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  1. To keep it short... I purchased a new Bennington tritoon with Shark Skin treatment. Boat with 175 Yamaha was easily doing 40 mph. Boat is kept by a dock in water. Within a month top speed down to 22 mph. Took boat out and cleaned with mild soap and pressure wash. Speed increase some but not to original performance. My dealer says algae eats away at the Shark Skin. My marina kids me that Shark Skin is to boats what undercoating is to used car dealers. Question: Should I just acid wash the toons and forget I ever got the Shark Skin? Anyone else ever hear of such a performance decline from algae in so little time? Thanks in advance. No rush. Boat stored in doors until late April
  2. Thanks JimmyD. Helpful. Cost about $60.
  3. Appears there is an option for a built in cooler. Anyone know about it? For example does it drain? The price is certainly right.