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  1. That sounds a little much to me unless your putting all that extra load right on the bow of the boat. My rule of thumb is deduct 1 mph max for every person added (evenly distributed), you seem to be doubling that... Sounds like you MAY be over propped. Make sure you are at max RPM's with your current prop with a very light load. Good luck! Dan
  2. For a pontoon boat it's very tough to beat a "Digger" anchor. No chain required or recommended which is really nice to keep scratches and mud off your toon. The Digger also pops open with a pull of the rope when vertical to self clean. I have had mine for eight years now and its been just great. Sets first time nearly every time and holds really well!! Good Luck Dan
  3. My guess is you have water in one of your toons. Pull your boat out of the water and make certain you have no water in any area of your pontoon. I would be suspicious of the center nosecone myself. Just a thought and good luck figuring it out! Dan
  4. I'll try and find some pics but I can assure you it resembles nothing like grandmas sofa! The covers are templated and made at the factory. My Manitou covers were all made by Manitou, my Premier covers were made by Premier, and my Bennington covers are made by Bennington and are actually being fitted to my boat this week. Sometimes extra J-clips are needed on the outside and snaps on the inside to ensure they stay on when going 50 MPH. The Manitou utilized all snaps which I installed. I have yet to have an issue in 9 years... I only use the mooring cover for long term winter storage. I live on an island all summer. My boat is my main daily transportation. I could not imagine having to deal with a mooring cover everyday. I honestly find seat covers offer more protection as they are only removed when the extra seating is needed. Dan
  5. Why not just use individual seat and helm covers??... I agree messing with the mooring cover sucks! My boat stays in the water exposed all summer and seat covers offer great protection with a LOT less hassle. The nice thing about seat covers is the only seats you need to uncover are the ones your using, so if its only you and your significant other the rest of the seat covers stay on protecting your seats from the sun. I modify my covers so they stay on at WOT without issue, been doing it this way for years without a problem. The only thing exposed is the floor and I haven't had any issue at all with my last two boats which had vinyl. My first pontoon had carpet and honestly I always thought it was better to leave it exposed to dry and prevent any mold growth. Covering it totally seemed to promote mold growth... Dan
  6. Did you end up getting the boat???
  7. I have a 2572 QCW with the Yamaha 350 V-8 and it's pretty awesome! If they are offering you a 2572 for the same price as the 2372 with the same motor it's a no brainier unless the extra 2' affects your docking situation. Yes, you will lose a couple mph obviously because the 2572 is bigger and heavier, still well worth it in my opinion to have the extra room and better ride of a bigger boat. The Yammy 300 will push that boat around just fine in my opinion... Good luck! Dan
  8. Heck, that's an easy and cheap fix! Be thankful that's all it is! You will be on the water in a matter of minutes. Good luck! Dan
  9. This is great info! Thank you so much for your considerate reply! I am pretty sure this will work as my dash is as you described. Thanks again! Dan
  10. Gee Thanks for the great info... Big help...and what would be correctly in your opinion. Obviously the way Bennington does it is not correct... or maybe they should be installing non-volatile memory radios...ya think?? Nothing like having to re tune your radio from scratch every time you use it!!
  11. Thanks and understood, the only problem is my boat has two dash helms, one on the port side where the radio is and one on the starboard side where the master on/off switch is. They are not connected whatsoever. Running a wire between the two would require pulling the boat out of the water and major surgery. Was looking for a quick fix for this season... Thanks! Dan
  12. If my above formula is correct, this battery should last 71 days. Now if you simply attach a battery tender quick disconnect and charge it occassionally it would last a few years I would think... This would eliminate having to reroute and run wires all the way back to the main batteries and then still dealing with the main battery switch... Any better ideas??
  13. OK so I just did a little googling...It looks like the memory function of a radio uses aproximately .007 amps per hour or 7 milliamps. An A23 battery has 55 MAH of power so if my calculations are correct, the battery would only last 7.8 hours...??? I guess that would mean a standard 100 amp hour battery would last just under 75 days...?? I hope someone who knows a little more about electricity will chime in because electricity is not my bag whatsoever! Thanks! Dan
  14. Exactly my thought...