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  1. After Market Rub Rail

    They had the kit in stock at my local West Marine, but it is also available on Amazon. The End Caps I had to order from a Taco Distributor online. http://tacomarine.com/product/V11-9795/1-1-2-x-3-4-Semi-Rigid-Rub-Rail-Kit
  2. After Market Rub Rail

    They had the kit in stock at my local West Marine, but it is also available on Amazon. The End Caps I had to order from a Taco Distributor online.
  3. After Market Rub Rail

    I just recently installed an aftermarket Taco Rub rail. Very pleased with the finished product. It was not very difficult to install. All in all took about 4 hrs. This was a 50' kit that came with all needed accessories (not really). I had to purchase additional ss screws because the kit was short 60 screws (maybe they only figured you would use every other pre-drilled hole?). I clamped the track portion of the kit in place and screwed it fromstbd/aft around to prt aft, keeping track tight as I went. I have a SCWX22 and the 50' kit covered nearly the entire two sides and bow of the boat (about 8" from stern on both sides). Once the track was installed, I used my hand and a screw driver to work the c-channel bumper in the track all the way around using soapy water and a rubber mallet on areas where it was stubborn. The kit came with some pretty weak plastic end caps that did not really even fit. I supplemented them w/ the SS caps offered by Taco ($70, but well worth it). I definitely recommend this product so far 3 months after installation.
  4. Aftermarket Rub Rail

    Dub9, that is a very interesting product, but wouldn't exactly serve the purpose of preserving my snaps. Do you have the product mentioned? Does it protect the toon from dents?
  5. Aftermarket Rub Rail

    Good Day, I'm sure I am not the only one with this problem, but about the 2nd time I had my 22 SCWX out on the water, I went to put the cover back on and some of the male snaps along the bow were crushed from bumping dock or trailer and no longer would allow the cover to secure properly. I am wanting to add a rub rail around the whole boat along therail, just below the snap level. Most of what I have found aftermarket has a lip on the lower portion of the rub rail preventing it from being mounted flush along the aluminium railing of the boat. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like to keep a factory look and have seen this as an option on other boats who post to this site. Thanks..
  6. Bimini not staying up in rough seas

    I am pretty sure they were connected properly. They used to snap like you all described, now I hear a snap, but don't get the resistance I used to when I push the U bracket over the pin? I'll post a picture and maybe someone will notice something that is wrong.
  7. i was cruising yesterday in my 2015 2275 SCWX alone with my kids. It was a windy choppy day. My 10' Bimini jarred loose from the support connects on both sides and slammed back to the rear of the boat. I folded it back up and reconnected the end caps to the rail brackets and before driving off again, same thing happened. Now I am apprehensive about running with the top up. It could have injured one of this kids sitting in the rear loungers. Anyone else had any issues with this? Does Bennington have any secondary retention a available or any suggestions to remedy this issue?
  8. Anchor shade?

    2550RSR, thanks for the help. I plan to look into them in person, but sounds like a good product. Can you have it up while your running?
  9. LED lighting

    I just installed 4 Ice Blue SS LED's on my 22SCWX on side of rear loungers and the front seats as well. Additionally added underwater LED's on rear toon tabs. I had a marine guy do the install for me who comes to my house and charges $50/hr. You could easily do it yourself if you wanted to. Ran the wiring down side of outer toons and zip tied to the existing holes on the track. The install took 6 hrs total and I invested $100 on wire, $35 (a piece) for the underwater LED's (Amazon), and $14 (a piece) for the mood lights. Total spent was $550. I believe the factory upgrade would have run near $2K. They look amazing.
  10. Anchor shade?

    I have a 22SCWX w/ the 10' rear bimini and my wife is wanting to add some sort of shade option for the front of the boat for when we are at the beach for the day. Has anyone used one of the anchor shade products on a Benny? Just wondering if it is worth the $150. Any +/-'s would be appreciated. Thanks,