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  1. Thought I found you guys a bargain, but not. So I deleted.
  2. I really like that idea. Now, you don't have to be sure the front is higher than the back when it's just sitting on the trailer, too. Very nice.
  3. Perty side goes up!
  4. That is a beautiful boat, Jeff.
  5. I like Michiman's idea, but I'd probably rent a gas powered concrete saw and remove a slight amount to create the notch for the angle. Seems simple, but then most of my projects seem simple while they are in the thought process. Good luck to you. I'm also glad you have some great new neighbors.
  6. I'm the kind of person that if there are scratches, I want to be the one that scratches. If it's my boat, I don't want the dealer's name on it. If we work up a deal, he can pay me to keep his name on it. If it's the dealer's scratches, he needs to compensate me for them. I'm a little hard nosed about it. When we bought our new Jeep Grand Cherokee, my wife found a very small dent, but we had the thing at home for a couple of days, so it would have been extremely hard for us to prove that we didn't do it, so we let it ride.
  7. I know that whatever I decide, unless I find the perfect boat on a lot, ready to pull off, I'll have to wait until at least August. Our church just held an auction to help the youth pay for summer camp. People packed in items from their houses. The little wife and I auctioned a Sunset Cruise, complete with dinner at our home, and choice of food and drink on the boat. That's supposed to be around the middle/end of July. I'd hate to commit to that, then sell the boat, and not have it replaced by the time of the cruise. That would be mighty embarrassing.
  8. Still liking that 23GCW with the SPS package.
  9. Yep, I keep being drawn back to the Benny.
  10. That's what the specs state. Just under 5500#. That would be a heavy vessel behind my Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  11. LL, It will be on the trailer when not in use since we don't live on the water.... yet. I was thinking about that since our aluminum toons stain very bad from the Pearl River swamp that feeds our reservoir. I guess that is what you're talking about, being a white in color.
  12. We started window shopping. We are really drawn to the 23GCW. We love the floor plan; two loungers facing bow and two facing stern. Thinking about the SPS with the F150. Someone talk my out of it. I'm also wondering what I could get for my current boat. 2015 20SLX with the F90, and a few addons.
  13. I'm looking forward to this afternoon/evening. We have "Pepsi Pops" on The Rez. My parents, my favorite uncle (Dad's little brother) a cousin and her husband, are coming up. My wife and I are going to take them across the Rez, to the catfish house for supper, then cruise around for a while, waiting for the festivities to start. After the concert, they will have a fireworks show. That's always fun to watch from the water. Here's a pic of last year. There ended up being about 5x more boats than this.