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  1. I added that to my original post right after I posted it, but I was too slowand you caught me!
  2. If you passed out while driving, and don't fall out, the circle of death may give you time to come to before running into something. Hydraulic will keep you going in a straight line until you run out of lake!
  3. The circle of death refers to falling out of a boat with cable steering, and the prop torque causes that boat to turn around and come back at you. If it misses you, it will come around again and again. Hopefully you are not unconscious and can swim away. Another fix for this would be to have a gas pedal like a car. If you fall out, boat stops. Or wear your kill switch safety lanyard. This isn't a big risk in a pontoon boat though. More of a danger for low profile bass boats and such where it's easier to be ejected if you hit something.
  4. Touch-up paint

    My Dad always said if you don't like the clunksandrattles your car makes, turn up the radio. So, put a Bennington sticker over the scratch!
  5. I have cable steering with a 150. We do a lot of water sports, and anything other than a straight lineis two-handed at running speed. It's not superdifficult though. I look at it as good exercise. Docking with cable steering is almost one-fingereasy though, because there is no steering torque at idle.If that's allyou are worried about, there's no need to worry! Like Carl said, you might be fine with cable. I've been struggling with whether adding hydraulic without also adding power steering would be a waste of $1200, and I've concluded it probably would be a waste. The only real benefit would be having no steering torque while going in a straight line at speed. With the cable steering,I can't let go of the wheel without it turning hard over on its own. So, there is a safety benefit to hydraulic without power. There isno circle of death risk. You can DEFINITELY dock with one hand with cable steering though. I'm more of the opinion that one should eitherget both hydraulic and a power steering pump, or neither.
  6. Yamaha SDS or not for F150

    You'll want a Flo Torq 4 hub kit. Get the right size. $90. No rattle. Best prop? You just touched the tip of the iceberg with that question...
  7. Looks like I'm upgrading

    Nice build Todd! What about an extended deck? Great to fish from. Maybe that's just an S option? Oh, by the way, thanks again for the prop!
  8. Striker 4

    Anyone replace their old Garmin Echo 100 with the Striker 4? Pretty sure the 100 was what Bennington put on MANY of their boats the last few years (I'd have to check). Just wondering if it would cover the dash hole left from the 100 and if it uses the same transducer or not. Color. GPS (speed) built in. https://www.amazon.com/Garmin-010-01550-00-Striker-Bbuilt-Finder/dp/B017NI17HQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1487551325&sr=1-1&keywords=garmin+echo+100 Even if you didn't do a replacement, does anyone have one of these? Like it?
  9. Yamaha SDS or not for F150

    My Merc 150 runs silent on an aluminum. Put stainless on it and it rattles so bad guests that don't know what the noise is wonder if we're going to make it back to the marina! If your aluminum is already rattling, I'm betting you'll wish you went with the SDS for your new prop. Someone with your setup will chime in, but I'd go SDS. On the Merc side, it would be less than a $50 upgrade. I cake my hub thick with grease, and it helps deaden the rattle quite a bit, but it still makes a lot of noise. I'll be upgrading before boating season this year. Welcome back!
  10. Glad you got this resolved. After years of seeing it on this forum, there was no doubt in my mind that Bennington would make it right with you. But, there goes our marina idea.
  11. Yamaha ECM Recall

    Andy, with your luck, your problems are just beginning...
  12. Best Bennington Dealer in Wisconsin

    Wow. That is pretty cool!
  13. I'd like that too. And owning a marina.
  14. Your dealer is acting like a child. If you treat him like his behavior is okay, he'll continue to treat others that way too. You tried to treat him as an adult, and that didn't work. Unfortunately, sounds like its time to treat him like a child... Good luck with this. Keep us posted.
  15. I'm sure Bennington will fix it. I hope they still make the floor you ordered. Like Bob, I vaguely remember other posts about that color too. You might look those up.