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  1. Yes I would question that dealers common sence if he was to do a repair like that and THINK it's ok. Now i can totally understand it if you had a leak and the dealer was thinking OK let's do quicky and order a new pontoon OR find a qualified welder in the Aera and get this fixed the right way but the dealer wanted to get you back in the water asap so he did a bubble gum repair to get you out the door but if he was not thinking like that I would question all other work a dealer like that would be doing. Dealer have a real hard time finding true professional mechanics. It's a suck job if you ask me. If your real good mechanic come winter time most dealers can't afford to keep them employed so most of them have to find work and let's be honest what kind of person you think ends up working on your boat?
  2. I use this exact knife on my vest and the holder is awesome. No worrys about it ever falling out.
  3. I don't think of this as a Weapon but more as a boating essential. When you need a knife you need a knife and having not to dig or search for one is even better. I love not having to unfold a knife just pull it out and your good to go. This knife is from a company called "Benchmade". The Modle is "Adamaus" And the complay I got it from will engrave for you fro free, with purchase. I think this knife was under $100 with shipping. I remember using a promo code. That they were nice enough to give me. Ask them if they have any discounts on Benchmade b4 you order. great people. This is my 3rd knife from them. They make great gifts.
  4. Derick; I have a friend that orderd a 2013 Esclade. He orderd it with 17's cause he knew he was gonna drive it from the dealership and straight to the tire shop. The dealer called and said your esclacde is here come get it. He showed up and it had factory 22s on it. He took it to the tire shop and got his new wheels. I said what did you do with your factory 22's he said I GAVE THEM TO THE TIRE SHOP!!!!! "Why did you want them????" I was like you dummy. LOL lol I'm very surprised at how inexpensive aftermarket wheels and tires are. Here in CA it seems like their is a tire and wheel shop on every corner, and the Craig's list used market is full of offerings. That said "Buyer Beware" kind of off subject but not if you do decide to buy a Used set of wheels it's a great idea to have them spun on a tire machine b4 you hand over the cash. Many times wheels are bent or have flat spots and you can't see them unless you spin them on a tire Balancer machine. i needed a new set of tires for the truck. It was like $800 out the door. I went to Craig's list and I found a brand new set of wheels and new tires for my truck. Someone bought a new truck and bought brand new wheels and took off the factory wheels and was selling a set of 4 for only $700. I thought to my self damm. I should have come to Craig's list b4 I set out to the tire shop.
  5. I think it's a real personal question. In that having a gun on board might be total over kill for some but not a bad Idea for others. I can think of places that it might be a liability and other places where it's a asset. Only you can make that call. I have had my share of creepy encounters that make you say hummmmm What would I do if this person decided to do "this or that " way the heck back here where you have zero cell reception and no one even knows your back here. If you have somthing up your sleeve it's always better then being caught out. The quote or saying that I think is always accurate is. Having a gun when you go out is like having a insurance policy on your car or boat. You hope you never have to make a insurance claim you don't go out thinking your gonna get in a accident but it would be foolish to drive or boat without insurance. You don't plan on your house catching on fire but you still have fire insurance. Sometime the same is true with a weapon. I do respect people's opinion either way you can argue either side very effectively. I think bottom line 99.9% of all people wanna live and let live and have a great day on the water drama free. What ever puts you in that state of mind I'm all for it. Respect your fellow boater and enjoy your time out and you will live a longer and happier life then most
  6. I was under idle comming back to our marina. It was pitch black outside. We were winding down from a good eve. We had the music real low and we're just haveing a conversation with some friends. And I heard what sounded like a Cow mooooo. I quickly turned down the music and asked everyone "Did you hear that" ? Everyone said No. hear what? I thought I must have heard a cow (we have them around the lake). I put the boat back in gear and turn the music back up and right then Moooooo again this time much louder Much closer. This time everyone hears it. I throw the boat in neutral turn off the music and inspect. It's a Dumb A$$ drunk idiot swimming directly in front of me in the middle of the lake. The moooooing i heard is his was of telling me I'm about to run his a$$ over!!! I was so relieved I didn't run him over. I say out to him hey are you ok! He yells back F" you. I was laughing. Ok buddy have a nice swim. On my way back to the dock it made me think. If I would have run him over, (totally his fault) and I would have had even 1 oz of booze in my system you know I would have been up a creek. Be safe out their people even when you least expect it a idiot can ruin your life.
  7. My Friend is a dealer/installer. The stuff will definitely improve your grip. And it's working out well in lots of wakeboard boats as the floor. Do you know if gator step has the template for bennington or will you have to make one?
  8. Im so pissed off right now. I logged into the website to find your address to send you the bimini inserts and for the life of me I guess I'm not smart enough to find MY MAIL yes that's right the MAIL or Mail button dont exist. STUPID.

