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  1. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    Lifting the 5 gallon can is a pain. How about this? https://smile.amazon.com/TERAPUMP-Generation-Non-spill-Auto-Stop-attachment/dp/B00M1WBRKM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1490405074&sr=8-2&keywords=battery+fuel+transfer+pump
  2. Ethanol VS Non-Ethanol Fuels and Sta-bil Marine 360

    My Honda manual says to use 86 or higher octane fuel with no more than10% Ethanol. So I think by that specification in the manual that I should be able to run almost anything.
  3. Paddle

    Ok guys, I can't find anything in the regs that say I must have a paddle. I hear from both sides, some say yes and some say no. Now granted, with a overall length of 25 foot a paddle would be all but useless! Any Ideas?
  4. Houseboat Vacation: Lake Cumberland or Norris Lake

    We have been to LC, Dale Hollow, Laurel Lake and Norris. They are all within 100 or so miles of each other. Cumberland and Laurel are a equal distance from you in Kentucky, then Dale Hollow and Norris in Tennessee. We saw the cleanest water at Laurel Lake but it is the smallest. LC is by far the biggest. We ended up liking Norris the best because of the floating houses (Flat Hollow Marine), and the many coves and sections to explore. Now our kids go there over LC and they think it's the best. Google Map all 4 and look at them.
  5. Ethanol VS Non-Ethanol Fuels and Sta-bil Marine 360

    I just talk to another dealer and he said that with my engine @ 4000 RPMs I should use about 10 gallons an hour.
  6. Ethanol VS Non-Ethanol Fuels and Sta-bil Marine 360

    This is why I'm asking. I have used 10% ethanol fuel for since it came out in everything I own including all my boats, mowers, blowers , weed eaters, well you get the picture. And I have never had a problem with anything. I don't even run my fuel out of my mower at the end of season and it's 20 years old and never had any problems. Since we are paying 2.29 a gallon for gas for the car and 4.00 at the fuel dock for the boat, (and my boat is VERY VERY thirsty) you can see why I'm asking. I've never had a boat go through this much fuel!!!! Over 600.00 in fuel for 40 hours on the engine averaging 3000 to 3500 RPMs!!
  7. Ethanol VS Non-Ethanol Fuels and Sta-bil Marine 360

    I just re-read the owners manual and it states 10% or less, but there are stickers on it saying non-ethanol only. Just making sure!
  8. Looking for opinions and/or real time knowledge. I have a 2016 Honda 250 and I see decals stating (non-ethanol fuels). Considering this engine is the basically the same engine that's in the Accord (V-Tec), why non-ethanol? I use Sta-bil Marine 360 all the time and we're on the water every week, considering a 2 dollar a gallon difference in my area and a 53 gallon tank, will I be OK using Ethanol fuels? My boat/engine combination is very thirsty and I'm just trying to ease the $$ crunch next season! My Dealer is not saying much either way. Thanks Mike
  9. Help with 2016 Bennington 2275GCW- G Series

    I so much agree. I have the SeaStar option and driving my 250 is a 1 finger steering like driving your car. If you can swing it, IT IS A MUST HAVE!
  10. Help with 2016 Bennington 2275GCW- G Series

    Lounger, if I read it right you want the ESP performance tube package! Not the SPS tube package. With the SPS, the 150 would be a great package and you would love it. But, if you are getting the ESP package with the 32" center elliptical tube, There is a lot of drag and you won't be happy with the 150. As others have stated, get as big as you can afford! We got the 250 and are happy we did! We can have our family (8) on board and ski and tube without any effort. If your dealer has any for a trial run, I would test drive them.
  11. Help with 2016 Bennington 2275GCW- G Series

    I have the 22 GSR with the ESP Tubes. Please re-think the 150HP as with all the investigation that I did, I found out that the 150 is the minimal HP for that boat and you may not be happy with the performance. I know that with 2 or 3 people, it will not perform well. I would also get the in-floor storage.
  12. Vinyl Flooring Experience

    What are your feelings on Vinyl flooring? Our boat has carpet on the front 2/3 and vinyl on the aft 1/3. Our vinyl get sooo hot that it's very uncomfortable to stand on unless you are coming out of the water or have shoes on. What are the late 16 and 17 vinyls like and do the get hot? Thanks
  13. SimTex Vinyl.

    Ours is a early 16. We ordered our in 15.
  14. SimTex Vinyl.

    We have a 2016 2250GSR and the material was so poor that is is all coming apart. Anything is better then what is on ours!!!!!!!
  15. Hand Rail Wraps

    The pool ladder wraps on Amazon are too long. These need to be about 2 foot long.