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  1. How about some long thin scallops, short to long from top to bottom. One set off the front and another at mid post or door.
  2. Man, your just looking for trouble!!
  3. I would update graphics package to something current like shatter, vapor, skulls maybe some drilling rigs! , aint blending in with that. That is a lot of plain black panel, it needs something. And then the chrome logo.
  4. Does that say "super sport" on the side? That thing got a 350 or 454? Need to get some old school GM SS badging.
  5. Sorry about Grand Lake St.Marys, its in bad shape because of it being too shallow and the algae. Caesar Creek Lake is just n/e of Kings Island on 71, it is a nice place to spend the day. Let me know if you head there sometime maybe we can come down. Wouldn't mind tripping on the Ohio with you either, that would be cool.
  6. My wife just showed me this the other day. I've already used it for one of her coworkers wedding.
  7. I would not use the ski tow bar, I think I would use the points on the stern that I strap it to the trailer with.
  8. That's a great score, I'd be out on Friday back on Sunday.
  9. Not near enough. I will go every weekend if it works out, usually does not. Try to go out of state once a year, usually Ky. Or Tn. Went to Norris last year for a week, taking a long weekend to Cumberland in August.
  10. You're gonna need a bigger speedometer!
  11. From the album mattb

    Spent a few hours on Alum Creek Lake. Daughter caught a little bass, had some lunch, (not the bass), Benni performed great, got up to 39.6 mph 3/4 tank, and the three of us, 4 with the dog. Lovin it!!
  12. I use the Tomcat brand around the house, little plastic boxes with a block of poison inside. It must work I find dead mice.
  13. What part of the prepping does the Miller High Life play, or is that just good product placement? Good looking Benni.
  14. The only problem I've had with the standard ladder is the stupid strap, snap keeps pulling out of the fabric.