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  1. Looks great ! nice job !
  2. Have the E-tec 300 love it ! You will have a blast !
  3. Done !
  4. Mine is "Black Pearl" named after our 2350 Blackout edition Benny.
  5. Drink responsible, boat responsible and have fun! Enough said....
  6. Here is to all Boaters...Have a Happy , Fun and Safe 4th of July ! !
  7. Very Nice !..... have fun & Congrats !!
  8. Looks Great !
  9. Great Looking Boat ! Enjoy !
  10. Batteries + Bulbs has a Noco jump starter that works great !
  11. With all the power demands on the boats, now days they really should be using an AGM Deep cycle battery. AGMs built for vibration would last the longest. Flooded are okay but the constant drain ( running stereo, GPS, other power items, is hard on a Flooded battery ). By end of 2016 60% of all cars coming off assembly line will have AGM batteries. You did the right thing putting on tender for winter and taking inside. Could just have bad batteries as well? If they replace- ask for AGM batteries you will be much happier !
  12. Awesome ! thanks for sharing !
  13. Welcome, Agree with others, go early before all the lookie loos....practice..make perfect, Make sure and have long Dock line.
  14. From the album Flathead Lake

  15. From the album Flathead Lake