    can you plese send your address to my Email account at thank you and sorry for the delay

  9. The cleats go threw the deck and clamp down. The floor is wood. I have found the holes that the cleats slide threw are some what oversized. So if the cleat is anywhere close to loose then it wouldn't take to much to turn them sideways. The only thing that could suck is if the cleat got yanked on and screwed up the holes and made them larger and hogged out. This of corse could be fixed with a backing plate. Stock bennington just uses 2 large washers. But if you had a Aluminum backing plate it would be a bit more solid. Sounds like an easy fix no big deal
  10. I have a Black Doubble Bimini on my 2575 QCW. It's 5 years old and it's looking quite faded in my opinion. I keep it folded up when not it use. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a "Magical product" that could make the Bimini material darker? More true black? I was wondering if any of the 303 products when sprayed on would bring some color back into the black Bimini, it has a grey-ish tone to it due to sun fade. Thanks
  11. Yesterday I did all of my Bimini legs. All legs "except" the leg that has the Bimin lights running threw it. No rubbing issues. tip #1 use a Large Philips head screw driver a #3 head I believe. On my boat the Philips head facing into the boat is the one you torque on. (To take off and put on) With the caps off it's easy to see. It's the philips head that has the insert. In my first pic you can see a small section on the Philips sticking up It's the Philips at facing the bottom of the picture frame. on my boat it has 2 black rubber washers on either side of the Bimin frame. Depending on how old your boat is and if the have come un glued, you may need to use a dab of rubber cement to hold these washers in place so you can easily slide the bolts threw the frame. The rubber washers can come dislocated and make it a pain in the But to slide a bolt threw. Benningtion uses what feels like some sticky Anti seaze on hardwear to keep them from backing out. After you take the hardwear off it's all but gone. I decided to use just a drop of blue lock tight to keep the hardwear in place. Seeing as how the hardwear is some what specialized you don't wanna have to run to your local hardwear store and try and find replacement hardware should one fall out and into the water. One thing i Ng I thought about after the fact is if you were to cut a groove in the plastic inserts to make room for the bolt you could completely avoid having to take your Bimini apart to install these. then all you would need is a square piece of wood to act as a extension and as a driver to hit with the hammer to drive the plastic pieces in with I think that's how I will do the next set. I will get a small piece of tape to hold the plastic to the wood driver so it holds the plastic in place and then drive it home one last thing when you drive them into the bimini frames the fit is so tight it's normal for a few of the plastic legs on the plastic insert to break off and or hang up at the edge of the insert. I don't know if one micro size smaller exist to ease installation or do away with the need for a hammer to install them
  12. Dealing with Idiots can be avoided just like dealing with Traffic or Miskitos. Time and place is key. It's all about where you place yourself when they are at their greatest. for example. On busy weekends we launch the boat at 8:00 am. Then tie it to the dock and then do our normal routine. If we were to try and launch at 12:00pm on a 3 day weekend it would take you a extra Hr + the added frustration and detailing with the BLI's . Same go's for pulling off the lake. Either pull out early or stay late. But don't pull up to the launch ramp at 6:00pm on a busy weekend and think your gonna pull right out as normal. That's like getting on the freeway at Rush Hr and then getting upset because your in traffic. I have on occasion had to launch at busy times and I just have to place my self in (BMM) "Buddhist Monk Mode" I crack a beer and sit in the boat and take in all the "DumAssary"
  13. Nice job. This is how we have always done our cover. On our wake board boat it have some sewn in color pieces at the front and back. Some very small Sewn in red pieces that let you know "this is the front of the cover" but if you roll the cover up in the same manner every time you always know where the front or back is. one more tip. Never drag your cover over your vinyl (always roll and un roll) like in the video the Plastic vents that the poles go into can rip your vinyl if you snag them and happen to pull the cover
  14. If You already have a Sub/Amp combo then you 1/2 way there. So I get it. Yes it's lame that the stock remote is not compatible so I understand not wanting to go threw the dance of making a filler piece and reprogramming a new remote. And it's strange how some places like Overtons sells the remotes and some other places list them as discontinued. I don't get it. The reason I latched on to this head unit was for ease of swapping one out and how inexpensive the upgrade in sound was. I wish it was more plug and play as far as the remote go's but I guess it's like everything you don't get somthing for nothing!
  15. Yes I have seen that Wetsounds Carling switch it's pretty cool for exactly what you said it for. I have found if your trying to do with out a Headunit and run a signal directly to a amp it's better to use a Eq or something with some Pre Amp or line voltage to feed to the Amp. If you had any kind of a high output system and you wanted to get the most out of it line voltage is key. Not sure how much line voltage that wetsounds Carling switch produces. But if it was just a simple system for a golf cart then heck yes