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  1. Inquisitive minds want to know. I remember a Mercury 50HP that I had on a '72 Skeeter bass boat many years ago. I had to manually tilt it. I also had to choose which trim level I wanted it at and place the pin in one out of about 6 positions. Is that the way yours does, or just because it's on a really nice boat, does it come with the tilt/trim from a button?
  2. I think you are taking about a sheet of metal that is on the port side of the stern. I have the two toon, so the distance in there is greater. Mine shield has a square cut out of it for access to things just above it. I would think it's there to protect the fuel line that runs from the filler port to the gas tank. Mine is larger than 4", though. Mine is, just a guess since I'm not home, around a couple of feet or more. Without this, the lines would hand down, being vulnerable to the water splashes.
  3. That's something I think I could get into, but I don't have good places to dive without going at least 4 hours away. The muddy waters that I boat in, you can't see your hand if you put it a foot away from your eyes.
  4. Thanks for sharing your pics with us! Good shots.
  5. I use the Scotty mount system, with various attachments, one being the loop for ropes. I just tie my fenders at the right height, put a Scotty mount in the various locations, and hang them out when it's time to dock. Scotty Square Rail Mount Scotty Fender Ring (2 Per Pack)
  6. Just got back from a trip to Lewis Smith Lake. It was only 5 hours away, and towed with this: If I'm pulling in the mountains, or really far off, I'll use this: If it's just to pull around the corner to our neighborhood ramp, I use this:
  7. That is any specialty sport, hobby, etc. If it involves camping, golfing, fishing, boating. They think that if you can afford a toy, you should have to pay out the rear for everything that goes along with it.
  8. We didn't make it on either list. Maybe people don't want to steal boats that have been in our muddy water, and then we don't have as many accidents because the boats won't go as fast in muddy water.
  9. I go to the same church as my dealer, so if I don't get word back from him quickly, I nudge him in church and ask if my problem has been resolved.
  10. I sent you a pm, LL.
  11. That page should be the ticket. Thanks, and another thanks to you for your service to our country. I saw that link that was posted about you being in that magazine Link posted.
  12. Speaking of snaps on the front of the mooring cover, where can I get more of those? I have about 3 or 4 of the male part of the snap that is screwed to the boat, that have been bent beyond use by something.