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  1. I use fender hanger clips but after seeing the EZ Fender I will be changing soon!
  2. Great article, thanks Cwag! A door gunner in Vietnam = straight up bad a$$.
  3. If I remember correctly, I put 3 coats of sharkhide on my tubes at the beginning of the season last year and we had the boat in a slip in the water all season. When I took the boat out of the water you could see a very noticeable difference in the tubes below the water line vs above. Above the water line looked great and below was a noticeable difference. I put one additional coat on this year but not sure I needed it as they still look good above the water line.
  4. Congrats on the new boat! Here is a link to Sharkhide Faqs
  5. This is probably not what you were asking for but I rigged this up for some extra rod storage. I keep in the rear starboard side with the rods ready to go if we need them. I have the SSX model with the rod holders and live well but this is nice for when we are tubing or lounging - keeps the rods off to the side out of the way.
  6. Great to meet someone in the area! Hopefully will see you out on the lake soon if the weather decides to turn.
  7. Thanks Tom - I might have been over thinking the issue.
  8. Good morning guys, we just got our boat in the water at a new marina on a different lake. Weather hasn't been so good so we haven't yet been out but the marina gave us a cantilever lift that lifts under the pontoon deck. It will be nice to have the toons out of the water while not in use but I'm wondering if the metal rails on the lift have the potential to cause any damage? I'm thinking of coming into the lift and the rails possibly hitting the side of one of the toons as we are pulling onto the lift. Anybody have any experience with these lifts? Any advice or general information on do's and don'ts? I'm considering asking the marina if I could put carpet or something over the ends of the rails.
  9. Kaydano Thanks for the back up! My apologies, I completely missed that and almost put out some incomplete information. We have the tow package which indeed significantly increases the capacity. I analyzed this down to a spreadsheet when we purchased the vehicle knowing we would eventually be boating. I don't have the figures on hand but our combined boat/trailer/motor is less than 5000 lbs.
  10. We use our AWD GMC Acadia Denali to pull our 22SSX and it does the job without an issue. We only trailer to and from storage to the house to the marina at open and close of the season with a few large rolling hills during the ride. Rather nice ride however I'd recommend the extended side mirrors or some addition of mirrors to get your sight around the side rear of the boat. Added: If you have an Acadia Denali see below - don't want to give impression they are all good to tow.
  11. Check this link out. It's from 2011. Unless they have changed design since then it appears they do not use foam.
  12. This doesn't really answer the question but a decent article given the topic.
  13. Thanks for the responses. Never thought a pump could be so hit or miss depending on what you buy. The one we have now is 12v but seems to take about 20 min to pump the tube.
  14. I'm not happy with our air pump - anyone suggest a good fast air pump? Along with that question, am I basically limiting myself to pumps that connect directly to the battery with clips if I want to inflate the tube quickly and to full capacity?
  15. Great video! I thought we had that thing mastered until I saw how you folded and rolled the cover down middle of boat. We used to drag the entire cover from front to back and I was always worried about damaging something. Thanks for posting!