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  1. I believe this is what you are looking for
  2. Hmm, so I looked at the link you provided earlier, I see it says 4-6 Ohm. What does it say on the back of the speaker? I'm almost wondering if it is a 6 Ohm speaker, than the path of least resistance would be through the factory 4 Ohm speaker, which I believe would be why you would be getting almost no sound from the add on speakers. If I remember my physics right. I would try just disconnecting the factory speaker and see what happens. I could be way off base here too, probably someone smarter than me can correct if my thinking is incorrect.
  3. I have the ProNautic 1250p charger and it is great for my battery banks. They do make some smaller ones that would work great for you too.
  4. When you say you "spliced" into the wire, did you just cut one of the +/- joined wires and add in another +/-? Or did you run it from the speakers tabs? Did the speaker you tapped into also lose sound, or does it sound the same as before? How many speakers did you originally have on your boat? And yes Carl is right, the RCA'S are your pre-out for an amp.
  5. It is totally unacceptable the way it is!! Quick question, and maybe it's a dumb one, did you try scrubbing at it? The reason I ask is , and I have no experience with this next part, I didn't think that the acid wash would "rub off" like your picture shows. I was under the impression that it was almost like an etching. Although now that I type it I remember people polishing after acid washing. It just reminds me a little of how some vehicles look from wet gravel type roads. Maybe after they do the calcium spray to keep dust down. I guess I'm sure you tried to wash it though.
  6. Wow. You sure do get to explore some amazing places! Thanks again for sharing them.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Are we reading different topics??? If not, I'll come visit and take a crap in your livewell, see how that works!
  9. No, wasn't available because of the tower. Doesn't really make sense since it's more than tall enough, but was only available on the 25'
  10. I'm meaning while the boat is being used. My model doesn't have a spot for it, wasn't an option, because of the tower. I guess I should have used the term stowed as opposed to stored.
  11. Howdi folks, quick question, do any of you store your porta potti under you helm (R raised would be even better)? If you do, what do you have? Any issues? Thanks
  12. You will have no issues with the Denali. I use my Escalade, it's the only vehicle we have. Once and a while the previous year I would get a little wheel slip up front just from the ramp being wet and sandy, my tires which I had been putting off replacing definitely didn't help! The 6.2L is a great engine, much better than my 2003 Tahoe with the 5.3.
  13. Okay, but being level with with the pontoon isn't the deciding factor. Where the plate is while on plane is. Maybe level is a good starting point, but each could be slightly different.
  14. Actually, I'm pretty sure that the cavitation plate should be even with the top of the water while on plane. I think someone posted a video quite a while back about it. I could be wrong though.
  15. Works on my phone, here's the link again