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  1. Key West

    Just " happened" to be fantasy fest did it???? You ol' hound dog you!! Haha
  2. Boat name voting

    I was going to say Standing Still, and not because its a 20hp, but because time stands still when you get a beautiful day on the lake.
  3. Ready to finalize order on 25 RSB

    I think you'll be very pleased!
  4. Mid America Trailer Good Choice?

    How close are you to Canada?? I know this guy there with a 250....... Hehehe Just kidding
  5. Ready to finalize order on 25 RSB

    Personally, definitely get the raised helm, you may have already ordered it, but keep in mind that the raised helm also gives more storage under the helm, plus, did you SEE the pic Semp posted???? It's gorgeous! Haha. As for horsepower, keep in mind mine is only a 2275, but many with the same setup, without the tower, are in the 46-49mph range. I'm at about 44.6, my 200hp I had before on the exact same boat without the tower was 42-44. The top speed increase is hardly worth going for a 300 over 250. I also don't really think the holeshot is going to be THAT huge a difference to offset the increased weight and more so, the cost. Now don't get me wrong, the strut to and from the pontoon with a 300hp is I'm sure VERY rewarding, but personally the long days spent in the elevated helm relaxing are probably your best bang for your buck.
  6. Bennington owners cribs

    I can see it too. Maybe an Ewok, with their littl cloak hoods. There's also kind of a cartoonish creepy face at a 90 degree beside it.
  7. Yamaha F115 Stainless Prop Guidance Please

    While I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable person on here about props, or much mind you, I'm not sure you'll see much performance gain on a 115. One reason to switch to a SS is high hp / torque motors will cause an aluminum prop to distort from its designed pitch, causing lost acceleration / bite in the water. A 115 I would think may be right on the edge of needing. I would say for a 150 for sure, but maybe someone can chime in if they've ever noticed a performance gain on a 115. Now there is also another consideration when it comes to props, bottom surface. Rocky bottoms may cause more damage to an aluminum prop, but save your lower unit, SS may not be affected by some small stones, but a big one could cause damage considering that the prop blades may be more solid than parts in the lower unit. What kind of lake bottoms are you usually in?
  8. Electric water hose

    Now this is an old topic, and I remember many times members have talked about cleaning their toons at a sandbar and using this portable washdown. I saw this in my local flyer and thought some of you may find it useful! https://garagespot.com/worx-hydroshot-wg629-cordless-pressure-cleaner/worx-hydroshot-wg629-pressure-washer/
  9. You could also check out http://www.boatmatetrailers.com/index.php They do trailers for all the towboats, and now have pontoon boats as well. If you look under the pontoon link it shows additional options, and triple axle is one. I have an EZ Loader Custom Executive Trailer, but not sure if they have a triple axle option. It doesn't show on their website, but a call to their CUSTOM division could prove useful. I do love my trailer. Although those Boatmate ones have some slick looking rims! If you look on the Boatmate gallery, there are 2 pics of a triple axle Pontoon trailer.
  10. Old ads, photos, marketing

    You work for McKesson? I'm a courier and deliver it to all the pharmacy's! Well except for one, who gets Kohl & Frisch
  11. Old ads, photos, marketing

    That could be your "turbo boost" Dave!! For when a storms coming! Hehe
  12. Time for Another Forum Contest

    Topics - April 28 Posts - May 4 Members July 3rd
  13. Where does your Benny rest?

    Never mind, ILB already did it! Haha
  14. What do you take along?

    I just try to remember to bring the wife, I have found out over the years that she remembers EVERYTHING!! Although it is usually my job to grab ice, and for obvious reasons, I never forget that!
  15. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Come on Dave, if it's Red, it's gotta be cool!!