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  1. Your dealer can get them for you for a price. Otherwise I have seen them on ebay.
  2. Thanks! Yeah it turned out really nice! Looking forward to trying it out this weekend!
  3. Awwwwwwww!! I wouldn't know the first thing about something like that, but I just had to say you're an awesome husband! The only fan we have on the boat is attached to a water bottle and we use it on the mutts to get them wet and cool them off.
  4. You can have the rain if you'll take the snow this winter too!
  5. Magma makes 2 styles of grills, the other one is the one you posted Jack. We grilled out on the boat almost every weekend and some weeknights last year and with the old grill we never had any grease splatters. The entire reason we got the extended aft deck was so we could mount the grill out there . As for cutting a hole, you don't, you just screw the base of the pedestal to the floor. You can get other types of mounts, there is a rail mount, but the reason why we didn't go with that is because then you have to take everything off again when you cover the boat up. We didn't want to mess with that every time. Nothing like Wisconsin brats grilling on the grill!!!
  6. Some things you see going down the road really makes you wonder how some people make it through life!
  7. We have another severe storm forecasted for today. I'm hoping it isn't going to be as bad as the last one when the power lines all came crashing down and blew one of the power poles in half. It's already starting to cloud up.
  8. Just installed the new Magma grill we ordered and went with a pedestal mount. We had a similar setup on our old boat and loved it and used it all the time! Although it was a different brand grill, it went with the boat when we traded it in. We grill out a lot on the boat and looking forward to seeing how this grill preforms this weekend because the old one, I think it was a Coleman was a little weak. We also bought the shelf/cutting board attachment for the spices to sit on while grilling. It's also nice because it has legs that fold up so if we happen to go on land instead, just pop it off the pole and pop out the legs. I'll take more pics of it this weekend with it in use.
  9. From the album Other Stuff

  10. From the album Other Stuff

  11. From the album Other Stuff

  12. +1 with the gofundme, we set one up when Sydney was sick as we couldn't afford the $10k it took to try and save him. We didn't get anywhere near what we needed help with, but it did help! Something is better than nothing! I'm so sorry, I know how hard it is all the way around, but you will pull through! It always seems things have a way of working out for the best. Good luck with everything!
  13. Your dealer sounds..... uh.... interesting! I know of 2 others at least on this forum that added the express tube afterwards and only heard good things about the performance and ride difference! I'm sure they will chime in here. Have to keep us posted as to how this all plays out. During our boat build we originally only had the normal 2 toons, but at the last possible second persuaded our dealer to work with Bennington to get the SPS package. If it didn't work out we would have added the express tube! No question in our mind if it was going to be worth it.