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  1. Finding the right prop

    Sounds great. Keep me posted on how it all shakes out. Prop/motor height is something I'm still sortingout myself as I want the best all around performance I can get as I'm sure you do. Pretty awesome the Honda rep is helping.
  2. Prop Specs for 23 R or G F300 Yamaha

    Think you'll be fine. I have vf250 (vmax) on a smaller boat (Gsr 2250) that started life with a 15 1/4 by 18 swsII . Ran fine but only turned 5400 rpm. Swapped to the 15 1-2/16 and rpm's are closer to 6000. Really wanted the 17 to try but Yamaha and their back ordered props made it difficult. Can't wait to hear how it runs
  3. Finding the right prop

    Not a prop or boat expert by any means but I do own a 2250 with a Yamaha 250. Have a few questions before you change props. 1) what length shaft is on the Honda 250? And 2) have you run the boat with the motor mounted in the lowest setting? I've run two props first being a 15 1/4 by 18 Yamaha sws11 that ran 47 but only at 5400, held water fine with 25 inch shaft mounted in lowest position. My new prop is a 15 1/2 by 16 and rpms are up but not sure exactly where as the boat has been in the slip all year and have certainly lost speed and rpm from the bottom growth. The water is warm enough my kids are getting in but I'm not tough enough to get in and clean it up yet. This prop also seems to have good grip. I guess my first suggestion would be to either drop the motor (if you've never had it mounted there) or get a larger diameter prop as 14 seems a little small for such a heavy boat. Sorry for the chapter book. Ken over at band of boaters (props and performance section) is quite the expert in such matters and is quickto reply to questions (sells props)
  4. I love it!

    Awesome man. Congrats. Love that helm and the 300 looks like a monster back there
  5. This thing is starting to look like a boat!

    Sweet boat. PADS inducing for sure
  6. Engine Wrap/decal

    Very low property taxes make up for the yearly car/boat/motor hit
  7. Engine Wrap/decal

    Yep, on a depreciation scale that doesn't match the actual value of the car typically (usually taxed on a value over what car is actually worth)
  8. Engine Wrap/decal

    Even better is the fact that we here in SC are taxed each year on the value of both boat and outboard
  9. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Semp, I'm with your dealer. You'll love the quick clips. Very fast and easy. Can't wait for the interior reveal
  10. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    Beautiful boat. Can't wait to see more interior pics. Well done
  11. Opinions Please....2017 build for 23 GCW

    That boat is awesome. May have PADS setting in....on another note I really like my vmax 250. Think you'll find it a nice match for that boat.
  12. What do you do?

    Two many random jobs to list them all but my favorite was a 3 year stent doing highway construction. My parents were none to happy that's what I choose to do with my bachelors degree. As it was, it was very hard work and becoming more and more dangerous. I then studied dentistry at Ohio State(MATTB). Been a dentist almost ten years now and really like what I do. Most of all it provides well for my family and affords me plenty of time to enjoy my two girls and wife aboard my newest passion (my Bennington). The wife accuses me of spending more time on this forum than working.....
  13. What color to pick- so hard to decide

    My boat is smokey granite with champagne. Obviously I like the combo. I'll attempt to get a pick posted for you tomorrow
  14. Meet Members

    Mike31406 I'm on Hartwell if you ever travel over. No trailer at least at this point so my boat is at Portman marina. My business partnerhas a home on greenwood so I may make it there at some point. Shoot me a message sometime and we'll meet up. Josh