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  1. Congrats! Beautiful vessel.
  2. Thank you, BigK!
  3. Here is the way mine came from the dealership... Notice the water line on the side of the transom.
  4. From the album Our Newer Bennington

  5. From the album Our Newer Bennington

  6. From the album Our Newer Bennington

    Height of my motor from dealership.
  7. Happy birthday, fellow tooners!
  8. That is terrible. Sounds like the driver of the boat was irresponsible quite often.
  9. That first hour is especially painful for me! Maximum of 7 MPH for a whole hour! I put my wife at the helm, and laid back on the rear lounger. I couldn't take it anymore. The second hour was barely better, but at least I was able to get it up to 23 MPH. Still wanted to open her up for a couple of short spurts, but I was patient.
  10. What are the performance foils? Please excuse the ignorance. Never mind. Andy just explained what they are, on my thread. The inside of the outer toons at the foils.
  11. My ski bar seems to be very tall. I don't think I could make mine hit if I wanted to.
  12. I'm wondering if that slowed me down any? I'll have to try again when the bimini is down.
  13. How did you lift it? Since I woke up early, this morning, I started thinking about it. Then I came up with the concern of lifting by jacking on the cavitation or the skeg, but then thought... all of the pressure would be handled much better by just using the mounting plate of the motor. Why not just use the trailer jack! Tilt the motor up until it seems to be fairly balanced on the transom, just to keep it from binding from the weight being all the way back/down. Crank it until the jack is about half way between up and down. Stand a 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 (long enough to reach from the ground to the underside the motor mount (where the bolts are that hold it on), loosen remove the (hole bolts), and loosen the (slot bolts) slightly. Then just jack the trailer up or down depending on whether you wanted to lift or lower the motor. How does that sound?
  14. Very cool, Steve.
  15. Turns flat. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Dealer told me I should be able to bring outside toon out of the water.