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  1. I bought the "kit:" from my dealer. Box comes with 5 qts Yamalube, oil filter and new washer for drain plug. I think it was $50.
  2. I eneded up using Gorilla construction adhesive and appears to have worked. None of the original glue adhered to the top portion. I was able to scrap all the residual with my fingers.
  3. I am having the same issue. What was the glue that everyone found effective?
  4. Here they are on the water
  5. They recommend installing them facing down but I couldn't find a practical way to do it. I went to a dealer and saw that they mounted the factory ones on the inside of the rub rail facing in so that's what I did. Here is a picture. Also I started at the back on both sides and went the full length which got me almost to the center of the bow. They provided heat shrink and butt connectors and I spiced them together and ran one pair of wires to the helm. I choose to use a spare ACC circuit instead of tying them into the table LED's.
  6. I found them at Search for "Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights" I ordered the longer ones (27.7') so they wrapped around most of the front as well. They have an option to pay through Amazon which is what I did but you can order direct as well. I received package in 3 days.
  7. I added aftermarket ones for mine. Took about 2 hours and it was plug and play.
  8. Dealer said I am pretty much spot on with the prop I have and would not recommend changing to something else.
  9. Thanks, I talk to dealer and see what they recommend.
  10. Yeah I'm ok with the speed, I assume with additional people I would complain that it drags then. I want a spare so I thought maybe I would change it up to be slightly faster.
  11. I have a 2016 24 SPDX twin 25" toons no strakes with a Yamaha 115. With 3 people and top down I get 27 at 6,200 rpm. Figured it was good enough but at the higher speeds it seems to want to cavitate (very slightly). While cleaning the motor in the water over the weekend I noticed the prop was 13.5 x 12 - k (aluminum). Does this sound like the correct prop? If possible I would like to get a few more mph. Bob
  12. West Virginia, so needless to say I was quite surprised that it was 75 Friday and go as low as 32 Saturday morning. That's Michigan weather LOL! We should have it on the dock by mid-week
  13. New member here, was hoping to get the toon in the water but it decided to snow