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  1. Jb75, I could be wrong on the 14" diameter as it may be 14.25 or 14.5. No markings on the prop but I do know that its 19P. We are going to try a few different props (3 and 4 blade) and experiment with dropping the motor down to the transom. The Honda Rep is coming in in a couple of weeks to help. There is not much test info on the Honda 250 on pontoons.
  2. I'm running a 19 pitch on my 250
  3. We're in Venice on the Gulf.
  4. Ok guys, I have a 2250 ESP with a 250 Honda. Run great. 47 mph at 6000 and cruise at 25 mph at about 3200. I'm turning a Honda prop 14x19 and the motor is mounted 1 hole up At cruising speed with 25 gals fuel and 2 people and trimmed about 1/8 to 1/4 up in anything but smooth water I get a little cavitation every time we go over some waves What prop might help this? We (the dealer and I) are going to start testing props. Maybe a Enertia? I don't want a 4 blade.
  5. Link, what part of Florida? We just got back ourselves the end of March. We're on the west coast.
  6. So true Link. Guardrail, we had a issue with the decking and seats that could only be redone at the factory. I was in contact with the warranty team most of he way. Bennington called me Friday and said my dealer would have the boat on Saturday. My dealer called Saturday am to say that they had it. Mike
  7. We had some warranty issues on our new boat last year that only could be repaired at the factory! My dealer at the end of the season prepped the boat for transport and the factory arranged pickup. After 4 months Bennington called me and my boat was finished and being prepped for transport. My dealer called and they have it and getting it ready for the season. JUST IN TIME!!! Thanks Bennington!
  8. Thanks guys.
  9. When I'm driving our boat, I can't hardly hear the speakers because there are no rear speaker so I am adding 2 Bimini mounted speakers. I'm hoping that they will work fine without adding a amplifier. Has anyone had success doing this without the amp? Thanks Mike
  10. How about this? http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-WeatherSafe-Boat-Motor-Covers/product/10200433/
  11. My boat is at the factory waiting on all new skin on my furniture. Bennington has told me it may a while because the company that Bennington uses for their furniture is behind schedule bacause the new material (Simtex) is harder to cut out the patterns in, thus putting the production line and warranty repairs behind...
  12. Lifting the 5 gallon can is a pain. How about this? https://smile.amazon.com/TERAPUMP-Generation-Non-spill-Auto-Stop-attachment/dp/B00M1WBRKM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1490405074&sr=8-2&keywords=battery+fuel+transfer+pump
  13. My Honda manual says to use 86 or higher octane fuel with no more than10% Ethanol. So I think by that specification in the manual that I should be able to run almost anything.
  14. Ok guys, I can't find anything in the regs that say I must have a paddle. I hear from both sides, some say yes and some say no. Now granted, with a overall length of 25 foot a paddle would be all but useless! Any Ideas?
  15. We have been to LC, Dale Hollow, Laurel Lake and Norris. They are all within 100 or so miles of each other. Cumberland and Laurel are a equal distance from you in Kentucky, then Dale Hollow and Norris in Tennessee. We saw the cleanest water at Laurel Lake but it is the smallest. LC is by far the biggest. We ended up liking Norris the best because of the floating houses (Flat Hollow Marine), and the many coves and sections to explore. Now our kids go there over LC and they think it's the best. Google Map all 4 and look at them.