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  1. F300 vs. 250 SHO

    I don't have any issues with my 250 SHO and with the added weight of the tower and "gear" it moves the boat great. I think I was topping out at 44-46mph, which is plenty fast enough. Don't get me wrong, more usually seems better, but the difference between my last boat (same boat without tower and a 200 SHO) was only about 3-4mph. Now I know some with my same layout, without all the extra weight are reporting in the 48mph range, but unless you are doing long full out runs, I don't think it would be a huge difference, what is the weight difference between the two? If I remember correctly the SHO was 515lbs. Not sure what the price difference is, but weigh out if going 2-3mph faster is worth the extra. Oh, and also the added cost of the digital controls, although that may be something you like.
  2. Anyone know the height of these things???

    Hey folks, just wondering if anyone has a good idea of the height from the waterline to the top of my Sport Tower? Before all you smarta**es start in, I realize there are many factors and this IS kind of a dumb question, I'm used to asking dumb questions!! haha I know that each boat will sit in the water a little different than the next one based on what the boat is loaded up with, and as we know, mine is with stereo batteries and myself!! I believe from the top of my deck to the top of the tower it was in the neighborhood of 86-90", and I'm assuming that the deck down to the water is in the 12-16" range. What are your thoughts based on this picture? My boat is in storage and someone who was looking at purchasing it needs to know the height for his boathouse. I may have to just make the 3.5 hour round trip drive to go check, but thought I'd check here first. Thanks!
  3. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Probably still time to change up to an R!! Haha! Happy to hear you have made the decision. The worst is the wait. Of course you realize that you are actually setting yourself up to be reinfected with PADS quite quickly..... You don't have to ask how I know! I only wish I could get the hours out on mine that you do. I guess if I could then I wouldn't be trying to sell it. 43 hours in about 2 and a half seasons just isn't right! If you have any desire to do stereo upgrades or lighting, or whichever, talk to them now and see if they can run some pull rope for you during the build, very handy!
  4. Two battery option

    Definitely recommend the second battery! Or in my case a 3rd and a 4th! If you are handy you can do it yourself, there are a couple of good kits out there. Guess it just depends if you want to save the $100 and do it yourself.
  5. Alarm system - Installed!

    Wow! That's awesome! If I had my boat just left at a marina I would definitely consider that! Wonder what kind of battery drain there is?
  6. SPS Plus

    The speed difference between the 200 and a 250 is very small. Now I suppose when I bought the new one with a 250hp, I also added the weight of the Sport Tower and the equivalent of 1.5 adults ( batteries and stereo gear), but it was only a couple mph faster. Now an exact displacement replacement would have prob got me about 5-6 mph more. Definitely not worth $6300! You'll love it!
  7. Bennington Owners Age

  8. Winter Storage - What would you do?

    Why don't you just tarp all around the carport? Get the thick heavy stuff and attach it all around the 3 sides, then get a section for the front. Nothing is permanent so I can't see it being a problem. Just a thought.
  9. Just a heads up, Bennington has nothing to do with your prop. They don't supply props with boats, your dealer does. I still agree that it is ridiculous that you don't have that prop by now, I'll try to remember to check with my Yamaha dealer if he happens to have one. Unlikely, but worth asking.
  10. The damage is done...

    That's Sempers' moto too! Hehe
  11. ski-tube bar

    Get a factory one. It is incredible the amount of force pulling a tube or waterskier put on the tow bar. There's a reason why many toon makers have disclaimers on their tow bars saying not to tow tubes, Bennington does not. There's a lot of calculations and design that go into it being strong and safe. Plus you don't want to negate any warranty if you still have some. Just my opinion.
  12. Storage options

    Haha, how is it that I never saw this comment for 2 1/2 years!! Haha
  13. Who's been towed?!?

    We towed a fellow boater in while on the water test with my dealer. My first boat, first time on a pontoon, and first tow all in an hour! Haha Here it is against the law to leave a stranded boater. I don't know the specifics, but help must be offered.
  14. Give a guy a break!

    Well, for those of you that care about my problems ( ) here is the latest update! So went on Monday to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where they have the vet college to get Lulu's tumor looked at. I had taken the week off because the hope/thought was that they would look at it on Monday and do the surgery on Tuesday or Wednesday. Well we met with the Radiologist first because the surgeon was in surgery. She went through all the details, which we mostly already knew, but they need to go through them anyway. Then she needed to take Lulu for chest x-rays to see if the cancer had spread to her lungs. So she did that and after a while she came out and the surgeon was finally finished up in surgery and had about a 10 minute window to look at Lu. Well she looked at the size of the tumor and location and said that at best it would be a 50/50 chance that it would come back just due to the simple fact that there really is no way to take it all out. So with that in mind we have decided to do the Stereotactic Radiation Therapy. Even though there isn't and data on its success rates in animals since mostly up until this point it is used in humans with brain tumors and such where they need to be pin point accurate with the radiation so as to not damage near as many normal cells. Unfortunately, by this time it was late afternoon Monday so we were unable to get the CT scan done until Tuesday morning and since there is pretty much one guy (who is in Calgary) that maps out the exact spots of the tumor and the level of radiation to apply to each of those spots, there was no way it was going to be ready to start on Wednesday. So we came home and will have to go back most likely for Monday morning to do the 3 days of radiation. As for the boat, well it's still in my driveway. I haven't decided to sell or not, although a guy called me out of the blue asking about it and may want to come take a look at it. Itold him too cheap of a price but at the moment, I could just use the money since the $3000 for surgeryjust turned into about $8500 for radiationafter hotels and travel and food. I guess we'll see, but not holding my breath.
  15. The boats worn out.....time for a new one??

    Imagine the looks on others faces when you show up with a 2014 2275RCW with a wakeboard tower and a 2_0 horser hanging on the back! If you scratch out the 5! Haha