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  1. You can't beat the blackout edition. I love mine with the Matador Red. Congrats on the purchase!
  2. Mine is $220.00 annually through AAA
  3. Last year was the first year of boating. The wife and i took every Friday off throughout the summer to give us a 3 day boating weekend. We need to do that in MI. This year we just bought a lake house so I can see us on the water at least 5 times a week depending how much golfing i do.
  4. There is a guy in Pinckney (not to far from you) that polishes them for $500.00. My buddy had his done and my god it's like looking at yourself in a glass mirror.
  5. i had the same dilemma last year. Took into consideration what everybody in the forum said. Negotiated with the dealer to get the 150 instead of the 115. Couldn't be happier. Nothing is worse than having a boat and saying i wish i had more power.
  6. Just remember as the lighting is nice at night it also attracts the bugs.
  7. Does getting a hoist with a good canopy keep you from having to put the cover on at night? Or do you still have to put the cover on to avoid all of the spiders and bugs. Looking forward to your opinions based on your experiences.
  8. Get the matador red w/ the black accent. Look at my boat. Love it! Get so many compliments on the water.
  9. Welcome to the 150 club. You won't be sorry.
  10. First year boater. When storing the boat for the winter how much gas should be left in the tanks. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full? I assume adding some stabilizer would also make sense.
  11. Congrats and welcome to the club. You will find great information from the knowledgeable folks on this forum.
  12. I have the KMC10 and have had no issues with it. Cheaper to do it now if you are going to do it anyways.
  13. FYI you will probably need to get the hydraulic steering with the 150hp engine. We can spend your money!
  14. Not much difference in the 90hp - 115hp. Get the boat you want. Many other 16 boats out there from other dealers that you can find. A lot cheaper to upgrade to 150 now. I started with a 90hp then after reviewing with this forum i got the 150 Yamaha. Couldn't be happier and the wife is also happy. If he's not happy with the color don't settle. He will always question himself. Be a good son and chip in a few bucks to help the old man out.
  15. At least your wife is wearing the correct sweatshirt. Go Green!