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  1. We have a 2016, 21 SLX, Yammy F150B, Sea Star hydraulic steering (not the $2,800 upgrade), and SPS and we love it! Could it be nicer if I could steer with one finger? Easier for sure, but better? I'm not 24, but 68 and have no trouble steering. I am also a car nut, and just because in the 1960's power steering became available that allowed steering with one finger, I usually still preferred using two hands to drive. Now currently road feedback is valued more than overboosted steering (especially in performance situations) and hardly anyone makes an overboosted powersteering. Are boats different from cars? Sure, they are but the SeaStar is more than adequate. I know I'll get flamed here (my suit is on, so I don't care) but just check with Bennington on just how many 21-24 foot boats have the full power assist. I believe the numbers will speak loudly that it is more than adequate. It's not my intent to talk you out of spending your $$, but rather that you asked for feedback from those without the full power steering. The $2,800 is slightly more than 50% of the cost for the SPS package. It's your money, either way you will enjoy your boat.
  2. I was thinking that any speed comparisons without the center toon would be seriously influenced by how quickly I could paddle. seriously though, thanks for all of the feedback. My dealer is being very cooperative, and has told me that I could use a boat they keep for rentals for selected times. My situation is complicated by the fact that my dealer is on the Intra coastal, while I am on the St John's river, which is about a 45 minute trailer haul away. I do like the idea of the draining, welding the drain hole shut, and then replacing the toon later. Also, I was not aware that the new toon had to be attached to a boat for transportation. Incidentally, to give credit where due, our dealer is Gerry's Marina, in New Smyrna Beach, FL. They are great folks, and good to work with!
  3. Our 2016 SLX 21 has very slowly started to ride lower in the water at the stern. The boat stays in the water year around, and at first I thought it was just my imagination, but when the bottom of the boarding ladder started dragging in the water I knew something was up. When comparing photos from a year ago to current, it was obvious that the stern is riding at least 10 inches lower. This would explain the gradual drop-off in speed from 44 mph, to more recently 36 mph. Water weight in the center pontoon not only change the attitude of the boat, but the added weight sure caused performance to drop off. The good- Bennington will take care of things. It was decided the whole center 'toon, complete with lifting strakes and performance foils would be changed out under warranty The bad- Middle pontoon has water leak at a weld behind the lifting strake, and being behind the strake, not really repairable without replacement. The ugly- Estimated ship date of the replacement 'toon is April 7. Add in the shipping time, time needed for dealer to do the work, and get it back to us, and we will not see it until toward the end of April, missing much of the best boating time here in Florida. Oh well, at least we know what's wrong, and that it will be fixed properly and under warranty. An added benefit is that while the wave shield is off, and the mounting bolts for the helm chair are accessible, I am changing the fixed height helm pedestal for a new Springfield adjustable one. So, I am hoping for the best. Patience is not something that comes easy for me.
  4. Don't know the answer, but wouldn't that be warranty?
  5. Deep Woods Off works great! It's the DEET that's the magic ingredient. Use an old cotton sock or soft cotton T shirt. Works great on plastic car headlight covers.
  6. if we only knew how long we had it would be a whole lot easier planning our lives. Since we don't, do what you can, but as LakeLiving says, be smart about it and don't wear yourself out prematurely. My Dad passed at 62, but it was not from being sickly. My mother is still doing well at almost 94, so I hope I have some of those genes. To me the most important thing is not longevity, but what you do with the time you have. I've always lived my life so not to have regrets when taking my last breath. Family is at the top of my pyramid, but "me time" is also very important. Along those lines I recently completed a 3,800 mile motorcycle trip with two friends through the South Western US.
  7. Nice video Randy, and good job! It's been ages since I skied at all. I'm with you on the bike riding, and ride 10-14 miles most mornings to stay somewhat in shape. While I'm not saying "never" to trying water skiing again, it's not likely, especially not with all the gators we have where we boat. Oh, and I'm 68, and most people don't believe I'm that old. However, I do know my limits.
  8. Welcome to the family! You will love your Benny, and this site will continue to offer you many hints, advice and friendship. Just keep the zipper shut on your wallet!
  9. Beautiful! Great choices of colors. Ours is SmokeynGranite with Black accent, but I like yours with the blue equally as well. Wow, and that Covina steering wheel is just pure sexy. I can see one of those in my future. I am sure that you will absolutely love your Benni!
  10. On our boat the rule is: if you use it, you clean it. Amazing how many passengers develope the ability to wait for land. As for me, well, let's just say that is one reason I wanted the extended aft deck.
  11. In our family: "0" changing room/porta-potty = "0" boat. Some concessions are just unavoidable.
  12. Our 2016 SLX 21 with SPS package and Saltwater package has sealed lifting strakes, and underskinning as Randy (Goldenrod24) said previously. We did not buy anything else special underdeck. We did spring for the extended aft deck. I would highly recommend this if it is not part of the SLXP package. Another thing Randy is right about is the fact that you will LOVE that boat!
  13. Warning: The Management of this site is not responsible for your irresponsible behavior. We will however, take full credit for any euphoria you may experience as a result of such behavior.
  14. Be sure that the motor is trimmed down before things freeze for long enough to be sure that NO WATER is left to freeze and ruin things. I've always been told to trim down out of water (unless towing) and trim up in the water. As for critter control, even if you built a barn, as a matter of fact, maybe even more so, mice, squirrels, etc would be a problem. I was a car collector, and winters were always a problem for me, especially up in New England. Nothing like a cold, snowy winter to drive mice into anywhere warmer. I found moth balls effective. Can't vouch for dryer sheets, although they do work well for keeping flying insects away if you put one into your hat/cap. i would think a trailerable cover would be better. Our boat sits in the water in Florida year around, and is covered with our Benni supplied mooring cover. It's great at keeping water and dirt from getting in, but the way Bennington builds the fences about a half inch off the deck, I would think that blowing snow could be a problem in through those cracks, at least if it snows at your place like it did at our Connecticut home. Good luck!