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  1. Hey, thanks to everyone who gave me tips. Will try those tips later today. thanks again
  2. Hey, looking for some advice or tips for getting boot back on bimini top. Just seemed so tight i was afraid was going tear.Am i doing something wrong. thanks
  3. Picking up my 20 sf today . I have own 4 different boats but happily this we be my first (new) pontoon boat. My ? is should i wipe everything down with 303 now. or wait to use as needed? thanks
  4. Good news, boat is at dealer will be ready tomorrow Friday 4 /14.
  5. I didnt intend to sound so negative. Maybe i should just keep my comments to myself. thanks
  6. Maybe i am just getting impatient, it is not like it is a fancy build. Just 20 sf with f70 Yamaha . Dealer is only 7 hour drive by car from factory. Dont know if it is dealer problem or Bennington They shouldnt set dates that they cant meet. Like i said if dealer didnt have 5000 dollars of my money i would go elsewhere.
  7. Dealer gave me a build date of march 30. and ship date of April 6 , said he would call when boat arrived. Soon i hope
  8. Still waiting . It has been 12 weeks and no boat. If dealer didnt have my deposit money i would go elsewhere . I was told build date was march 30.2016. Not a very good way to do business in my opinion.