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  1. If this doesn't work, go to thehome page, scroll down, contact us, check you've read all FAQs and a email page will start.
  2. Sling Lift

    Yeah, there is always a way. Can you get bigger winches that will hold more lift cable or chain?,all you have to do is drop it a little farther right, perhaps just some extensions to the current set up. If the lifting frame hits the bottom and there is not enoughwater to float, you would be SOL, as they say. I've never seen the draft spec listed any where, I've had mine beached in some pretty shallow water but never paid attention to how shallow. Looking at Carl's set up i just thought of something, if you notch the cross beam to allow the bunk to be recessed into the beam, weld up a plate aluminum U into the pocket to reestablish some strength, you might gain a few inches, that may be all you need. Also, you canmake a small gusset to the underside that would probably be forced into the bottom. Check out these guys I bet they can figure something out.
  3. Paddle

    Yeah, Ohio did away with the paddle requirement a couple of years ago. I also ask to get a watercraft inspection if I see an officerwhen i'mout. That way Ido it at my convenience, not theirs.
  4. Seat Base inner edges

    I have a picture in my gallery of de blurring this very piece. The tool was very effective in cleaning that edge up.
  5. To Order or Not To Order

    Don't forgot the ever popular "boat show discount" that's when Igot mine (boat that is). Truth is hard to find in big ticket sales. I'd like to believe my boat would have cost more if I ordered it,that way Ifeel like I got a good deal. Did they get a quantity discount for buying a bunch for the show?? The SSRX is the model Ilike and can afford, they had one that color matched my truck (somewhat). SPS and a 150. was already spring, Ihad the wife and daughter convinced, the dog. Hell... Ihad to act. Regardless, damn glad Idid.
  6. Warranty On Outboards

    I agree.
  7. Warranty On Outboards

    My Suzuki came with 3 factory and then 3 more on a promo during boat show. I think much like most new car engines, you could get thousands of hours if properly maintained. You know it wont over rev because of computer controls. Oil &temp.warnings and Internal monitoring and diagnostics help prevent or minimize issues. The biggest issue for me would be buying the specialty tools necessary for repair, that could easily add up to hundreds,..if not more. Extended warranties are most definitely a money maker for the OEMs, otherwise they wouldn't sell them. Just another insurance policy. That jar's interest rates are about as good as the banks nowadays.
  8. My 2017 SCWXP Build on Order

    I bought the SSRX because it has the ability to haul family and friends, but also has the rear facing reclined seat backs, so you can lounge back looking back, plus two hi back bucket seats. It is funny that you spend $50K+ on a boat and the back half would only hold 4 people, to each their own. Looks bad ass for sure but part of boating for us is family and friends. And yes max out the HP, ours was packaged with a 150 at the marina's boat show, shouldhave went 175. Going fast on these thing is so much fun.
  9. Which color do you prefer.

    Yeah, top one.
  10. Dock length vs boat length

    If I had to spec a lift, I think I would set it up just like a trailer would be, with three bunks for three toons. As for the anchors, I acquired somecase crates from the local Coke driver, the kind used to carry the nonreturnable 16oz. I have pictures in my gallery. They are an open web design and allow for airflow anddrainage. I screwed them down in the bow and sternunder seat area, right by the gate.
  11. Dock length vs boat length

    I figure it's a personal dock, not community. If so you can always extend the roof out with cantilever type extensions or perhaps an awningto cover a couple of feet. I would appreciate the 24' and not worry about the 9". When you get all those new friends/familyhave them help you with the dock.
  12. New 2017 22 SSRX

    Specs are in my signature,41.6 +/- is what I get by myself and will hold onto 38 or so with a few people and gear.
  13. New 2017 22 SSRX

    I was still holding 36 mph with about 1000 lbs of people and gear.
  14. New 2017 22 SSRX

    I have the 2016 22ssrx with the 150 Suzuki and it is a blast. My max hp is 175, you looking at the sps"plus" model? Or is the max 200 now? For me,I wish I would have went 175, probabaly wouldn't get much more top end,but there would be some. Now, a jump to 200, no way I would pass on that. That boat will rock. Don't forget your safety glasses!
  15. SPS Plus

    look into tuning the V.