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  1. Just saw these on Amazon

    Several have talked about boat mirrors for their vessel. I just ran across these, and they look very comparable to those $300.00 mirrors that some have. http://www.amazon.com/S-M-Marine-Pontoon-mirror/dp/B009AU64AQ/ref=sr_1_141?ie=UTF8&qid=1490809739&sr=8-141&keywords=pontoon+boat+accessories
  2. What do you do?

    I'm a strategic account analyst for a major medical-surgical distributor. My responsibilities include making sure we make money as well as our customer getting their product at a cost good enough to keep their business. So, I build and stare at Excel spreadsheets all day. Strategic accounts include accounts at or above$30M/year in sales.
  3. What Size Trash Containers Fit?

    My wife bought two small ones to fit side by side. They are perfect size for the plastic shopping bags from Walmart, Academy, etc.
  4. Dual battery with Perko switch and 1000W inverter

    I added an additional battery right after i got mine. Added a 1000w inverter at the end of last summer. My wife likes her fan on board.
  5. Great Loop on a Pontoon

    But the total loop would take him about 6 years, 11 months to complete.
  6. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    I got the welding done on Saturday afternoon. He took his time digging the wood out of the crack in the seam where I hit a "below the surface" log. He did a good job, and hopefully, that won't happen again, but if it does, it means that wewereout enjoying the boat. You just can't see everything that's in the water when it's not sticking up in your face. The Toonafun, now has character; a little dent where the log hit, and the scare after the repair.
  7. Great Loop on a Pontoon

    That is an interesting read. And that is a BIG loop!
  8. Cancelled Order Happy Ending

    So glad this situation worked out for you! Congrats, and welcome to the Benny family.
  9. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    I'll do a rain dance for you, brother!
  10. Maiden Voyage

    Congrats on the new boat. Glad you had a great experience on your maiden voyage. Hey, has anyone on this post reminded him to post pics?
  11. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    To you guys that live on the lake and have a slip for your boat, just call that extra money on gas, a luxury tax. Although I can almost see the boat ramp from my house, I still have to trailer my boat, so I take advantage of pulling my boat up to the least expensive 100% gas in the area (about $2.30/Gal) to fill up when needed. "If you like rainbows, don't complain about the rain."
  12. Winter over yet in Michigan...?

    Amazing! The only time we get ice on our river is when someone dumps a cooler.Then it doesn't last long, and I don't think it causes damage to houses unless the one that dumped it, ran their boat into a riverfront home or boat dock from drinking too much of what the ice was there for in the first place.
  13. Golf Carts Nev's

    You have to look good to see the ghost flames I put in the front.
  14. Its here

    She's a beaut! Congrats.
  15. Winter has arrived in Northern Michigan

    The only thing about a drain plug getting welded in a Benny is that it would only benefit the last section of the toon since Benny has three separate chambers in each toon.