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  1. I love it!

    The Kicker decks also charges the IPhone/IPOD at the same time. I use an older IPhone (3) as my IPOD and it works perfect. Controlling the source via the remotes also works just as it should. I'm very happy with the Kicker deck. I have the 10.
  2. I have those on mine. They also made me a couple of Bennington decals for my truck.
  3. Fender clips

    I also use EZFenders. Three each side.
  4. Cross Country Lake Havasu Trip

    Well, it seems you're only about 2142 miles away. So, towing at a conservative 55 mph you could be here in about 38 hours. In less than a typical work week you could be out here already enjoying the boating season. You only live once, I say go for it, lol.
  5. Cross Country Lake Havasu Trip

    Just sent you a message. We're already boating out here. Weather is excellent and getting better. Lake is typically pretty quiet in April. Spring Breakers are gone and the Snowbirds heading out. Water temp in the low 70's. Mid April to Memorial Day is one of the best times to be on the lake.
  6. bennington gear

    I had Domed Boat Numbers make me a couple of decals in the size and color of choice. In the Bennington font of course.
  7. Where's all of the new boat pictures?

    I just load the pics to my personal gallery. Then, I retrieve them to insert into thethread.
  8. First trip out for 2017

    Probably not mean more like "deserving." Hate to pop your bubble but I used lots of sunblock, lol.
  9. Benny-on-the-gravel.JPG

    Thanks for the kind words.
  10. First trip out for 2017

    Actually it's Spring Break out here right now. It doesn't really impact the boating too much. The "kids"mostly hang out in the channel where the London Bridge is located. While they're partying and having a good time, most behave themselves and carry on as they should. The saying a few years ago was "come on vacation, leave on probation" was whenit was sort of out of control. Things are much tamer these days.
  11. First trip out for 2017

    First, no it doesn't have to hit 90 to boat but we typically get some wind out here this time of year. We've had other nice days but a bit too breezy for me. I'm good to go once it gets in the 80's. We have a short winter and a very long summer so we also have to pace ourselves, lol. Second, I wasn't teasing. I was, uh, motivating. Yeah motivating. Getting those less fortunate right now to get excited about what's to come.
  12. First trip out for 2017

    Well, the weather in Western Arizona is starting to cooperative nicely so it was only fitting to get the Benny out. Air temp 92, water 66, wind 3 mph. Absolutely stunning day to be on the water.
  13. Benny-on-the-gravel.JPG

    From the album Havasu

    First trip out in 2017.
  14. What do you do?

    First job at 16 was temporarily at the XMAS tree lot on Camp Pendleton. They kept me on to work the Country Store for 2.5 years until after High School. Then got a job working for Printronix (dot matrix printers) in Irvine starting out as a Material Handler working my way up (and taking College night classes) to eventually an Engineering Technician. Worked there 7 years total. Went through the testing process and got hired as a California Highway Patrol (CHP) Cadet. 6 months at the Sacramento Academy, graduated and got assigned to the Baldwin Park Office in East Los Angeles. Worked there for 1.3 years then transferred to San Diego for 3 years. Transferred to the next northern office (Oceanside) and worked there 6.5 years mostly on the graveyard shift. Transferred to the Mammoth Lakes Resident Post for 3 years. Wife said enough of the snow (house was at 7,500 ft.) moved the family back down south to Temecula. 2.5 years there then got hit on my bike (yeah just like CHiPs) on Friday the 13th, 2003 when a 40'stakebed truck came across the double yellow lines and took me out head-on. 1.5 years of therapy, 10 surgeries and got retired after 18 years of service. Started a small (which grew quite large) company building custom fishing rods (fishing was a passion since very young). Everything I did was made to order. Eventually grew allergic to the epoxies and had to give it up. Kids all grown, sold the primary house in Temecula and moved to our second home in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Now, I work (lol) 1 day a week for a couple of hours at a local golf resort for free golf. Also help with weddings and other events as needed. Not really work at all. Married, wife is retired from banking and commercial real estate (although she still dabbles a bit) and have four grown kids (2 girls, 2 boys). Oldest son was Navy for 5 years and now is a Chula Vista (CA) Police Officer, youngest son is a CHP Officer in South Central Los Angeles. Both daughters attended and graduated from the Air Force Academy. One lives in Seattle and the other in San Antonio. Got 3 grandkids. Have played drums for about 38 years. Other than that my life is pretty boring, lol.
  15. Upgrade lack of information

    Seems the Roswell stereo gear is just as secretive as the Roswell alien stuff, lol. I'm sort of a stereo nut and I haven't found much info at all on anything regarding the Roswell stuff.