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  1. Bennington Owners Age

  2. What is the meaning behind your username?

    Basshawk84.......... I used to fish bass tournaments (Basshawk) and graduated college in '84.
  3. Shark Skin and Algae

    Sounds like something else is going on to drop that kind of speed. Maybe a spun hub on the prop? Does it also take longer to come out of the hole?
  4. Its official and thank you

    Congrats!!! Beautiful boat!!
  5. I've known him for over 30 years and he's definitely good people!!
  6. SpoiledRotten, not sure where you are located but I have a friend of mine that tinkers with used pontoon boats. I think he's got a couple of used Bennington ski tow bars. He's located in Rogers Arkansas and pretty sure he would sell one for considerably less than a new one if interested.
  7. Yamaha 115 Prop Noise

    It does have a 115 rating on it even though it has the Express Tube package. I currently have the 115 with a jack plate, so I am removing the jack plate when we install the 150. I've already checked with my insurance company and they will insure it with the 150 for the same price. I'm also installing a transom reinforcement bracket. The weight difference between the two is only 80 lbs so I decided to give it a shot.
  8. Yamaha 115 Prop Noise

    Update, I ran all summer with the Nemesis prop on the 115 and it did great. We put over 70 hours on it this year and really enjoyed the boat, but it didn't give a very exciting ride on the tube for the grandkids. MY buddy came through and found a 2014 Yamaha 150 4 stroke that I am installing on Saturday. So I guess I'll get to play with props on it as well!!
  9. Fuse location

    Also check to make sure the gear shift is in neutral.
  10. Prop Advice

    I'm running a 13" Quicksilver Nemesis 4 blade aluminum on my 115 Yamaha. It performs well on my 22' with the Express Toon setup. 31 mph top speed and I am able to pull the grandkids on a tube without blowing out. Hard turns at full acceleration need a bit more muscle on the steering wheel than the 15" three blade prop I replaced. Other than that, it works great.
  11. Garmin Echo 101 Problem

    If your boat is never on the trailer or a lift, then you may have to get in the water to get to it. Either that or have arms a lot longer than mine. My transducer is mounted on the bottom rear of the port (left) toon on a bracket.
  12. Garmin Echo 101 Problem

    Just make sure the transducer is mounted low enough and that it is facing directly down with no scum build up on the bottom.
  13. 4 blade prop versus 3 blade

    Keep the 4 blade and get a 60' rope for the tube!
  14. Oil change pumps

    I've had one like this for several years and have used it on boats and jet skis every year. Works great! I had a manual pump one before that was a bit of a pain.
  15. Alarm went off

    I've had a bassboat for 30 years. When idling around in weedy lakes, when you get to clean water, put the engine in reverse and give it throttle for a couple of seconds. If there are weeds around the skeg they will come off. Then put it back in forward and you should be fine.