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  1. Nice of you to post that. I've spent hours on that site in the past. In my opinion, it seems quite accurate. Never thought to post a link to it. It should help many.
  2. We rarely use ours. There are cup holders everywhere as it is. You might consider waiting and seeing if you think you'd really use them. Note that you also have to remove them every time you want in under a seat. They are mostly just a pain in the ark. Just my two cents and trying to save you $100.
  3. Yep. Second what Andy said. I'm not crazy about those decals, and while black looks better plain, its missing something. The pic Andy posted looks great. I may do that myself...
  4. We have a brand new Gander Mountain. Second one in town. Hasn't opened yet. Wonder if it ever will... Perhaps bad timing. Looks like it should be open. Maybe they never stocked it.
  5. A friend of mine has a hell of a time getting his dog in the boat...
  6. Yep. Cooked a lot of ribeyes on it last summer. For some reason they taste better on the lake!
  7. Don't park near a live wire. Otherwise, you'll be fine. Check the annodes occasionally.
  8. Those look good to put on the front and back decks (outside the fence) as a first line of defense. How high do those things jump?
  9. We have a cat I could use.
  10. Thanks for the tip, but I'm not sure what you're talking about... Smelly stuff in a bag?
  11. The stainless ladder matches the tow bar I have, and they complement each other very nicely, in case that helps anyone with their decision. Also matches my rod holders. Isn't the aluminum ladder anodized? Not sure how well that wears under foot traffic... Probably okay though. I haven't heard anyone complain.
  12. Went to pick up the boat from storage today. Been there nearly 8 months. I found small mouse turds on the back deck. Uh oh... Pulled it home and took off the back of the cover and crawled in. More mouse turds here and there on the carpet next to the couches. I had put dryer sheets and moth balls everywhere, but had a few dozen dryer sheets left over last fall from a 200 count box. So, I left the remaining sheets in the box and put it in an open Walmart bag in the middle of the boat. Guess where I found mouse turds? Inside the Walmart bag AND in the dryer sheet box! Maybe a dozen in the bag, and half dozen in the dryer sheet box. The Walmart bag was definitely chewed on. I couldn't see any cushion damage anywhere thankfully. I took a deep breath as I opened the helm door, knowing how much wiring is in there. No damage. Whew. I will go over the boat in more detail tomorrow (I was just crawling around with most of the cover still on today) but it looks like no damage. Survived a near miss. I also looked under a few seats. Nothing. Checked the wiring in the battery area, and didn't see anything there but the big bag of mothballs I threw in there last fall. So, here's the question. Did the moth balls and dryer sheets attract the mice? Or did they annoy the mice enough that they left before they chewed on anything but the Walmart bag? I'm also wondering if I should scatter a bunch of Walmart bags around the boat next year as "sacrificial anodes"... I think the dryer sheets and mothballs were lavender flavored, in case anyone was wondering.
  13. For as much as we use our pump, it would be nice to permanently install one under a seat, then have one of those whole house vacuum setups where you just plug in the hose. It would be much quieter.
  14. I'm on my second strap for the stainless telescoping, but they are only $10.
  15. I had a pin hole in a weld. Drilled second hole to drain water, then had both welded shut by an aluminum welder. Bennington reimbursed me. Had to go thru my dealer to get the approvals, but my dealer didn't have to do any work. I found a local guy, took my boat there, had it welded, took boat back to marina. You could do the same thing. Tell your dealer you prefer to have it welded, and you want them to get the approval from Bennington.