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  1. Populatiry of pontoons

    Yeah, blows my mind to see a six figure pontoon. Just cause they'reout there doesn't mean he has to buy one, betthat Monterey wasn't cheap.
  2. Trailering tritoon

    Yeah, way too much to lose by not having it.
  3. Water Drains (Gauge Trays)

    I believe they are standard now. I plan on it, in certainbrass compression fittings for tubingthere is a piece that goes into the tubing to prevent it from being squashedwhen tightening. This piece has a bevel on one end that would sit down into a drain hole with a similar bevel(chamfer). Lowes or Home Depot should have the tubing and the fittings, you might find the little brass tubes as individual parts. If you can find a tee you canconnect this to your cup holder drains.
  4. Cross Country Lake Havasu Trip

    I had some straps made from seat belt sewn into the front of my cover to help hold it down, or on,in the worst case. I don't moor so it justsits folded up in the barn. I have taken it to Illinoisand Tennessee, so far so good. I will use it up and then geta trailerable cover. If I had the diesel I'd tow it there too. If you come across 70 and need anyassistancerunning through Ohio get a hold of me.
  5. From the album mattb

    Well, Icompleted this over the weekend. The batteries have enough cable and room to pull them out individually to disconnect. The seat back is hollow so there is enough vertical room to use my Dewalt to mount baseplatesand install hold down pieces. The switch/inverter aremounted to a vertical support that is part of the seat base. A lot of work done by feel, hardto see back in there.
  6. IMG_1230.JPG

    Li'l Putt Putt, Shes a Beauty.
  7. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    "extra money on gas, a luxury tax."Or, a convenience fee, kind of like the gallon of milk you get at the gasstation for a buck more.
  8. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    Amen brother, those new ones suck. They make kits with vent caps and new spouts. (Makes gas cans great again), I couldn't help it.
  9. Inexpensive Refueling Options

    They make convertible two wheelers out of aluminum, cause you know your going to have coolers,gear bags etc. etc.
  10. Boat name voting

    How about, Lil' putt putt
  11. Mid America Trailer Good Choice?

    Get the standard furniture and now you have money for the 150/SPS. There are quitea few BM dealers down here in Ohio.,, Good luck.
  12. Mid America Trailer Good Choice?

    I have one, I feel it is well built. It has some nice features, coupler, fenders, led lights, electric reverse brakerelease. The one issue I found was a wiring crimp on the white wire terminal screwed to the tongue. I added a zip tie with screw hole to support the wire. Otherwise,the crimp isholding the weight of the harness.
  13. bennington gear

    yes indeed
  14. bennington gear

    If you bought a GMC or Chevy truck you probably wouldn't get a T shirt. So why with a Bennington should you get something? I don't know, Ididn't start it i'm just playing along. I got a backpack, a ball cap and a three year warranty extension with my Suzuki. I just got a pair of Mechanix gloves from Valvoline. I can get a free whatever at the ball park, depending on what the promo is,I believe they call them comps or spiffs. Now a days, if you do not ask, most likely you will not get.
  15. bennington gear

    No, no it wasn't. I wanted a T-shirt damn it, is it to much too ask for a window decal too? I tell people my $40k T-shirt came with a free boat.