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  1. Speakers

    I think mine are KM6200. I'm still looking for the email. I must have emailed the dealer from home instead of work. I'll look tonight. Could also be KM6000 or 6130. All are similar. Tweeter sizes differ...
  2. Yes. Bluetooth and a cell phone.
  3. Speakers

    I do somewhere. I had one blow last season and had to get it replaced under warranty. I'll see if I can find the emails tomorrow.
  4. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    I'm not sure even a 150 has enough torque to justify a SS prop. I have a high end Enertis SS and a cheap aluminum quicksilver Black Diamond (same as Black Max in the quicksilver line) and I think there's only 1 mph speed difference. The Enertia rocks as far as handling though. No blowout compared to the black max. On a 115, prop design could be more important than the metal. Remember, an aluminum is MUCH lighter and can spin up faster, so it could perform better than SS for smaller engine sizes. Plus aluminum is quieter - no rattle.
  5. I've had good luck on carpet drilling backwards and pressing hard until the fibers are out of the way, then put the drill in forward and drill the hole. Drilling backwards won't grab and snag a fibre, but you have to press hard to mash them out of the way. I don't have seagrass, but I've seen it. I'd probably cut a circle with a knife first assuming you only have a few holes to drill.
  6. Max Wind Speed

    I'm going to tuck that one away in the back of my mind. Thanks for posting. Great emergency plan. Especially if the tornado sirens are going off. We got caught in a storm once on the water. It was one of my first times out too. Not fun.
  7. How to dock a boat

    I go out a lot alone, and docking in heavy wind by yourself is tricky. What I've done a couple times trying to parallel park at the gas dock with a cross wind that blows you away from the dock is come in bow first, tie off the front port cleat to the dock, then have a long line tied to the port rear cleat, and carry the opposite end with me when hopping on the dock. Then I pull the back end of the boat to the dock. You have to have a long line to do this, but it works. +10 on the boat hook.
  8. Bennington's market position Autumn 2016

    Is there an update to that JD Powers owners issues/quality graph from years ago? That one means more to me than this one. Don't get me wrong. This graph is good to see. But a high quality boat with low market share says to me my boat will hold its value over time... (High demand, low supply.)
  9. Bennington's market position Autumn 2016

    I thought they bought four companies... Was it just three?
  10. Max Wind Speed

    At what wind speed will you not go boating? For me it's 17 mph. Anything over that is pretty miserable. Rough water. Hard docking. Loose stuff blows out of the boat all day. Hard to hear people talk. Anchor slips. Etc. Just curious what people use as a cutoff to call it a day.

    Diameter is on the short side, so it might not be too bad. I am curious to see your results... Main thing is to make sure your RPMs stay high enough per Yamaha specs. You are right to be concerned with the high pitch though... You don't want to lug a new motor!
  12. Swim Dock overhaul..

    We rented a lake house a couple years ago, and they had a swim platform like this anchored just off the shore in about 8 feet of water. Our kids must have jumped off that thing about 1000 times that week. They spent hours playing on it every day we were there. We're going back there this summer, mostly because of that stupid swim platform. Who'd of thought? Your kids or grandkids will love this thing when you get it all done! Maybe you can find some kind of plastic non-skid surface to put over the wood... Keep posting the photos! Looks great! By the way, they just had a concrete block tied to a rope, and the rope tied to the center of the underside. Easy to pull back to shore when needed, or at the end of the season. It stayed in place just fine, but there wasn't much for wind or storms when we were there. Put a GOOD ladder on it. And a Bennington sticker. Kids will love it.
  13. Time for Another Forum Contest

    If you know who's going to win, just wait until they post, then copy them! Ha ha.
  14. Time for Another Forum Contest

    Sorry, #4 was meant to be a tie breaker in case you picked two on the same date. So, just pick the earlier of those two. Like Jarred did.
  15. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Great looking boat!!! Thanks for sharing all the pics. Since I have an older boat, and the nearest dealer is an hour away, this is about the only way I get to see Bennington's latest advancements.