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  1. Stern rail is scratched. Aft is discolored. As if you dropped some dark stain on it. It is translucent.
  2. Thanks for responses. Yes it has the ESP. Not sure about fuel capacity. We plan to use it to pull tubes and ski. Majority of time will have 2-6 people on the boat.
  3. Looking to make offer on 2013 2275 RCW. Have posted concerns and appreciate the feedback. Last concern is that of motor size. This boat has a Yamaha 150 four stroke. The test ride with wife seemed to be fine, but boat is rated for 14 people. What is the standard (typical) size motor put on this boat? If I were to order this boat what size motor would you recommend? Thanx Larry
  4. Pics of rub rail:
  5. From the album 2275 Conditions

  6. From the album 2275 Conditions

    Seat bracket appears to have set on top of plastic lip rather than below.
  7. From the album 2275 Conditions

  8. Thanks for clarification. I'm trying get pictures from my wife's phone to upload. Unfortunately we did not take a picture of the dented elliptical tube. Pics of scratches and other conditions to come. Thanx
  9. Thank you for responses
  10. Me again! Stainless steel rub rail on 2275 we're looking at has heavy rash (scratches) at starboard aft. Looks like someone tied up to a dock with metal fasteners exposed. It also scratched the aluminum rim piece. I would be ok with condition if it can be wheeled out and polished. Stainless rub rail also has discoloration in a couple other areas. Looks "brownish". Can this be polished or cleaned up? Thanx Oh, by the way, we do own a Bennington. It's a 2000 with a Merc 90 two stroke. My hearing is going so I need a 4 stroke. Re-powering doesn't make sense to me. Motor would be close to value of boat.
  11. Console on 2013 2275 RCW has live well switch on console. Was this an option that may not have been installed? We looked at the boat and could not locate the live well. Assumed it would be under a seat? Is it possible that switch is present and there is no live well?
  12. Thank you for your feedback.
  13. Sorry did not take picture of dent. It involves the solid keel and is about six inches long. Don't know that it could be pulled out without cutting keel. Anyone know what an elliptical center toon costs? I think the gas tank is located in this toon? Not sure how to make offer based on this condition or just walk away.
  14. Looking to purchase preowned tritoon. When looking at the boat we noticed that the center eliptical is dented. Asked the storage person showing us the boat and he indicated that the racks the boats are stored on have a tendency to deform center toons and that they have owners sign a release acknowledging that this may happen. Should we be concerned about this condition? It is the ESP package with solid keels. Boat is a 2013 2275 RCW.