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  1. I don't have the Merc but I have a Yamaha 115 on a 22SSX with lifting strakes. Lakeliving pretty much hit the nail on the head for performance. With myself or my wife and I on the boat I can hit about 32-33. Once I add 2-3 other people I'm looking at 26-28 tops. With 2/3 on board and 2 teens on a tube I could do about 25. I've had my extended family on board (6 adults 2 kids) and 2 on the tube and didn't get over 20. My opinion is that the strakes help a great deal.
  2. Dawn, it's real....only had my boat a few years and just found myself starting the rebuild dream on the benny website. Stay strong!
  3. Thanks guys just spoke to her, something tells me she's going to find time to take the ride. I'm a little nervous she's going to come back and tell me we're closing on a place in a month.
  4. Thanks for the info Kahuna! Carl graciously offered to introduce us to his contact however, I don't think she will have time. It would likely be 2 hrs free time at most and it would be in between about a dozen meetings in a 3 day time span. Not to mention we are a few years out from making an actual move.
  5. Hey guys, my wife had a last minute business trip to Charlotte. If she gets some free time in the next few days she wants to take a quick drive over to the lake to check out some of the townhomes/condos. Will a few hours give her time to do this and if so, any suggestions on some areas to look at on the end of the lake near Charlotte? We still have a few years left up North but might as well take advantage of being in the area!
  6. As my kids and nieces and nephews get older I find them wanting to go faster and do more sharp turns. This, in turn, slowly makes me think I may have wanted that 150 after all when I built the boat.
  7. Not sure if this helps but here is a link to a discussion about straps and pooling water. Scroll down in the link and you will see a good photo from Jack showing how he has his straps. pulling up the sections where water pools.
  8. I'm thinking that I did not put enough on in the first place. When I initially put it on it beaded up and even held a pool of water. I used a sprayer but looking back I probably should have made sure it was thoroughly soaked into the fabric in every section.
  9. Has anyone found themselves having to put a second coat of fabric guard on their playpen cover in the same season? We have had a lot of rain this season and it looks like portions of the cover are staying wet for longer.
  10. We store inflated tube upright in front of the livewell station (22 SSRX) and Tow Bar between fishing seats. I also tried something new this year. We had a full boat and were doing some tubing and cruising. While cruising I used strong velcro straps and secured the tube to the very lower portion of the bimini supports on the outside of the port side of boat. Basically, ran the velcor between the tube straps and the bimini supports. Since I connected the straps to the lowest portion of the bimini support where it connects to the frame, there was no movement between the tube and supports. Note: This was low cruising speed and no wind. I wouldn't try it in high wind conditions.
  11. Thanks Cwag! I will keep you in mind. When I say near future I'm looking at within next 4-5 years when kids out of school. We are currently in a weekly debate and research over the coast (specifically a Topsail Island area townhouse) or Lake Norman. My wife loves lake Norman and I have to admit, since we have had this boat, the thought of lake living is growing on me. On the other hand, the housing prices on the coast in the Topsail area are very tempting, even looking at trying to get into one early and renting out until we make the move.
  12. Yes, currently at Seveys. I spoke to the folks at Skan marina after getting some gas during the week and they were telling me about their plan. Our current plan is to move to NC in near future which has put our temptations to purchase a lake house up here on hold. My wife and I were looking at those garages and joked that it would be a nice happy medium if we could get our hands on one.
  13. I was a little nervous about the weather but it turned out to be great week for us. We did see a lot of docks under water on the south end of the lake. I've really not seen a lake as clean and gorgeous as that lake. Even with rain and mud runoff the water is beautiful. By any chance would you know who owns or maintains those boat garages on the water in the village? Just wondering if they are purchased individually and ever go up for sale or if they are maintained/sold as an entire unit.
  14. Thanks again guys, been on the lake all week at a house with a perfect set up ... large wide dock with plenty of cleats. Been practicing both tight manuevers and the pivot suggestion from TC. Works great with both a rope and a docking hook.
  15. Thanks TC! We are heading to a house on the same lake for the week which has a much more open boat slip between two piers. It will give me an opportunity to practice those techniques. Knowing my wife she will not pass up the opportunity to video the initial attempts, lol.