get around the Hood and up and down to the lake. If you have a cart let's see it. Here is ours. This is my 2002. i built this car from the ground up and it's one of the most customized GEMs I have ever seen. This is my 2013 it's pretty stockwith some goodies. Both cars are Lithium converted.
  6. Its here

    Cool color, I like that Brown/Bronze color. Did you go with a Black Bimini or Tan?
  7. Bow filler seat....other options

    Our 2575 QCW has a seat height of17 inches @ the tallest part of the cushion. And 16 inches if you were to measure the (flat sitting portion)of the seat
  8. I may have answered my own question. I even found a review in Amazon where a guy said he has the same Headunit as I'm asking about the Sony MEX XB100BT. They state that this remote works with that head unit Sony RMX-11 remote the only down side seems to be this remote shows up on some websites as discontinued? I bought one and it will be here next week I will report back
  9. Bow filler seat....other options

    I'm guessing my Q has a seat base height if 19+ inches. I will measure it up and report back. I wonder if it's better to get a bit larger 20 inches and then under inflate it. Wondering if it's just a tad under inflated it would fit better. I know once this thing is inflated it's gonna be a PITA to open up my seats. Because they have to swing out and up. Another reason why under inflated might help us? And what are peoples thoughts on the internal pump. I take it that it uses 110 power. I don't mind using a inverter, but if I have achoice I would have a 12v pump and not have to mess with the inverter. In fact it's a 110 I would rather just buy a mattress with out the internal pump and use my own pump. Just my 2c But many thanks forposting a link
  10. Hey I thought I would check back in and see if anyone has found a Remote to replace the remote on the dash that came factory. Is their a remote people have found that works with the Sony MEX XB BT1000
  11. Seat Base inner edges

    I feel ya. I was complaining in another thread about the Dash switches on my Q. They are not lit at night and the first thing you have to do is "hunt" for the switch to turn on the Bimini lights so you can light up the dash and then choose your switch. another "to do" item and I'm sure I could make a list of things that should come stock but never will. I enjoy tinkering so to me it's no big deal but i do understand what your saying.
  12. Seat Base inner edges

    Ummm wanna watch a 100k boat go to 110k for no reason! LOL. I think 9 out of 10 people don't give a crap or would never notice things like this. This is where people like you and I care do the mods yourself:) I would feel like most people here (that don't seem to wanna do anything) this would be a mod that is right up their ally ya know somthing "easy to do and cheep"
  13. Seat Base inner edges

    In keeping with the theme of covering up sharp edges I decided to do the galley door Makes squeeks go away as well
  14. Guess the part?

    It's a play on words for us