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  1. Lookin good, where ya boating at?
  2. Think of the top of a 55 gallon drum, the bung is a threaded plug that screws into the ever popular "bung hole".
  3. Bummer, at least it was you and not your friends. We'll be down at Conley in August.
  4. It seems if YOU hit something you would have known it instantly with that damage. A forensic, so to speak, of the LU should tell what happened. The front should have some impact damage if that is the case. Did it hit with the prop? Alum or SS. Did gear/shaft material get pushed through the case or something come through from the outside? Can you post some pics. Yeah call insurance co.
  5. Yeah, the motors have thier own brand of controls so that would vary with motor brand not boat. For my Suzuki, there is a detent feel and audible click when changing gear.
  6. Did you check clearance on the battery posts. Might lay something across them jic.
  7. 1. Probably not, if the older controls will work with the newer motor you should be good. 2. Lots of variables there, it should be faster. 3. More variables, skier weight and ability, prop specs, load in boat etc. 4. Your gonna have to look that up based on where you live.
  8. Yeah, but you can buy them 20's by the case.
  9. All right, I had to do something while drinking my beer. Center to starboard 38.5, port 39, just below the eye. Halfway down the cone 38.5 even. End of the cone 38.5. Stern 38.5. .5" is probably within the +/- of the yin and yang. All sizes approximate and before too many beers were drank. Your measurements may vary.
  10. Bunch of 115 haters around here... but I agree. At a minimum 150 & SPS @ 22', 200@ 24'. I've said it before and I will say it again, these things are a BLAST. We do exactly what you are wanting to do and the SSRX is perfect to load up with people or have a lounger style to kick back when its not so crowded.
  11. I find myself using a bit more throttle than I did in the bow rider and lots of steering wheel action when necessary, and that's just for general docking. Good idea with the spring line TC.
  12. Make sure they are properly torqued.
  13. That is wrong, wrong, wrong I tell ya, the slots are supposed to be vertical.
  14. I would purchase it, from the factory. My dealer outsourced ours and it looks like crap from a piss poor application. Pics in gallery.
  15. We tube from the tow bar no problems.