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  1. There was no up charge. I'll get it mounted and take some pics. I'm waiting on a small piece to mount the mirror to the arm. It wasn't in the box when they sent it. Probably just got misplaced since they had to remove the items from the box to color them. Just a minor oversight.
  2. I just received the first PTM Edge in black (to match my blackout package). Their customer service is top notch and they went out of their way to accommodate my request for a black one. I'll post pics once I get it mounted. This is the first one they've ever done.
  3. I'm retired LEO as well, CHP. Nope, never carry on the boat.
  4. I put the Sharkhide on myself, it's actually quite simple. We have several detail shops here in Lake Havasu City that will also clean the tubes and apply Sharkhide for very reasonable prices. You might check with some detailers in your area and see if they would apply it for you.
  5. I actually had originally planned on getting the Yamaha F-300 V-6. My wife was the one who said "get the 350." I quickly got my order in before she could change her mind.
  6. I owned a Malibu for 9 years prior to the pontoon. My Bennington pulls a wakeboarder easier and tubing is just as much fun. My top speed is also greater. I doubt there will be any disappointments.
  7. If your boat is only going to sit for a few weeks the batteries should be fine if they're relatively charged up already. If it's longer than that than a trickle charger (Battery Tender) is fine to use. I have a ProMariner battery charger permanently mounted in my boat and even with that I only top off my batteries a couple times a year in the cooler months. I'm very wary about just leaving a battery charger on and forgetting about it. I charge the batteries to full then disconnect the charger. My buddy left his Battery Tender on for about a month and I was with him when he went over to his boat and discovered one of his batteries had exploded. Battery acid everywhere including the interior. I'm surprised it didn't start a fire.
  8. My trailer came with the rear guides on the outside of the trailer. They help but once I put the bunk guides on it power loading is a snap. That's all we do out here.
  9. My previous front bimini had a warning label of 46 mph. Nothing on the rear. I had a new bimini made (paid for by Bennington). I've had the boat to 50 with both biminis up and they don't move at all. No flapping or anything. Very solid.
  10. It never gets old.
  11. Yep, those 350's really run great. I don't recall a trip out where someone didn't flag me down and ask about the motor. Cutting that tri toon into a sharp turn and putting the throttle down is certainly a rush.
  12. I don't use a transom saver. I use the Yamaha MAR-MTSPT-YM-08. My F350 actually uses two of them. I used them on my old SW fishing boat with twin Yami 150's and towed a lot. They're little shock absorbers and I never had any issues using them.
  13. Which sales person were you trying to reach with no such luck? If it's Morgan, he no longer works there. I think he finally retired. That might be why your emails are going unanswered.
  14. My trailer has Transmaster Trailer Radials. http://www.greenball.com/catalog/Special-Trailer-Radial.pdf
  15. When I ordered the boat and enquired about Sharkhide, the dealer talked me out of it. Shortly after delivery and using the boat, I ordered several cans of Sharkhide and applied it myself. I'm very glad I did. My tubes still look great and water spots aren't an issue. I have a couple of friends with pontoons out here and their tubes are black. After seeing my boat and the benefits of the SH, they had their boats detailed and SH applied. At least out here it does make a difference.