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  1. Probably, if left upright. Folded down or removed (2 small allen screws) from the base and I doubt it'd be a problem.
  2. I couldn't mount the mirror anywhere alongside the helm itself as there isn't enough room on the rail. The bottom mirror mount sticks out past the rails slightly on each side so it would hit the helm. I could have mounted it further forward at the front edge of the helm but then the mount would rub on the interior and I didn't want that. It's totally fine where it's at. I wasn't sure at first but after using the boat a few times the location works great. Even at full speed (around 50) the mirror vibrates very little and is very rigid.
  3. Mine is very firm. I can run top speed with both bimini's up and it's nice and solid. I was on a buddy's pontoon a couple of years ago when his bimini frame broke while we were underway. The entire front bimini collapsed. The broken edges were super sharp and jagged. Fortunately the only other consequence was a slight tear on the interior. It was very sudden and loud when it happened.
  4. If that would have been available I probably would have got it. But, I don't mind the gray motor as it compliments the accent stripe on the boat. My trailer is a dark gray as well. I could have bought the black Mercury but I'm pretty partial to Yamaha from past experiences. The sacrifices we have to make...
  5. Black PTM Edge Mirror Mount. I was pretty limited on where I could mount it. At first, I thought it would be too close to me while driving. After using it, it's perfectly fine where it's at. Not in the way at all and doesn't affect my line of sight. Easy to adjust as well. Very happy with it and the customer service I got from PTM . They were great to work with.
  6. From the album Havasu

    First PTM Edge mirror mount made in black.
  7. The best ground would be the negative on the battery itself. If it were me, I'd just run both the cables together to the battery.
  8. I've got two of them, awesome skis (not for sale). If you find one make sure and enquire whether it's had the fuel tank recall done. Honda changed them out because some had a leak at the seam. They were replaced for free but not everyone had it done. I did.
  9. Probably not. Unless I was towing with a much lighter vehicle than I use now (2006 GMC Sierra Crew Cab 4x4 diesel with Allison 6 speed). The Benny and the trailer aren't all that heavy for my tow rig. I do pump up the bags a little for the Benny (maybe 20 lbs.) but for the SW boat it was like 80 lbs. They certainly do help.
  10. My helm was also put together very poorly from my dealer. Stuff was loose and wires tie-wrapped sloppy. My gauges were crooked and the Garmin transducer cable was not only not plugged in properly but had a large gash in it like it was cut with a razor or X-acto blade. My steering wheel mount was also very loose. Took some time but just I fixed everything myself.
  11. I used to use a WD hitch when I towed my heavy SW boat (over 10k). It did make a difference as it minimizes the bumper bounce. The bars act as a counter-balance so it keeps the trailer level. I stopped using it when I put air bags on my truck.
  12. Randy,


     What are the domed numbers and fender mount you mention on your discrimination of your boat?

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    2. Havasu


      If you send me your email, I'll send ya some larger pics of both.  I'm limited here to like 10kb so the quality would be terrible.  Randy.

    3. zincit Q

      zincit Q



       Would you have a picture of the letters and fender mounts? Or remember where you found them?  rick@groveplating.com

    4. Havasu


      Email sent.

  13. I have two handhelds, Standard Horizon and a Cobra. Both work fine with about the same range. I'm also a Ham but there aren't enough repeaters around the lake and town accessible while boating to do much good so I just stick with the VHF radios and cell phone (spotty coverage).
  14. I usually run mine about 1/3 up. I experimented with many different settings, running the boat around 30-35, changing the trim up and down and see where the optimum setting should be based on rpm's and speed. Once it's off the trailer, I just set mine at around 3-4 bars and leave it alone the rest of the day.
  15. My tubes are Sharkhided and I use Boat Candy Detailer to wipe them down. It actually makes them a bit shinier and slicker. Works fine.