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  1. Thanks for the responses. Never thought a pump could be so hit or miss depending on what you buy. The one we have now is 12v but seems to take about 20 min to pump the tube.
  2. I'm not happy with our air pump - anyone suggest a good fast air pump? Along with that question, am I basically limiting myself to pumps that connect directly to the battery with clips if I want to inflate the tube quickly and to full capacity?
  3. Great video! I thought we had that thing mastered until I saw how you folded and rolled the cover down middle of boat. We used to drag the entire cover from front to back and I was always worried about damaging something. Thanks for posting!
  4. Great looking boat for 13 yrs old! I would have guessed a few years at most.
  5. If I remember correctly it was 5mph through this particular area. My visual speed estimations are little rough these days but I'd put them between 12-15mph in a big deep boat.
  6. We were entering the North end of the lake we were on last year and had just passed under a bridge. Essentially this is a slow speed lane for boats entering and exiting the lake into a waterway that leads to the Erie Canal. We were behind another pontoon boat when a large boat comes flying down the lane in the opposite direction literally making no attempt to slow down at all. Both the pontoon ahead of us and ours had to make quick turns into the wake (very deep wake) and the boat ahead of us almost lost a few passengers who fell over drinks and all inside the boat as they had their backs turned and likely never saw it coming. The boat that caused the wake never slowed down and it was as if the driver was oblivious to anything else. The silver lining to the experience? On the other side of the bridge sat the Sheriff's department boat patrol. I looked around and saw about 6 boats full of people cheer as they stopped the boat in question. I can only hope the stop resulted in a bunch of tickets being written.
  7. +1 on the sharkhide application being quite simple. I also found the Faq guide by the company to be spot on and quite helpful.
  8. It's been raining non stop in Central and Northern New York. The lake Ontario area of Northern new York is at a critical stage now as water levels continue to rise. Some house are literally half off eroded cliffs ready to fall into the water. I feel sick for the families who will lose their homes. It's going to put a huge dent in the boating season for Marinas in the area.
  9. I have a 22 SSX with a Yamaha 115, a fairly new boater and went through a similar dilemma when I was building our boat. I had rented multiple size boats/motors the year before so I was familiar with the different HP's. I have a large family and often have multiple kids on board tubing/knee boarding...etc. I initially wanted the 150 but was basically unwilling to spend the money. Instead I went with the lifting strake package and the dual stern gates/extended deck. The strakes are great and get the boat on plane very quickly. The dual stern gates give us a good amount of extra room in the back. Basically, the 115 works well for what I use it for - fishing, relaxing and water sports. On a side note, these forums are filled with some great people with years of experience in the boating world. It has pretty much been my primary go to place for advice.
  10. Thanks for the responses!
  11. Good morning everyone. We picked up our boat from storage in mid April thinking we would have it in the water by now but the weather is not looking good for our area. Add in the record rainfall and many marinas will be flooded for who knows how long. Since the boat will probably be sitting at our house for the next few weeks, possibly more, is there anything I should be doing to keep the batteries fresh? Should I have a trickle charger on them? I have very little knowledge in this area.
  12. Thankfully no, the cap came apart and the pole shot up through. I was able to screw it back together.
  13. On a side note, I was discussing colleges with a co-worker who now lives in Florida. He sent me photo's of UCF's lazy river that was apparently recently installed at the athletic center. If my son sees that I have a feeling he'll be asking to go to college down there.
  14. Here's a decent article on Hull ID's with a breakdown of the format.
  15. +1 on the 303 protectant being extremely slippery! Even a slight over spray can be hazardous on the floor. The 303 cleaner works pretty good on vinyl although never used it on the floor. For the floor, I use some dawn dish detergent and a good hosing down and it has done the trick so far.