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  1. We have a small "dust buster" that we keep on the boat for general vacuuming/cleaning both when we arrive and during our voyage, if necessary. Any marks or spills are removed/wiped up immediately with a "boat rag".
  2. I'm running a 15.6 X 13P Enertia on my Verado 250 pushing a GCW 2574 but my top speed is about 40.1 MPH @ 6400 RPM which is a far cry from your 54 MPH. Is that a GPS reading? As far as trim is concerned, if I go past "0" I start to have blowout. Heck, at "7" my lower unit is almost out of the water! Obviously, the Merc digital system can vary dramatically from boat to boat.
  3. She's a beauty, that's for sure! Enjoy and thanks for posting pictures for us to drool over...
  4. Saw that as well but didn't quite know how to link to it. Thanks for posting!
  5. Welcome to the "club"! Sounds like a great purchase. Enjoy...
  6. I have my strap threaded over the anchor light.
  7. Well, I'm feeling pretty foolish. I did locate a safety lanyard but in my defense, unless you look for it you wouldn't know it was there. I'll post a picture so you can see what I'm talking about. On my last boat, it was "up front and center" so to speak.
  8. Nice build! Just an FYI, we have a set of cup holders that the wife has asked that they be put in storage to see if we really miss them. If we don't, they will probably be offered up for free on this site. I know others have pulled them off their boats as well. Food for thought. In their place, I'd be tempted to go with the raised Benny logo as Rockie69 stated above. We also removed the privacy curtain for more storage under the seat. We never used it.
  9. Yes, it should be more than enough. I use the exact same anchor on my 2574 GCW ESP, which is a bit heavier than yours. I think they're great; lightweight but amazing holding power.
  10. Me neither but I'm about 99.9% sure it doesn't. I'll take a picture this weekend.
  11. lakeliving, have you had a chance to try it with more people on board?
  12. Our Benny does not have a safety lanyard. I have to say, I was a bit surprised when we took possession of her last year and there was none dangling next to the captain's chair. Heck, I thought it was a law that there had to be one, but I guess I'm wrong.
  13. You've probably seen the other thread about the "hot sauce". Looks like people like it!
  14. Interesting! Glad to see you're not willing to totally change the review until you see if anything has really changed.
  15. Looks like someone is following you!