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  1. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Beautiful boat. Can't wait to see more interior pics. Well done
  2. Opinions Please....2017 build for 23 GCW

    That boat is awesome. May have PADS setting in....on another note I really like my vmax 250. Think you'll find it a nice match for that boat.
  3. What do you do?

    Two many random jobs to list them all but my favorite was a 3 year stent doing highway construction. My parents were none to happy that's what I choose to do with my bachelors degree. As it was, it was very hard work and becoming more and more dangerous. I then studied dentistry at Ohio State(MATTB). Been a dentist almost ten years now and really like what I do. Most of all it provides well for my family and affords me plenty of time to enjoy my two girls and wife aboard my newest passion (my Bennington). The wife accuses me of spending more time on this forum than working.....
  4. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    My boat is smokey granite with champagne. Obviously I like the combo. I'll attempt to get a pick posted for you tomorrow
  5. Meet Members

    Mike31406 I'm on Hartwell if you ever travel over. No trailer at least at this point so my boat is at Portman marina. My business partnerhas a home on greenwood so I may make it there at some point. Shoot me a message sometime and we'll meet up. Josh
  6. F300 vs. 250 SHO

    cant speak about a 300 as 250 is max on my boat. That being said I maxed it with the sho and really love the motor. Really strong out of the hole, unbelievable mid range punch, and not too bad on gas.
  7. Ski pylon diameter?

    Congrats on the boat. I obviously gave you the circumference not diameter. Sorry about that
  8. My 2017 SCWXP Build on Order

    I'm with lakeliving.....more ponies.
  9. Which color do you prefer.

    I like the top one
  10. Ski pylon diameter?

    No problem.
  11. Ski pylon diameter?

    Mine is 7 7/8". Off a 16 gsr2250
  12. Bennington Owners Age

  13. Opinions please

    I like the white
  14. Shark Skin and Algae

    I have a sharkskinned boat that stays in the water. Over the last few months I haven't cleaned the tubes weekly (now have noticable algae)and have lost ~ 3 mph. Losing 18 mph seems extreme to say the least.