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  1. I've had good luck with dual axle trailers either raising or lowering the tongue enough that one axle comes off the ground for better maneuvering.....
  2. It should be stable enough to just set it on, and easily pull it off if you need to get into cooler. The tables are actually made of Ipe' tropical hardwood also known as Ironwood-same as what Bldrbob used. It is very heavy.
  3. With my little 25hp, 11 mph boat, I don't plan on securing the cooler at all.... Hopefully it won't go too far when the rollers from the Wake Boats come by.... Testing this coming weekend......
  4. Photos of them both installed soon to come...
  5. Needed more tablespace for cocktail cruises. Thought about the Bennington coffee table that is available to match the upholstery, but that is expensive and takes a while to get. So I thought I'd build something. Found a red and white cooler that would be good to have on the boat. Step 1, Spray painted cooler brown to match table and boat. Step 2, Build a teak table to fit onto cooler. Step 3, Cut cupholders into it and build wooded cups to fit underneath. Step4, Hot-glue some rope around perimeter so stuff doesn't slide off. This one came out so nice, I'm building another one to replace the plastic table in the stern seating.http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  6. I garage my toon once in a while to work on it... Can't imagine it being any wider to get in the doors........ I too am not really worried about "legal" or not... more just the extra width.....
  7. If the guides are outside the toons, then the width will be illegal. We are already at the max with 8'6" decks....
  8. I happened to have just spent an hour under mine during a downpour. Started a project in mine when it started to rain, got the cover on and finished the project. Overall I'd say yes, they are waterproof. I'd get a few drops coming thru at a zipper or a seam once in a while, but for the most part, I stayed very dry.....
  9. Diet Coke. Dissolves almost anything.....
  10. Superbright LEDs .com.......... tied mine into my docking lights switch and harness since I don't have that option and the wires were right there....
  11. I have seen the red Stabil gum up. My lawnmower dealers and snowmobile dealers around here have all switched to using and recommending the blue Starton Enzyme stuff.
  12. I use Seafoam as a regular additive, and Startron Enzyme Fuel Treatment as a stabilizer in all my powersports engines
  13. That link of locations is pretty cool. Nothing within 2 hours of me, and those are mainly lawn mower stores selling quarts, or leaded 100 octane race fuel.
  14. 46 years old. Blew shoulder out a couple years ago after a bad slalom fall around the course buoys. A year of PT later and good as new. Went slalom and wakeboarding a couple times last year and plan to ski lot this summer. Maybe even try barefooting again. Kids keep me young......
  15. It is not synthetic fuel. Pure unleaded non-ethanol with a few additives...Engineered It is a variation of the Premix 50:1 type stuff you can buy by the quart for your chainsaw. It is TruFuel. Engineered non-ethanol. Comes with 3 additives for better running and long life. Detergent, Stabilizer, and Friction Modifier. http://trufuel50.com/product-info/4-cycle/ Crazy expensive compared to pump gas, but for $50 or $100 it should last me the season and keep me out of a $200 or more repair bill from Ethanol issues for both boats.