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  1. Kicker Sub and Simrad GPS

    Well let's see some legs!!
  2. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    You probably have some old people out there shaking their cane in the air yelling "Slow it down ya maniac you're eroding the shores!!!" Then turns to his wife, "that damn Dave and his hot rods!" Haha
  3. Filling NOT Spilling

    There is actually a little hole on the bottom of the nozzel that allows air back in. As soon as fluid covers that hole at all, it kicks off. If you are locked into the full open position it can sometimes not be fast enough.
  4. Kicker Sub and Simrad GPS

    Seems like some negativity there! I would check the levels ON the sub. I'm assuming the Kicker has the same adjustments as the Wet Sounds. Turn down your Bass Boost and find a happy medium between speaker volume / output and sub output so that one isn't overpowering the other. The only real possible rattle point is the helm door, so get some of that edge banding like Mr. G posted and / or some weatherstripping and I think that should eliminate a lot of rattle. I have the sub under my helm and really don't have any problems whatsoever. I also have 1000w of power to two 10's in my rear loungers and don't have much problem. Does the seat vibrate? Damn right it does!!!! Haha kinda like a built in massager! As for Gaurdrail's radio problem, what are you doing to the radios that they keep getting wet? My first one on my GLi was dash mounted and never had a problem, just made sure to cover the boat always and kept the little cover closed if it happened to start raining while out on the boat. The last two R's have it under the helm, so if water gets to it there, I have a MUCH bigger problem than the radio not working!!! Hehe Back to Steve, as I said, check your output volumes on the sub and see if they are all cranked
  5. How old are you, and still ski?

    This was in the indoor pool!! Hehe wouldn't be much use of an outdoor pool in Thompson Manitoba Canada!! We were the North of the North!!
  6. How old are you, and still ski?

    I know this is old, I've just been clicking on that "Next unread topic" button this past little while! I was never a great water skier, I could easily get up and cruise around, do some hard cuts, but that was it. I did however LEARN to ski in an unlikely place, our community pool! I was quite young, but I still remember holding on to that rope trying to get up. The funny part is that what was attached to the other end of that rope was a couple of teenagers running! Haha the rope went through a pulley in the center of the far edge of the pool, then over to another pulley on the corner, then attached to the two teens who would run along the edge of the pool (coming towards you) to pull you up! I'm not sure how much money those teens made that day, but they earned every penny pulling all of us out of the water!!
  7. Did I buy enough?

    Good choice P Tuna! I think you will be more than happy with the 150. I had the 200 on my 2275 RCW w/ESP and speed wise it was plenty. Blew by lots of V hulls all the time. Only reason we traded in that boat was the tower model came out shortly after we got our "last boat we'll ever buy" and we decided we wanted it, and my dealer wanted me to have it! We originally had spec'd it with a 200 again, but then figured with the extra weight of the Sport Tower and the fact that the wife wanted to be SURE this one was our last boat, we up'd it to the 250. Only saw about 2 mph difference between the two. Of course we hadn't thought about the 290lbs of batteries too!! Haha This seems to have cured the PADS so well that it has me trying to sell the boat without even having another on order!
  8. Trolling Motor Battery recommendation

    Don't have a trolling motor, but if they work for my stereo, I guarantee they can handle it!! Hehe I use Northstar Thin Plate Pure Lead batteries. They aren't cheap, but they can discharge lower than any other type of battery without negative effects. Odyssey are along the same lines. Probably overkill for just a trolling motor, but that's how I do things.
  9. Ski Tow Bar

    Ya, but not sure what it would look like on his particular boat. Hehe The pylon is great, and as mentioned, is removable. But you might need one of those rubber strap / lashing wrenches to untwist it. Mine is in there solid, luckily, I never remove it!
  10. And, now I know where my first upgrade will be.

    Maybe I need to get the soldering tip. I have the same torch, but no tip so never tried it. I originally got the TK950 for my RC car. Since my boat sits in my driveway, having power is not a problem.
  11. And, now I know where my first upgrade will be.

    If looking for a great soldering iron for a reasonable price, get this TK950! I have it and love it. It can handle some thicker gauge wires with no problem! http://www.towerhobbies.com/products/trakpower/tkpr0950.html
  12. HO Sports Atomic Tube

    I'm not looking for me, I already have 3 tubes and I'm trying to sell my boat! I was looking for you. It's the Canadian way! Haha
  13. I could probably be the Canadian liaison!! Then I could write off the boat payments, you know, as my business office.
  14. HO Sports Atomic Tube

    I was looking for an HO Delta 4 as well as it seems pretty similar.
  15. PADs Backwards

    I know this is old, but thought I'd mention, don't forget to build in some sort of waterproof area for keys and cellphones etc. Actually , something similar to this,https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32283833227.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&productId=32283833227&productSubject=400-300-170mm-Clear-Cover-Lid-Waterproof-Enclosures-for-Electronics-With-Lock-PC-Material-Plastic-Enclosure&spm=2114.40010308.4.14.5gQqeJ#autostay Inset into the dash or something.