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  1. Thanks everyone, like I said I wasn't looking for this much boat but the deal fell in my lap- boat is loaded, lights, in floor storage, esp, digital gauges, GPS, etc and was less then some quotes I got on new windscreen r series with 200hp without the cladded arch (my original starting place). Dealer stated he took a loss on it and I think I actually believe him He even threw in an extended warranty On the engine. One thing it didn't have that I "thought" I wanted was the blackout but now I'm really digging the lines and integration of the rails with the chrome on the top of windscreen. Now the hard part - waiting until spring for delivery! Kahuna- We do out boating on keuka lake, ny.
  3. Well I knew I would screw that up- not able to figure out the pics posting from iphone- I started buy adding them to bennington photo album and posting the URL, but....
  4. Just a quick note to say thanks to all of the helpful folks on this forum who have helped answer questions as I searched over the last 18months for a new boat. I finally pulled the trigger on a 25 QCW arch/ windscreen w/ 300hp. Definitely more boat than I anticipated when the search began, but a leftover at 40% off MSRP I couldn't pass up the steal!! Anyway, I know it's protocol to show "proof" so here are a few pics . Thanks again
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  9. Wow, that back Bimini is way bigger than the standard that comes with the cladded arch. Thank you.
  10. Very good info- thanks- do you have this setup? Any pictures? Curious to see the difference in the rear bimini and how they both look when open together. I hadn't thought about how they would connect. This is an in- stock boat- hopefully the dealer can swap the rear out for me at no extra cost- id hate to pay for both when one ready comes with it. The quote for just the front bimini was $1850!!
  11. Thanks though I'm confused. I don't believe the rear bimini on the arch would a change- it's already on the boat. I'm just looking to add the front now bimini.
  12. The boat i am looking to purchase has the cladded arch and small attached Bimini. While the arch looks great, This won't be enough shade for kids and parents, I am looking to add the biminin up font over the bow. My question is, for anyone that has this front bow Bimini, can it be taken on and off easily? Or once it's installed it stays on and am I only able to close it and not remove it? Thanks
  13. I did ask this and shark hide has not been applied. I will get a quote for dealer to do. Thanks
  14. Thanks - dealer did say he could get me 2 extra years for 5 total on the motor.
  15. Hello all, Ive been looking and researching for a new boat purchase for a couple years now. Had a couple of Benny builds quoted. Recently I just tested a 2015 leftover QCW 25 . We have agreed on pricing and I am close to pulling the trigger. While the boat doesn't have everything I would have built I feel it's a good enough deal that I should accept some compromise from an in stock boat. That said, i am looking for any small ( or big) details that I may be missing as this is my first pontoon/Benny. specs: 300hp yamaha, cladded arch, windscreen, esp, full vinyl floor, hydraulic chairs, side and cup lights. I wish it had the blackout and also a better stereo ( comes with clarion m303). One watch out is I will need to find a new hoist to accommodate the tower, but aside from that, are there any tips or pointers on what I should be asking and looking for more closely before pulling the trigger? Thanks in advance for any advice.