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  1. Please post "before" and "after" pictures if you have any. Good luck!
  2. Is that sunshine I see? Looks like the ice is off the lake, too. LOL
  3. I guess your neighbor will have little excuse for hitting your crooked dock.
  4. Go green!
  5. I like the looks of what Mr. G did and will probably do the same thing when I get some time. However, what I did is to buy a package of small felt pads at the hardware store (just like what you use for home cabinets) and installed them in strategic areas so my doors, helm, etc. don't slam closed or rattle. Works good but just lacks the "finished" look of Mr. G's approach.
  6. Any luck so far?
  7. 44 trips! You could probably own your own by now.
  8. Welcome lakenut! I've got an almost identical boat except for the refrigerator so I can't really help you out with an answer. We love the mid ship bar layout, though.
  9. Congratulations and welcome to the club! Pictures would be nice...
  10. My vote would be to do the emergency repair and then keep an eye on it with the goal to have it properly welded after the boating season.
  11. Yes, difficult decision but one you'll have to make. I would go back and sit on each on them for a while. Check out each seat and think about how you'll use the boat. Liking your layout is most important in my book but liking the color scheme that goes with that layout would also be nice. Good luck and welcome. Pictures when you can!
  12. Yikes!!
  13. Guess I need to do some google research. I know they are high-end, but at what cost.
  14. My dad once told me that someone else will always have something newer, better or more expensive, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take care of what you have. My first car could probably have been considered a "rust bucket", but it was the cleanest car around, rust or no rust.