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  1. ttuite You will have to check the max power rating for the boat. If you can put a 90 hp on it you should see 26ish depending on tube condition. You will be able to pull skiers if you don't have to much weight on the boat. We had a 20' pontoon that we used to ski and other water sports for many years. Good luck.
  2. I have not actually seen one of the curved Biminis so I may be way off base. It could be that the curved Bimini is acting like an airfoil. Depending on the angle the top is with the air flowing over it it may be creating lift which will put an extreme amount of force on the structure and the attach points. Todd and Amanda are see the back of the cover being pushed down which would indicate a very high angle off attack for the Bimini. The air flow over the front is creating lift but as it flows over the canvas it begins to separate from the canvas and begins to roll ( like water flowing over a boulder in a river) this would push the canvas down toward the back of the Bimini. I'm thinking that as our watercraft become faster and faster the shade providing devices will have to evolve as well.
  3. How long would it take to damage the impeller on a Yamaha 150 if it was left running after pulling out of the water? The motor had been run all day. We had just loaded and drove from the ramp to the parking lot. I would estimate time to be less than three minutes.
  4. I know this is not going to make you feel much better about the delay but our neighbors at the lake have a Manitou on order and it is very delayed because of furniture that is not finished. Obviously this new vinyl is causing the furniture venders a big problem. Not just a Bennington issue.
  5. Cpabst39, It takes a team that is current and qualified. We have dry docked our boats for around seventeen years. I believe the pontoon was a little easier to load than the Tritoon. I'm not sure why but we have a little more difficulty loading the Tritoon. It may be that you must line at least two toons up and they are very close together, were in cross wind with a pontoon just landing one brings the other one around. The center toon is the key with a Tritoon. The method we have found to work the best is to back the trailer in deep enough to wet all bunks, this will allow the toons to slid easily. Then pull the trailer out so that just the back 1/3 of the bunks are in the water. Back of the fenders just starting to go under, this gives the Captain a large target. Have the bow door open and have something like a rope or some other indicator that lines up with the center toon. That gives the Captain a sight for the center bunk. The trailer driver can give signals left or right or back off if target missed. Slow and steady is always best. Once the toons have contacted and began to slide up bunks the trailer driver carefully backs the trailer under the boat. The trailer driver can then put the trailer winch and safety chain in place. Always use parking brake with all transmissions and if you use a standard transmission, always put the transmission in first gear and shut the vehicle off with the parking brake set. Slow and easy with lots of practice and anyone can load a boat like, well, like they know what they are doing.
  6. Safaucette, I actually used my wife's Honda CRV to pull our 20' pontoon with a merc 90hp. We only tow about a mile and a half from our boat barn to the ramp. The ramp is concrete and average in grade. The CRV is AWD and never slipped once. I would never even consider towing it at highway speeds or any further than I did. I use my 3500 Dodge if it needed towed further. Now having said that I wouldn't even consider using the CRV to tow the 22' SCWX, its way to heavy. I do use my 2015 Dodge Durango AWD to tow and launch the Tritoon. I would still never use the Durango too tow long distance. Ramp condition and grade would be the most important consideration along with distance from storage. Any Pontoon or Tritoon is nothing but a big sail on the road.
  7. I have a few of he same spots. Would be nice to know what causes them and how to clean them off. My boats is in fresh water and stored in a dry boat barn.
  8. Sooner, I will relay what happened to a pontoon boat we owned prior to the Bennington. The boat was purchased in 2000 pontoons were considered party barges and not performance boats used for water sports or like activities. Since we skied and knee boarded I got the most HP I could for the craft and fabricated a tow bar out of aluminum and my back yard engineering. The main problem with using the low attach points like the eye hooks on the pontoons is the rope is going to be submerged in turns or when the tube, skier or boarder turns. This adds problems for the participants and stress on the tube. I also believe that the stress on the single tube will or could cause welds or aluminum to fail. Back to my original pontoon, after twelve years of skiing and water sports we had a pontoon fail. It cracked along a bend (it was a U shaped pontoon) near the stern. I believe the the stress from the back and forth side load of strong slalom skiers was the cause, and that happened with a tow structure that used the structure on top of the deck, not just pulling on one tube. My point is towing puts a lot of stress on the attach point and that point should be engineered for it. Just like the engineering that is going into the newer Tritoons and these monster HP outboards.
  9. oakslicer, welcome to our world. You have the perfect watercraft. Just add family, friends, and water for the perfect day. You can't go wrong.
  10. Slainte, What was the overall length of your other boats. The extended bow and stern of these boats could change the overall length. Is the usable interior of the SLXP actually 20' or is it shorter? It would also make a difference how you use your boat. If you mostly use your boat for fishing then extended decks might not be so good. If you swim from the boat the extended deck becomes an asset. Our first pontoon did not have extended decks so I understand your feeling of how different the boat looks with the extensions. Just some observations from experience. How you use it and feel about it is all important. Good luck.
  11. We have a 2015 22' SCWX with a Yamaha 150 and will easily see 38 mph with four adults three kids one dog, almost full fuel, gear and vittels for the day. Oh and the Bimini is in full sail. Enjoy your new boat.
  12. Pittsburg, Couldn't agree more. We love the season change here in MO. I always enjoy your pics. Sorry for the thread highjack!
  13. No doubt if I lived on a lake that had lake front access I would be all over having a dock with a boat house and lift. But it would have to be my full time residence close to work,( wait I would want to be retired), on a lake that never got rough, was crystal clear, year round perfect swimming temperatures, outstanding fishing, scantily clad, ok I woke up!! Just a nice lake.
  14. After reading about all the tribulations of having a boat on the water I have to wonder, is it really that much more convenient and cost worthy to have a boat on the water than keeping it dry and safe in a boat barn. Electrical corrosion, lake level variations, storms and wind, etc, etc, etc. I know it would be nice to be able to go out the door and down to the dock and board, start and cruise of an evening. But for those that do not live on a lake I just don't see it as that much more convenient. I think if I lived on a lake I would want to be able to pull the boat up a ramp into a dry barn. Leaving anything on or just above the water seems risky to me. Just my humble opinion.
  15. I think our ladder strap last about four or five outings. A good shove of the ladder with it snapped in position is a sure fire way of its demise. I have found the ladder does just fine without it.:)))