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  1. I have some mildew stains on my Bimini top and have tried washing it to no avail. I am afraid to use anything harsh like bleach but I reallly want to get the black mildew off of my tan top. Anyone have any help or suggestions.
  2. I know my 12volt ports work on the dash of my boat, but when I plug in my phone charger nothing happens. The charger works as I have tried it in my truck but doesn't work in the boat. Any suggestions?
  3. Yes I did, it turned out awesome. I installed two amplifiers with one running a subwoofer and one running the speakers. On the distribution block I ran 4 gauge wire to the helm under the wave shield and put in a distribution block that supplied both amplifiers with 8 gauge wire. I bonded some strips of PVC moulding to the backside of the front seat in which I mounted the amplifiers and wire clamps. When I get back to the lake I will take some pictures and post. Also, I got the wiring diagrams from this site and from BlueSea.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I am still on the fence about getting one due to the part about having to store and deal with it.
  5. Ok, I was wondering how many out there have one of those roll-up floating mats? I have looked all over and there are many different ones out there, I just want to find one that I know is durable and that can withstand the kids jumping off the back of the boat.
  6. Ok guys and gals, here goes, I have searched and read through pages of material and I still have some questions about wiring an amplifier. I have a 2013 2275 RCW with the dual battery set-up and the BlueSea 150 distribution block. I am mounting a Sub and amplifier in the console and the amplifier is a 200Watt MB Quart. Some of my questions are as follows: 1. I want to run the positive and negative wires back to the BlueSea distribution block, is this possible and if so what size/type of fuse recommendation? 2. What gauge wire would be recommended, is 4 good? 3. With the under deck wave shield, what route did some of you take with the wiring?
  7. I have a 2013 2275 RCW with the rear loungers and have lost a cushion. I was wondering if anyone knew how or where I might get a new cushion? It is the starboard side rear cushion that is not attached to the changing room.
  8. I am looking at a Bennington pontoon with a Mercury 250 Verado, a 2012 model. I have experience with inboards, but this will be my first outboard engine. My question is do they have any inherent problems or issues? What is the general consensus on these engines? I do not want to start a thread of which engine is the best or "my engine is better than your engine", I would really like to hear form someone first hand about this motor.
  9. Thank you for the replies.
  10. Hello, my wife and I sold our ski boat and looking to get a 2012 2275 GCW. My question is this, has anyone had a problem with the carpet getting mildew and smelly? My last boat had a fiberglass floor with snap-in carpet so that was never an issue. I wish that the boat had the vinyl or seagrass floor, but I am optimistic about the carpet.