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  1. Amp power supply

    There isn't sufficient factory wiring under the helm to support an amp. So, you can either run the heavier gauge hot and ground from the battery to a distribution block under the helm or do your other suggestion of just running long RCA cables. Either will work. If you decide to run RCA cables do more than you'll initially use. Run several pairs in case you continue to expand your stereo system even more in the future. I ordered my Q with the Wetsounds speakers withKicker amp and subwoofer (under the front starboard seat). I added a second sub under my rear seating to fill in the low end toward the rear of the boat. Doesn't crank and thump like my wakeboard boat did with 3 amps, subs, tower speakers and in-boats but it sounds quite good for what it is. I also added a sub knob, two additional remotes and tweaked the amp a bit.
  2. Two battery option

    I think so. I always want more than one battery on the boat. Battery + switch and labor to install it (although not hard) is easily worth $300 to me.
  3. Sounds like the nonsense I had with my dealer regarding my front bimini issue. I'd suggest doing what we did and contact Bennington direct. They bent over backwards for us and were very accommodating taking the dealership completely out of the equation. The more I read the posts on here the more I've come to the conclusion that's there's either very good dealerships or very poor ones. Seems lately there's more of the latter. Bennington very well may have contacted your dealership about the flooring but they (the dealership)failed to communicate with you about it.
  4. Warranty On Outboards

    I had twin Yami 150's on my SW boat. They both worked flawlessly for four years without a hiccup. They were easily the most reliable and smoothest running motors I've ever owned (I love my F350 but haven't owned it long enough to give up the "props" to the 150's). If it was any other motor I might seriously consider the extended warranty. I'm not sure how many hours you have on your 150but considering how mine performed I think I'd take my chances without the extended warranty. I'm really not an extended warranty guy. I rarely get them. I got the free extended warranty (6 years - Yamaha promotional gig) on my 150's and never had to use it. I got the same free extended warranty on my F350 and so far haven't had to touch it (other than the initial 20 hour service). Last I heard the guy that bought my SW boat with the 150's hasn't had one problem with the motors. Not sure how many hours are on them but it's easily over 200. Just my .02.
  5. What model do you own (or want to)

  6. Blackout package and scratches

    I've got the black out package and I do one of two things for minor imperfections. I touch up with either a Sharpie or flat black spray paint applied to a Q Tip. Both work great.
  7. 2014 2575RCWB Bimini problem. request photos?

    I had an issue with my front bimini. The main brace across the top was too loose and the sleeve was in the wrong place. Took a year and lots of phone calls but it got resolved to my satisfaction by Bennington. My dealer was absolutely worthless in trying to fix the problem. The service guy wanted to get a new bimini without the sleeve from Bennington (then sew in a new one in the right place) but the Manager wouldn't allow it. Instead he wanted to "experiment" in trying to fix it by adding additional crossmembers and such. No way. I took the boat to a local bimini place andthe sleeve was sewn in half making the bimini much tighter. But, it still wasn't fixed completely. Bennington eventually stepped up to the plate, took the dealer out of the equation and paid for a brand new bimini from the local bimini place I previously visited. It's perfect now. It was an easy fix but my dealer was ridiculous to work with. They had no idea what they were doing. Love Bennington and the boat, can't stand my dealer and would never recommend them to anyone.
  8. What is your "must have" item(s)?

    Definitely sunblock out here. Of course, towels, cooler goodies, IPOD, phone, floatnoodles and VHF radio.
  9. Kicker KMC 1 versus KMC 10 stereo

    Yep. I didn't want to cut mine either but I figured it would be permanent so it was no big deal.
  10. Kicker KMC 1 versus KMC 10 stereo

    That's a great price. Mine was terribly expensive since they were brand new and available from one source at the time (Bennington).
  11. Kicker KMC 1 versus KMC 10 stereo

    For which remote? I think I paid like $300 for the KRC-15. The PCIRCX was much cheaper. Here's where I bought mine. The pics on the site show it with the included cable. https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_70641_Kicker-PXIRCX-40PXIRCX.html
  12. Kicker KMC 1 versus KMC 10 stereo

    I'll double check but I don't recall buying any additional cables. Each remote came with an adequate cable (length) and it just plugs in. If I remember right, the KRC-15has a Y on the cable already so you can just keep adding the same type of remote as many times as you want. The other remote plugs into a different harness plug. I can check the boat tomorrow to confirm but that's what I remember when doing the install. Plug and play for both remotes. And yes, you can never have too many stereo remotes.
  13. Kicker KMC 1 versus KMC 10 stereo

    No problem. Both just plug in under the helm to the stereo deck harness. Very simple.
  14. Kicker KMC 1 versus KMC 10 stereo

    Thanks. I'm not a huge Kicker fan or anything but their stuff seems to work fine for my uses. I've had pretty big stereos in my previous boats and I wanted to keep it clean and simple on the Benny.
  15. Tweaks to factory Roswell Audio System

    Nice. I've never personally listened to a Roswell system but looking around the net they get pretty good reviews. The one item I had to add to my Kicker amp was the bass control knob. I have it tucked behind the throttle so it's pretty stealth. I installed it because I listen to all sorts of different music at different volumes and it's nice to fine tune on the fly. I have the amp adjusted so the knob is about 3/4 most of the time so there's headroom to turn up if necessary and turn down if the music is bass heavy.