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  1. The sandwich adapter style plate is how most of the Talons and Power Poles are mounted on bass boats. Just know that if you don't beach the front of the boat or anchor the front, a single talon or power pole will work but the boat will spin around it.
  2. If the water pickup is in the lower unit of the motor, it may have gotten a little bit of trash in it to stop it up. I have had this happen on my bass boats several times over the years. I used a small drill bit by hand to get the stuff out. I turned it counter clockwise while inserting it into the hole on the front edge of the lower unit and the trash came out every time. Hope this helps.
  3. I've got a '14 Yamaha 150 4 stroke and my gauge was working intermittently. I was able to adjust the sensor on the front of the engine mount to get it working. So I just loosened the sensor and moved it slightly while having someone watch the gauge. I t didn't take much movement as it was very touchy. Now it works fine most of the time, but every once in a while it doesn't work at all. When it doesn't work, I turn the key on and off and it comes back. Weird issue but it is what it is for mine at the moment.
  4. When I had my 115, it came with a 15" stainless prop. Performance was OK but the prop rattled at idle. I changed to a 13" aluminum 4 blade. The boat handled better, better hole shot and ran the same top end as the 15" stainless with no rattle at idle.
  5. Thanks guys! It does exactly what I need it to do.
  6. With Pic.
  7. OK guys, here it is. A friend of mine is a welder, so I came up with the idea and he put it together. We had to lengthen the jet ski trailer in the rear about 15" so we could center the tank over the axle. Then we built a cage up front for the 55' of farm hose. I put a regular gas station nozzle on it so you can lock it while filling and it will click off when it gets back pressure. So no spills. The only thing is that most boats can't take the fuel as fast as this thing will pump it. But the 5 gallon gas cans were a pain so this was a nice solution. I actually use an old jet ski cover to protect it when not in use. That way, just driving by it doesn't look like a fuel trailer.
  8. It is a nice area about 100 miles east of Dallas called Lake Cypress Springs.
  9. I retired from HP in 2012 after 28 years of jobs ranging from field engineer, network design and software sales. 20 of those years in management. I was retired all of 60 days when I bought a smallish grocery/gas/storage/deli just outside the gate to my housing addition on the lake. I also sell golf carts and drive a golf cart to work every day. It sure beats all of the air travel I used to do!!
  10. I'll try to snap a pic today for you.
  11. I wonder if you could use the old grill on the new speaker to match?
  12. I had a different issue with gas. The marina on our lake is only open on weekends and it's about a 3 mile ride to it. I have the Benny, a bassboat and two jet skis so I need a bit of fuel. I modified a single jet ski trailer to carry a 109 gallon commercial DOT approved fuel tank that has a 15 gal per minute pump, 55' of hose with a commercial nozzle, fuel flow meter and a 12 volt marine battery. I drag it to the closest place to get non ethanol gas, fill it up and take it home. I then hook it up to my golf cart and drag it down to the dock. The hose is long enough to reach all the boats without having to move the trailer. I fill it up 6-8 times per year but I live on the lake full time. It wasn't cheap to build, but I've had it 5 years and it's close to having your own gas station.
  13. 55
  14. Basshawk84.......... I used to fish bass tournaments (Basshawk) and graduated college in '84.
  15. Sounds like something else is going on to drop that kind of speed. Maybe a spun hub on the prop? Does it also take longer to come out of the hole?