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  1. There isn't a boot on a sport tower. There's one for a sport arch or a cladded sport arch. Just so you ask them for the right thing.
  2. Yes, my brother in law is a LEO, which is why I had originally looked at the Nitecore, for him seeing is living! For me to use to pick up dog poo at night is a little harder to justify! Haha hence why I haven't bought one yet
  3. Didn't see any mention of in floor storage, you can NEVER have too much storage!!
  4. I keep looking at these https://www.amazon.com/Nitecore-Monster-Flashlight-Searchlight-EdisonBright/dp/B018T61JR4/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1502316818&sr=8-5&keywords=nitecore+tm06s Expensive, but have read some good reviews, always some bad ones.
  5. More betterer. I did a quick check on "the Google" and one of the racing forums were saying that their racing props were usually Satin finished, just to add a little extra bite. I have no experience in the matter, just relaying info.
  6. Wasn't there something on here a while back saying you shouldn't wax your prop? I thought it said something about the prop losing some of its "bite" .
  7. If I remember correctly I think the two vs one piece had something to do with the privacy / change room option. That was a while ago though.
  8. I've never gotten water in this boat, but my last one did somehow. I wondered if it was from doing hard turns and it getting in from spray. If it was just the wife and I cruising it was bone dry, but going tubing and horsing around I would sometimes have a little. I never left it on auto, I could see if you were just moored somewhere overnight. We always just lifted the little hatch in the rear when boat was parked on an uphill slant and see if there was any. I've never even turned this one on!
  9. Nope, still in storage. Had a guy come look at it Sunday, but not feeling hopeful. Pretty sure my tongue was bleeding when I bit it when he said Berkshire was at the same level as Bennington.
  10. Sure wish mine would go like this! Talk to the rep again and see if he knows someone for mine! Haha
  11. Do you have just the single battery or the dual battery setup? Just wondering if you have the distribution panel by your main battery, if you do, I believe there's also a fuse there for the output to the dash. If not, I'm willing to bet it's just that switch on the dash not on, or the connection loose under the dash, only thing I can think of that makes sense. Good luck!
  12. I like my EZ Loader Custom Executive series trailer, Boatmate makes some nice flashy trailers too
  13. Did you flip the "main power" switch? Mines on the far right of the dash.
  14. Dave had 15 on his boat once, kid on shore playing with his RC boat asked if he need a tow!! Sorry Dave! Me and my Storage Queen should shut up, wish I got out as much as you!
  15. I can easily hear mine while moving! And if it's just me and the wife, well I'd rather hear the music!! Haha