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  1. I bought in wyndemere over the winter and will be moving our 23r with standstone interior into our boathouse tomorrow or Sunday. We are the last house on Hickory Tree on the right next to the community docks you are more than welcome to come check it out.
  2. Mine looks the same. I have a 2375 rcw with a curved double Bimini. Traveling at any speed above 25 or heading into a wind you think the supports are going to break free and hit you in the head. When going fast I hold it up with one hand. My dealer told me they weren't rated to go above 15 mph. I have tried to up the tension but it doesn't help. I think if the back legs were shortened so it would get more airflow under the bimini instead of the airflow pushing it down it would help.
  3. My wife dailies a 06 Lexus rx400h going on 175k flawless miles. This along with the Highlander was Toyotas first hybrid SUV. I have several Prius's that we work on at my shop with over 400k that have never had any issues other than 1 battery replacement. I personally don't like how hybrids drive but Momma loves it and that's all that matters.
  4. I have the 2375 as well but running the Yamaha 300, we cruise at about 25 most of the time and if I remember correctly it about 3200 rpm, however I know I need to re-prop because at wot I'm only turning 5400 rpm at 48 mph

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    2. Richard T

      Richard T

      I've only had the boat a couple months, this last weekend was the first time I have run at wot and I'm not sure what prop is on it, I plan to talk with my dealer this week to have them change the prop and will let you know.



      My first WOT open run with the 17 p prop was 46mph at 5400. I switched to a 15p enertia which I turned to 6000rpm at around 41 mph but that was with 12 people on board don't know what it would run with a lighter load. Not sure it's worth trying to get the motor to hit 6000rpm if the trade off is higher cruising rpm. I will be sending the 17 p prop to a prop shop to have some cup added and se if I can improve the low rpm slippage.

    4. Richard T

      Richard T

      I agree, I would rather have lower rpm at cruising speed, like I said I haven't run it much but I'm pretty sure it was about 3200 rpm At 25 mph and the best part it was only using at little over 7 gals per hour. The dealer is telling me I need to be at least 5700 at wot, but from your numbers I'm not sure I want to drop down a couple pitches. I'll see what prop I'm running this weekend.

  5. I have no complaints with the wot performance of the boat. What I would like to find out is what kind of rpm others are seeing in the low 20s. Having a motor screaming over your shoulder when your cruising at a relaxing speed wasn't what I was expecting.
  6. I have a 2015 2375 rcw with the Yamaha 250 sho 20 inch shaft length on the lowest setting. With a merc 15p enertia @ 20 mph the motor is turning 4500 rpm however it will do 45mph at 6000rpm. The dealer origanaly had a 17p sws2 prop which topped out at the same speed @ 5400 rpm and ran 4000 rpm a@ 20mph. The dealer told me that is just how tritoons run. This is the only tritoon I have ever been on so curious to see what others are seeing rpm wise in the low to mid 20s. Thanks