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  1. I use the 15 gallon flo fast with the pump and cart. Works great. http://flofast.com
  2. I just drilled small holes then used the screws that came with the lights. I am really impressed with the lights. I am going to take a good picture of it at night so I can post it.
  3. I am in the middle of writing up a nice how to for all these upgrades. Takes more time then you think to put it on paper. Lol. I have all installed plus more.
  4. I had the same problem and it was how they wired it. It was only using the 2nd battery and I was only using the 1st battery. They came back and changed it. No problems since.
  5. Not yet. I plan on doing it over the memorial weekend. The weather has not been the best here in Indiana.
  6. I put two lights on the center toon and added the bracket for the right toon. Looks great but have not had a chance to use it yet.
  7. That is another update to the first update. Looks like I need to update it again. Lol guess what I am going to do now. Any reason to get on the boat...
  8. Yes Jack is correct. You can go get a card and download the update. Or do what Jack and I did and purchase one of the upgraded cards. Then you get better maps and the sd card. It will already have the update on it.
  9. Make sure you update the software. They added a cool feature that will update the maps while you are moving.
  10. Great! I wire tied the connection to the boat right under the helm. That way I could get to the connection.
  11. Order the extension and run the wire. You could have been done by now. It takes a couple of hours because you braces in the way down the side. I used a wire hanger and just did one at a time. I tested it last weekend and it worked great. Good luck!
  12. There is a gap between the water shield and the floor. Take your phone and turn the camera on. Hold it up on the top side of the toon (from the side of the boat not under the boat). You will see the wires running across from the helm to the other side of the boat. Then they go down the side to the rear. I went to harbor freight and got me a wire puller to get the wire across. Worked great. Something like this. http://m.harborfreight.com/3-16-inch-x-33-ft-fiberglass-wire-running-kit-65326.html PM me your cell and I can call you to help.
  13. I just did this on my Q. Had to get the extension. It is easy to do. Just follow the current wire. You can use your phone to see the wires under the boat.
  14. I use two box anchors. One for the front and one for the rear. I don't like the boat moving when my kids are using the slide and swimming around the boat.
  15. I should have purchased 2 300HP so I could get the joystick option. Then I could really dock this monster easily. I really love my Q and I would not change it at all. I just purchased the floor model so I did not have much choice on options. I just need to learn how to dock it. Man I did not think it would be that hard and stressful (everyone is a expert when they are watching) My plan is to go out every morning on the weekends and just practice. Before anyone gets up and out on the lake. Then the boat will be ready for the day.