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  1. Used Bennington's Selling

    You guys need to delete this thread...I am thinking now is a good time to upgrade to a Q...PADS, PADS, PADS
  2. Which color do you prefer.

    I like the Matador Red...but only if you do the blackout!
  3. Which color do you prefer.

  4. New 2017 22 SSRX

    I currently have a 2375 RCW with E-Tec 250 G2. I absolutely love this motor and the fuel eff. has been great as well. Performance wise it has torque and top end.
  5. Bennington Owners Age

    That is the standing joke!!!
  6. Bennington Owners Age

    Me 46, Wife 34
  7. 2014 2575RCWB Bimini problem. request photos?

    Where in Az are you located? We bought ours through Action Water Sorts in Mesa. They are a high volume Benny dealer and have several boats on there lot. Maybe you could look at one.What lake do you typically boat on?
  8. Thanks, we absolutely love it. I am having some signs of "PADS" as I would like a bigger power plant.
  9. I have the ESP pkg which handles great due to the center of gravity from the center fuel tank and the larger center toon. The rough water add is included with the ESP pkg as well. Our boat gets on plane very fast and handles great.
  10. PADS - Ordered New 23 RCW

    Congrats on the new boat. We love our 2375 RCW closed stern. Definitely would have gone with the 300 if I had it to do all over again.
  11. Questions before placing order of our new Bennington

    Hello Todd and welcome to the family. Sounds like a real nice build you have going. Cant wait to see pics. You cant go wrong with Bennington no matter what model. That being said we often consider trading for a Q (love the look). We love the Blackout edition and the led side/underwater lighting. We also plan on a second bimini this year. I have the Evinrude E-Tec 250 and even though I get 49 mph with 4 passengers, 57 gallons of fuel and gear If I had it to again I would go with the biggest motor possible. Our boat has plenty of torque and pulls skiers and tubes no problem. I am just one of those guys that likes to go fast and want as much power as possible...just in case! I would also second the suggestion of the elevated helm. Stainless rub rail is also a must in my opinion. I do not have the Shark Hyde however I am a fanatic about wiping the boat down after every use so ours still looks amazing. I did not see what flooring you decided on in your post.
  12. New Bennington Owner

    Welcome to the Bennington family and a BIG CONGRATS on the new boat. Sounds like a real nice build.
  13. Lots of great times for sure!!!