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  1. Large review mirror suggestions?

    Hmm, it looks like a great set-up to have the cup holders molded right into the chair. In actual use, is it a problem for some reason?
  2. Tooner2, I think I'd suggest taking a demo ride before you buy anywhere and I'd take some friends with you if possible to simulate an actual load. That way you'll have a better understanding of what 50 HP will do. But, as other's have said, it sounds like you'll be boating some fairly big water, so extra HP might come in handy, particularly if you need to get somewhere quickly. Obviously, most of us are working with a budget so a pre-owned Benny may make perfect sense. If you do end up trailering it from MN, definitely go with a radial tire. I live in a pretty good sized city, but when it came time to replace a bias ply trailer tire, no body stocked them! It would have been a real bummer if I was stranded on the side of the road.
  3. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Nice work with the rod holders. It's pretty obvious that you enjoy customizing your Benny and do a good job with it! With no access to mine until it hits the water, I'm somewhat limited as to what I can reasonably do but hope to attempt a few small mods this year.
  4. Large review mirror suggestions?

    Hey Big K, I really like your captains chair! I wonder why they don't make them like that anymore?
  5. Winter over yet in Michigan...?

    Yes, why the long wait! Memorial Day weekend is off the table due to my in-laws traditional pig roast. Don't even ask why! The next weekend we're taking my youngest on a two week trip out west. Did this trip as a child and then took my two oldest kids about ten years ago, so now it's my daughter's turn. Nine national parks in fourteen days. We could splash the third week of May but that would mean leaving the boat in the slip for five weeks unattended. No thanks! Naturally, I'm bummed but will get over it!
  6. vinyl flooring maintenance

    Hey Mel, I would check your owners manual for cleaning/protection instructions. Like Jack stated, 303 would make it slippery. At this point, all I would consider doing is using some soap and water to clean up any dirt or stains. After one season of use, the most we've had to do was wipe up a spill with a wet towel. I'm assuming that the vinyl floor has UV inhibitors in the material.
  7. Winter over yet in Michigan...?

    Water level is not a problem for us, just our Spring schedule. Called the dealer today to arrange for a June 24th splash. Yikes! Summer will practically be over by the time I see my boat!
  8. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    It's all about the journey...
  9. Love at first sight!

    Nice build you have going there oakslicer! You're going to have a terrific summer! Enjoy...
  10. Ready to launch

    Congratulations, Jenks! Looks like a keeper. So, that is what bottom paint looks like on a tri-toon, huh!
  11. New Baby!!!!

    Welcome Marble Lake Lady! Pictures when you have time and enjoy that new Benny!
  12. First impressions

    Hey Mike, that engine will take some getting used to, being it's so quiet. Congratulations and enjoy your summer!
  13. Yamaha Controls Question

    H2GO, nice looking Benny you have there. Been so many new boats on the forum lately that I can't remember if you posted other pictures. Enjoy!
  14. New Baby!!!!

    Our dealer was the total opposite. After a while, I was like "just let me sign and go..."
  15. I love it!

    Thanks for the tip! We have pretty much left our bow gate seat on the starboard side but it fits well on the bow, too. It hasn't moved while underway, either.