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  1. F300 vs. 250 SHO

    cant speak about a 300 as 250 is max on my boat. That being said I maxed it with the sho and really love the motor. Really strong out of the hole, unbelievable mid range punch, and not too bad on gas.
  2. Ski pylon diameter?

    Congrats on the boat. I obviously gave you the circumference not diameter. Sorry about that
  3. My 2017 SCWXP Build on Order

    I'm with lakeliving.....more ponies.
  4. Which color do you prefer.

    I like the top one
  5. Ski pylon diameter?

    No problem.
  6. Ski pylon diameter?

    Mine is 7 7/8". Off a 16 gsr2250
  7. Bennington Owners Age

  8. Opinions please

    I like the white
  9. Shark Skin and Algae

    I have a sharkskinned boat that stays in the water. Over the last few months I haven't cleaned the tubes weekly (now have noticable algae)and have lost ~ 3 mph. Losing 18 mph seems extreme to say the least.
  10. Mercury 400R

    37.5 gph at WOT!!!
  11. Mercury 400R

    Boatingmag.com has a review of a 25 qx fast back with the 400. Better bring the checkbook for that one
  12. lake keowee

    I'm on lake hartwell, anytime you'd like to check it out let me know. Didn't buy a trailer so it's the extent of my boating, but at 60,000 acres there's plenty to explore.
  13. Loss mph under full load of stuff.

    My boat runs around 45 whether empty or loaded to the gills. Not sure why as your drop in mph makes perfect sense to me
  14. Pictures - 2017 23' Swingback

    Awesome boat. Love your build. Congrats and enjoy.
  15. New to boating and this forum

    Enjoy the boat and this great forum. Congrats